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  • Two Souls


    In a world that is nothing like ours, is where this story begins. You follow a man named Axel who lives a troubled life. Everything started from the day he was born, during which his life and his body were forever bound by a curse. Cast out of his ...

  • APOK Derailed


    Global political conspiracies were a myth, until Colonel Miguel Mejia - aka APOK - discovered a rebel organization named the Sons of Liberty. Tracking down its members, his investigation started succeeding until an explosion left him beaten, ...

  • Arcade of Memory


    “The passing of years seems a ruse of the gods, for only yesterday I was playing in the sand.” Memory is a strange thing. A fragile patchwork of recollection. A dream that fades after waking. Arcade of Memory is a beautiful collection of essays, ...

  • What the Living Do


    Until the age of twelve, Georgia Lee Kay-Stern believed she was Jewish — the story of her Cree birth family had been kept secret. Now she’s living on her own and attending first year university, and with her adoptive parents on sabbatical in Costa ...

  • Twisted Unraveled


    John Stilton peers down at a lifeless body after his murderer dragged it to its final resting place. His spirit cannot rest until it determines who committed this heinous act. Meanwhile his wife, Heather, types away at his uncompleted novel. John ...

  • Dreammaker


    Set in Nova Scotia, Dreammaker is a story about a young man’s life in the late 1940's. Every film starts its life as a ‘pitch’. It’s the first thing all Producers, Directors and Actors insist on reading. Screen plays or scripts are either original ...

  • Ten Years to Life


    Denise Rush has been in love with Gerald Williams all of her adult life. She supported him through his days of partying, months of unemployment and years of bad decisions. Their love and future is tested, however, when Gerald finds himself in the ...

  • Remy's Dilemma

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    In Book II of the Remy Delemme Series, Remy finds himself detained in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, arrested for crimes against the Glamerican government. To earn his freedom and avoid incarceration, a confused yet cooperative Remy is forced to work ...

  • Apples and Eve


    Part love story, part eulogy, and part practical guide to apple growing, Apples and Eve retells the Adam and Eve story in Genesis from Eve's perspective. Using the orchard as a metaphor for the care and maintenance of a long-term relationship, the ...