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  • Edilia Her Father's Testimony

    El testimonio de su padre English-Español by

    Edilia Most beautiful butterfly, sun of burning love, you shined in my life, A winter’s cold wind led your voyage to the Divine Sanctuary, Crossing the rainbow you extended your wings of hope, But you left us the bonds of your abiding love. Jesus, ...

  • Ponder Thoughts


    Ponder Thoughts guides the reader to the Word, and invites a deeper look at each passage. The Author's candid reflection each day reveals the simplicity of pausing and letting the word dwell within; transforming the mind and releasing the life ...

  • God's Angels

    His Ministering Spirits by

    God’s Angels: His Ministering Spirits is clearly the work of a mature, highly educated and experienced author. Dr. Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) produced the book toward the end of his life, after he had given strong leadership in church matters, ...