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  • Rehan and the Mysterious Book


    When a little boy named Rehan finds a mysterious Book, he goes on a fact finding mission with his best friend-pet hamster, Gus. With no pictures and strange writing, there are questions that form. They look to Mom for answers. These answers lead to ...

  • Something Lost Something Found


    Ella feels like she is stuck in a pile of gloomy mud. She misses her mom so much. So, Ella embarks on a quest to find happiness again; wishing upon a star, trying to cook it up in a magic potion, and searching for it in all the places her grieving ...

  • Headliner

    Helping You Come out on Top in Today’s Media Landscape by

    Ask 100 different people about their opinion of the news these days and you might hear 100 different answers. The only certainty: everyone has an opinion. At a time where the news industry is changing rapidly, and the pace of communication is ...

  • The Pink Blanket


    After a four-month hiatus to Padua, Italy, thirty-seven-year-old Taya Stone arrives home to Chicago, alone and afraid. Alone—because she has left her abusive husband. Afraid—because he has no idea, and she would like to keep it that way until she ...

  • Adventures in the High Meadow

    With Tiac, Eo, and Wooly by

    “Adventures in the High Meadow” tells stories of three friends (a girl, a horse, and a wooly mammoth) as they meet animals and situations present 10,000 years ago. The traits of the animals they meet are demonstrated. In many cases, the three help ...

  • Wounded Bride


    The city of Chicago is relentless. Murders and other violent crimes pile up: a woman lies in the hospital in a coma, a man is brutally attacked in his sleep, and a child suffers. Detective Maria Mateo is new to the Chicago Police Department, but ...

  • Small Windows


    Small Windows is a collection of flash science fiction stories that provide glimpses into various states of the human condition on far-flung planets and in different times. Each tale is a brief exploration of what it means to experience life—an ...

  • My name is Ashley


    Have you ever felt like your entire existence was meant only to break you? Like no matter how hard you try, nothing would ever get better? Have you watched a loved one veer so far off from the person you thought you knew? With every action and ...

  • CareerEcologia Workbook


    What does "Sustainability" mean to you? What are the forces of change that are impacting you now - in your Job, Career, or LIFE? How may you prepare now for your own "sustainable future" as the world is changing economically, environmentally and ...

  • Mr Grumbles

    Bedtime stories for young chidren by

    These are stories about how Ham evaded Mr. Grumbles sometimes and how they reconciled. Mr. Grumbles is a Park Keeper with a mission... ...he wants to catch any dogs not on a leash... ...Ham is a Labrador retreiver who thinks differently!