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  • Holding Up the Sky

    33 Paintings and their Poems by

    Which comes first for you? Words or pictures? In this anthology of paintings and their poems, the artist and poet, Valerie Losell invites you to start with either and enhance your enjoyment of both. Her watercolours and pastels and the poems that ...

  • On the Road to Delight

    Poems and Short Stories by

    Life has had it's ups and downs. The last twenty years or more have been in control of an eighteen wheel transport truck. This is my poetic interpretation of the the happenings at work and home. Being alone most of the time, lets the mind wander. ...

  • What Nature Gives Back to Humanity


    As a warm day arrives, so must our considerate attitudes. A discovery of what nature has to give, is a quiet essence of how humanity can can persuade itself to live respectfully. This mentality maintains tranquility on our planet earth.

  • Kill Me If You Can


    The reason I wrote the book was to document all of the unusual experiences I had in my life, have others ever experienced what I have, I have questioned myself on numerous occasions about this, I have also questioned whether I should write this ...

  • This 'n' That, Bric a Brac

    The Poems of Barry Plamondon by

    This book is a collection of poems written shortly after I suffered my second stroke. It is about the things that matter to me, (family), and things that interest me, (gardening, cowboy life, nature). As well it is about my search for answers in my ...

  • The Poetry


    This book was written about Chris Stafford’s thoughts with a hand from God. Chris’ family was involved with the reading of this book and thought it would be nice to be published so others could read it.

  • Transformational Images


    Transformational Images is replete with messages of hope and the possibilities for life’s marvelous changes. Dr. Adeleri Onisegun was inspired by observations of dynamic personal growth, community challenges, and changing yet unwavering family ...

  • Pavlicks' Passages


    Pavlicks' Passages presents a biography of Leon and Ann Pavlick in unique poetic format. Significant events in their lives are interwoven throughout the poetry to produce an absorbing narrative about these gifted people.

  • Life of a Hand


    It’s not an easy life, being on the road, traveling from east coast to west coast, chasing jobs and the all-mighty dollar—but it’s a compelling one. There’s satisfaction in creating something of beauty, precision, and craftsmanship—things built with ...

  • Two Trees


    Science, Philosophy, Religion and even Governments have long sought ‘The Grand Unified Theory of Everything.’ Even if they find it, I suspect they won’t be able to eliminate the fundamental contradictions of our existence. Every formula, doctrine ...