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  • Stone by Stone


    Late in his life, Carl Jung began to build a castle on the shores of Lake Zurich. Into the stones of the castle’s walls he carved symbols, images, and words significant to his own inner journey. When the first tower was complete, he spent long ...

  • Mind Works


    Upon diving into this unique collection of poetry, the reader will be taken on a journey through the innermost workings of a burgeoning young mind. Written by a teenager in love with music and girls and trying to find himself, the author recorded ...

  • His Marvellous Favour


    His Marvellous Favour takes the reader on an odyssey deep into messages of forgiveness and freedom, protection and blessing, wisdom and worship. Discovered while walking in faith and obedience, these messages will inspire readers to either renew ...

  • Song Lyrics

    Selections from 1986 - 2018 by

    James Strecker has published both poetry and song lyrics for over four decades. His writing and criticism have received the admiration of major artistic figures - including Oscar Peterson, Karen Kain, Sonny Rollins, Martha Henry, and B. B. King - ...

  • Who Is Not an Animal?

    Poems on Animal Lives and Rights 1984 - 2018 by

    In Who Is Not an Animal? Poems on Animal Lives and Rights, 1984-2018, James Strecker incisively challenges the universal self-serving claim that humans are superior to other species. He explores human disregard for the suffering of all sentient ...

  • Wieners Are People Too

    A Pocketbook of Poetry by

    Do you think you know everything about your dog? Pocket the Polecat keeps surprising me. The photos I have taken of her sleeping or at play, have inspired me to write the Pocket Poetry Book. Since people know more about themselves than an observer ...

  • Lost In the Woods

    Collected Poems From Everywhere by

    A contemplative logger sees God in the trees and snow fleas of the Vermont woods. He makes his way over land to the southern tip of South America (El Fin del Mundo) and back, finding God everywhere and nowhere, writing poems on buses and trains, in ...

  • A World Diverse III

    In Need of Help by

    The world is ever changing. People seem to have lost the will to slow down and enjoy restful hours. They have put enormous stresses on themselves and others as they try to accomplish more in a shorter time frame. Work consumes their life. Rapid ...

  • Life Of The Mind


    I invite you into my world of living poetry. The first time my pencil spoke on paper was in 1987, and over a lifespan of thirty years, my poems have progressed. They come from deep within my life experiences and the challenges of life itself, ...