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  • Is There Any Ice Cream?

    Surviving the Challenges of Caregiving for a Loved One with Alzheimer's, Anxiety, and COPD by

    In 2018, the Alzheimer Society of Canada website showed over half a million people in Canada were living with dementia. That same year, the Alzheimer Association website reported that over 5.7 million in the US were living with a form of memory ...

  • T.U.R.N. O.N. T.H.E. S.W.I.T.C.H!

    Find a Passion and Obsess about it! by

    The power to change your life is in your hands. All you need to do is T.U.R.N. O.N. T.H.E. S.W.I.T.C.H! 15 transformational tools! This book will be a GAME CHANGER!

  • If Only I Had Known

    Integrative and Alternative Paths to Recovery from Breast Cancer by

    Have you, or someone you love, just been diagnosed with breast cancer? Did you follow a conventional course of treatment? Were you left feeling exhausted, depressed and confused about how to find your way back to health and prevent this happening ...

  • I'm Just Sayin'

    A Book of Sayings You May Have Heard or Even Thought by

    Children and adults will enjoy reading, relaxing, and even having a thought-provoking experience. If they are facing challenges in life this book may help to inspire them to overcome those challenges to accomplish goals they never thought ...

  • Humanizing Leadership

    Reflection Fuels, People Matter, Relationships Make The Difference by

    This book is not a leadership guide. It’s not some leadership 101 class that will draw you a picture of what a leader is supposed to look like and how you can learn to fit that mould. This is a book that will change the way you look at leadership ...

  • Technology Of Life

    Book For Heroes by

    This book has nothing to do with science, it is about life – the gift we manage in a different way. That is why you will not find reference to the people whose thoughts I retell sometimes word to word and sometimes modify on my own way, sifting it ...

  • Are You A Dick?


    It’s easy to point out when someone else is being a dick. The world is full of annoying people and frustrating situations. And hey, it’s always the other guy’s fault—right? Wrong. The real challenge is seeing when we’re being a dick ourselves, and ...

  • Sun Down

    Grief Diaries of an Ordinary Father by

    When Jackson Wright was killed in a freak accident on the front lawn of his house, just shy of his ninth birthday, his close-knit and loving family found themselves utterly devastated and adrift, unsure of how to even go about the process of moving ...

  • "Silently Weeping"

    A story of burn survival, rape and abuse by

    “YOUR PAST CAN CONTROL YOUR FUTURE IF YOU LET IT. OR YOU CAN MOVE AWAY FROM IT.” On May 23, 1961, seven-year-old Deborah Blaney Ward stood on a chair in front of her stove to retrieve some sugar from the shelf – she didn’t know the stove was on, ...