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  • This is Union


    This is Union depicts a young girls journey into woman hood. Along the way she losses herself to the excitement and passion of the men who enter her life, then to the money of her fast life success. Eventually shes driven to risky ...

  • Sky Watcher

    A Shadow in Time by

    Charlotte Harper’s life isn’t going as she expected. She had to change her course of studies, her ex-boyfriend has hooked up with her best friend, and she misses her mother desperately since her passing. Searching for meaning and direction, she ...

  • Voice of the Ancients: Against All Odds


    Listen as I tell you what the voices of the ancients say, they keep whispering to me... the story continues in Beringia where the Arctic Ocean meets the Bering Sea. During the ice age twenty thousand years ago, ice formed over the land which ...

  • The Spirit of the Autumn Wind


    Set in post-World War II Morocco, Ireland, and the Mediterranean, The Spirit of the Autumn Wind is a high-seas adventure brimming with mystery and romance. When respected sea captain Regan Quinn and his lifelong friend, Niko, are accidentally ...

  • A Bad Guy


    A Bad Guy begins at 1972 with a street fight in the gritty north end of Regina. Half a lifetime later leads to the ball diamonds and hockey rinks of Calgary Alberta. Through it all, this story is about male influences – good and bad. “I prayed ...

  • Circle of Dreams


    When writer Granger Lawton receives an invitation from his friend Bobby McAllister, the extraordinary and relentless treasure hunter, he strongly suspects that another adventure is afoot—and he’s right. Having already acquired the treasures of the ...

  • Incessant


    Life is too short…or is it? For Deacon Russell, it seems to have been extended indefinitely. Journey with this average-joe on a trip that will take you through time and reality itself. He was unwillingly placed in this situation where each reality ...

  • The Gryphon


    Born to be the next queen of the gryphons, Sunsky of the Mountains sees her whole life ahead of her but conforming to her role is another story. Although she considers taking the mighty Dreamspinner as her official king, she shuns the expectations ...

  • The Irish Affair


    With the terrifying and seemingly inevitable war between Britain, France and Germany looming like storm clouds on the horizon, Scottish architect Lawrence McKellan uproots his Edinburgh household and moves his wife, two children, and brother to the ...