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  • Tales of Horror


    Tales of Horror is self explanatory. Its not gut wrenching but it hopes to intrigue the reader into the curious philosophy of horror and suspense Each story builds on horror. Its purpose is to instill horror and suspense. It is about the abusive ...

  • Awaken To Your Truth

    The Time Is Now by

    Speaking through a gifted medium, who has channeled their message of faith and hope, ascended masters existing in a non-physical realm, in oneness with God, have delivered a revelation―one that will change our physical and spiritual existence and ...

  • The Finest Deal


    In Washington, DC, the war against drugs is heating up, and narcotics detective Gabriel Montalvo is tired of cleaning up the mess from the brutal violence. When his colleague, Jimmy Whitehouse, a chemist turned detective, hatches a drastic plan to ...

  • Gator on My Back


    One day an alligator climbs up onto a boy's back and changes his world completely. This new friend makes the boy feel sad and believe bad things about himself. A fox appears and asks the boy to talk about the feelings that are making him look so ...

  • The Search for Shehakim

    Mahana and Tarila by

    An evening of storytelling around the fire turns into an exciting adventure for Mahana, a young girl who lives on the island of Ua Huka, when she hears a voice calling her name. The voice leads her to the beach, where she falls asleep in a ...

  • Getting to Know Your Yard


    Getting to Know Your Yard is for environmentally conscious parents wanting to share the natural world with their young children in an interactive way. It allows children to interact with nature in a holistic way, exploring the sounds, feels and ...

  • The DIY Apothecary

    Create Your Own Natural Bath & Body Products by

    If you're concerned about what's lurking in your personal care products, you've come to the right place. Get ready to take control of what you put on your body each day by ditching the industrial chemicals found in common store brands. Live ...

  • Am I Really Inuk?


    When his daughter questions her Inuit identity, Ataata offers honest and loving affirmations of belonging and acceptance. This heartfelt story addresses themes of identity and ongoing impacts of colonization while cultivating Inuit pride in a manner ...

  • Who's Mostly Scared?


    It's the tiny creatures that seem most scary to a little girl named Maddi. But it's the biggest ones who help her overcome her fears.

  • The Little Girl Who Stayed up Late


    Have you ever wondered what happens in your house at night while you are sleeping? Is it dark and quiet with nothing going on, or...... are there strange and funny things happening that can’t be explained? What if there were some very odd ...