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  • Stutt Stories

    Vivid Tales from a Life Well Lived by

    Stutt Stories: Vivid Tales from a Life Well Lived is a candid and riotous collection of memories, reflections, and conversations from a lifetime of logging, ranching, livestock-hauling, hunting, fishing, and living in the rural Canadian West. The ...

  • Pseudo


    In this stunning and keenly anticipated collection of stories, Dorothy Speak explores family, loss, betrayal, conflict and entrapment in narratives shining with humour, mystery and anguish. Speak has published four other highly acclaimed works, ...

  • My (Mostly) Manitoba Stories


    With its racial, ethnic and language diversity, Manitoba is in many resepcts the most Canadian of our Canadian provinces. My (Mostly) Manitoba Stories is a collection of short stories (mostly) set in Manitoba and spanning a timeline from the ...

  • Metamorphosis of Memories

    Paraguay and Beyond by

    Gustavio Wholgemuth grew up in the landlocked country of Paraguay. After traveling the world and settling down in Canada, he accepts that his life is what it is, a roller coaster ride of re-cycled emotions that will only end when mortality finally ...

  • The Black Horse Chronicles

    Book One / The Bana-Bhuidseach by

    A cursed village lies on the outskirts of an ancient forest, where evil smolders in anticipation of its awakening. An innocent girl finds herself to be the catalyst which brings about ‘The Demon War’ most thought would never occur. Her journey from ...

  • How Long Have I Been Here


    How Long Have I Been Here is a collection of a variety of stories, some set in 1960s Chicago, others in Mexico around the same period and later, and still others concerned with wayward youth versus adult loneliness, with worship of a dead writer, ...

  • Heard You Had Some Fun at Goose Brook, Uncle

    A Memoir in Stories & Poems by

    In these suspenseful stories and picturesque poems, readers witness highly entertaining, vivid, often hilarious images with backdrops of deep emotional and spiritual self-awareness. Heard You Had Some Fun at Goose Brook, Uncle includes an account of ...

  • Brothers, Lift Your Voices


    The year is 1944, and as the world undergoes one of modern history’s most horrific eras, the Langstaff family strives to remain connected despite the oceans and battlegrounds that separate them. Brothers, Lift Your Voices is an epic compilation of ...

  • The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

    A Collection of Short Stories by

    This book is a collection of fiction short stories about people and their lives. The author William (Bill) Shymkiw draws on his experiences, general knowledge, and above all his imaginations to create characters, themes, and settings that are ...