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  • Humanizing Leadership

    Reflection Fuels, People Matter, Relationships Make The Difference by

    This book is not a leadership guide. It’s not some leadership 101 class that will draw you a picture of what a leader is supposed to look like and how you can learn to fit that mould. This is a book that will change the way you look at leadership ...

  • Sun Down

    Grief Diaries of an Ordinary Father by

    When Jackson Wright was killed in a freak accident on the front lawn of his house, just shy of his ninth birthday, his close-knit and loving family found themselves utterly devastated and adrift, unsure of how to even go about the process of moving ...

  • "Silently Weeping"

    A story of burn survival, rape and abuse by

    “YOUR PAST CAN CONTROL YOUR FUTURE IF YOU LET IT. OR YOU CAN MOVE AWAY FROM IT.” On May 23, 1961, seven-year-old Deborah Blaney Ward stood on a chair in front of her stove to retrieve some sugar from the shelf – she didn’t know the stove was on, ...

  • Faith and Inspiration

    Words From Heaven by

    Faith and Inspiration is a meaningful collection of poetry filled with both the vigor and grace of life’s experiences. Written to encourage, uplift, and heal hearts, author Pat Gibson seeks to inspire readers to look at life’s past, present, and ...

  • Shattering the Glass Heart

    Finding the Magic of Possibilities After Trauma and Loss by

    This moving account of loss, grief, healing, and spiritual awakening is written and narrated by three individuals: Louise Brandson, Laura Brandson, and Rhiann Hosking. It traces the aftermath of the sudden death, in a horrific automobile accident, ...

  • The Book of John

    (Not The One In The Bible) by

    Through his personal experiences John shows how he ultimately reached that place of peace and understanding that the world can neither give nor take away. Rather than meditating in a cave for twenty years, John has taken life head on in outrageous ...

  • Sorry Only Means it Will Happen Again


    This book gives you the view point of what a victim and child experience in a domestic violent relationship. People wonder why women stay, and as you read this book, you may understand the reasons; not that we wanted to stay, but that we saw no way ...

  • Mind & Music

    Tips and Lessons from the Guy in the Back Row by

    Mind & Music: Tips and Lessons from the Guy in the Back Row is a book filled with relevant and enlightening anecdotes to help people find their own “voice.” Watching life from the back row - close enough to see, hear and feel the vibe - but not too ...

  • The Flight Of The Phoenix

    Living Forward by

    Imagine living a life without regret; a life that, once concluded, your legacy has been forever imprinted upon the wet concrete of life. The Flight of the Phoenix is a look into a compilation of journeys that we will all inevitably embark upon ...