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  • Power to the Papal

    Exposing Public Enemy #1, the Red Diamond, and ChurchX by

    Deception is the greatest crisis facing the world. Few believed the 911 Commission’s official report, choosing instead to believe in a controlled demolition of the World Trade Center. Likewise, many believe an invisible global government is ...

  • Grit and Grace

    A Women Writing Anthology by

    From acclaimed members of the Writing Women project from northern Indiana and southern Michigan comes this diverse and inspiring collection of poems, fiction, and personal essays. The poignant voices of Grit and Grace explore issues of religious ...

  • Breakfast at Grandma's


    Little Brother’s oatmeal is too hot! He and his Grandma put his bowl of oatmeal outside to cool. Grandma thinks her grandson is simply using his imagination when several critters come by to sample his cereal. Will Grandma’s solutions salvage his ...

  • Legend of the Loons Necklace


    If you’ve ever heard it, you know that Loons have a very distinctive call like no other bird. Their calls echo over many hundreds of Canada’s lakes in spring, summer and fall. But, if you’ve ever seen a loon, you’ll know that they also have very ...

  • Shine


    Everyone holds the power within themselves to live in harmony with all other beings; it starts with a breath. Shine introduces a guided meditation practice using the breath, the imagination, and gentle movement to help children realize how they can ...

  • Rebirth


    Can rebirth come from intentional destruction? And when is it better to abandon a damaged world – or time – than to try to fix it? These are the questions that need to be answered for the future people of Earth, whose home world has been devastated ...

  • The Adventures of Sammy and Mike


    The Adventures of Sammy and Mike. Come and see how three year old farm kids, Sammy and Mike, spend their day. Come meet their animals. Come with them as they run, work and play. Come with them as they explore the wonders of their world. You ...

  • The End of Fossil Fuel Insanity

    Clearing the Air Before Cleaning the Air by

    Everyone knows that fossil fuels won’t last forever. Something needs to change at some point, regardless of whether the issue is climate change or because we need a practical replacement for petroleum as cheap supplies run out. But while headlines ...

  • George Works! Lad to Leadership

    The Making of a New Canadian by

    British citizen by birth and Canadian citizen by choice, George Daniels pens a fascinating autobiography of a life brimming with love, loss, adventure, creativity, personal and corporate achievement and recognition by his peers, Parliamentarians and ...

  • The Story of Honk, the Goose


    The Story of Honk, the Goose, is based on the real story of a goose that couldn't fly. Find out how he survived the winter all alone on a frozen farm pond and how he spent the following summer. Will he ever be able to fly south with his family?