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  • The Poetry


    This book was written about Chris Stafford’s thoughts with a hand from God. Chris’ family was involved with the reading of this book and thought it would be nice to be published so others could read it.

  • Transformational Images


    Transformational Images is replete with messages of hope and the possibilities for life’s marvelous changes. Dr. Adeleri Onisegun was inspired by observations of dynamic personal growth, community challenges, and changing yet unwavering family ...

  • Mars Greening


    Human colonies have been established on Mars, after the first manned mission inadvertently began to terraform it. Young Tony Rust, a geosurveyor in the New Europa colony, has made a curious discovery, which at first glance seems to be of little ...

  • Unpredictable Observations


    Within these pages are the trail markings of a leader finding himself and uncovering his wisdom. You may hear the fine voice whisper as you read, sharing kindness with your spirit, and music with your temple.

  • So You Think You Can Think

    Thinking through moral dilemmas in pursuit of justice by

    In our complex world, how can we learn to think through moral dilemmas in the pursuit of justice? How do the words we associate with morality impact our understanding and application of it? In short, how can we enact equal measures of fairness among ...

  • The Gootesnooters


    The Gootesnooter story is fiction but with lessons. The Gootesnooter play is an easy read, in particular as a closet drama, which is a play better understood by reading; and/or as a play, script fashion, in two parts for either two short plays or ...

  • You've Changed

    An evocative autoethnography by

    Lesbian women who partner with female-to-male transsexuals (FTMs) are all but invisible in the literature. They have been scarcely depicted in published work, very few research studies have considered them an interesting population, and there are ...



    After The WGC’s takeover of the Earth’s governments was complete, and the residual major and minor challenges were reduced to a manageable level, Alexander Gabriel happily relinquished control of The WGC. Not one to spend his life watching the world ...