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At FriesenPress, we celebrate each and every book we help our authors publish. Here are some of our team’s recent favourites – happy reading!

Theater of Lies
Misinformation Divides Us – With Purpose. How to Protect Ourselves, & Why We Must. by

Cynical about what you read and hear? Tired of the lies and misinformation? Who should you trust? Forty years ago, as Ted Griffith entered the business of communications, marketing, and public affairs—all aiming to persuade people to either change their minds or take certain actions—he asked himself, Why are so many people seduced by lies and propaganda? He’s spent the forty years since trying to find the answers. Theater of Lies provides an in-depth examination of the lies, misinformation, and propaganda in our lives. For centuries, we’ve been persuaded to trust the lies told by our governments, businesses, and religions to manage how we think and act, to their benefit, not ours. Filled with real-life examples, Theater of Lies demonstrates the impact lies and misinformation have had through the centuries and today on topics including racism, gender debates, entrenched political divides, and the status of women. In addition, it examines how and why we repeat these lies and the impact this has on our decision-making, not just as voters and consumers, but also as employees, employers, and parents. Want change? You need to care, be curious, and most of all, have the courage to act. Otherwise, lies and misinformation will continue to divide us, exacerbating existing differences and making us distrust institutions, the political process, governments, and the media.

The Adventures of Raisen & Radar
Take a Deep Breath by

See the light? It’s Spirit coming in. Come join Raisen and her little brother Radar as they ramble around the woods near their home. See the woods, the old oak tree full of animals, and the hill to the east that’s the perfect place to watch the sky. Say hello to Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon, meet the groundhogs who live under the hill, and hear Raisen tell her brother the things their elders have taught her. Raisen and Radar are happy at home, but they love to see new places too! Even in a big, strange, noisy city, the siblings are always surrounded by the love of family, and the world around them is full of new friends to be made. Full of imagination, nature, culture, and play, The Adventures of Raisen and Radar welcomes you into the life of a pair of Hiawatha children living in rural Ontario. Each of the four stories traces an adventure that will charm, fascinate, and feed the imagination.

The Woman Reporter and the Halifax Explosion

A wartime explosion in Halifax harbour has wrecked the city killing 2,000, injuring 9,000 and destroying 1,600 houses. Toronto Advocate cub reporter Kate Dawson is sent to Halifax to cover the explosion's aftermath and in the process prove herself equal to any male journalist. After reporting the devastation, interviewing key figures and covering the official inquiry into the disaster, she learns the authorities intend to place responsibility for the disaster on three innocent men. Kate faces a dilemma. Should she reveal the authorities' attempt at scapegoating the men, and by going public risk her career and imprisonment under the War Measures Act? Or, should she report the truth?

How to Make a Rock Happy
A Guide to Laughing Wellness by

Melody rarely sees her grandad laugh. He brags about being as strong as rock, and everyone knows that rocks don’t smile. But Melody understands the importance of laughter and happiness, and she is determined to bring a smile to her grumpy grandad’s face. Embark on an exciting new adventure and help Melody discover the secret to her grandad’s happiness. Together, you’ll jump on trampolines, tell your best jokes, paint rocks together, and bond with friends. Join Melody in learning about the power of joy and the importance of spending quality time with loved ones. With colourful illustrations that pop off the page and interactive prompts, this enchanting tale teaches us to find joy in the simple things, to spread laughter, and to live freely. Uncover the magic of laughter, love, and the unforgettable memories forged between Melody, her smiling rocks, and her grandad!

Memories of Me

Although as you read you feel a little of my pain know all things a bit broken can be made whole and beautiful again. Memories of Me is a collection of both rhyming and free verse poetry written as a way of coping with and understanding life’s most painful moments. Introspective and cathartic, the poetry explores the breadth and depth of the emotions we feel when we are confronted with love, loss, and ultimately the redemption of personal strength. These deeply personal poems chronicle a mother’s life, including the loss of several pregnancies, the dissolution of a marriage, and damaging relationships. The poems reflect on how to find the parts of ourselves that we lost along the way. Memories of Me shares the hope, healing, and transformation into a stronger, more compassionate, and more resilient person that comes at the end of the road.

Beyond My Control
A Life Changing Memoir of Separation, Hope & Love by

In 1967, when Lee Hamelin was just four years old, he and several of his siblings were forcibly removed from their Aboriginal family’s home in northern Alberta, Canada, never to return again. With the authorities labelling his mother as “morally depraved and of no benefit to society,” Lee and his siblings became wards of the government. Little did they realize it at the time, but they had just become part of the Sixties Scoop, the mass removal of Aboriginal children from their families into Canada’s child welfare system from the mid 1950s to the 1980s. While the Sixties Scoop exposed thousands of Aboriginal children to the horrors of the residential school system, Lee and his brother avoided that fate. Instead, they were placed with loving foster parents who raised the two boys as if they were their own. Lee is immensely thankful for the situation where he and his brother ended up. However, growing up in a white home as a visible minority in his community, completely cut off from his Aboriginal roots, still created many complications that he has had to cope with throughout his life, including racism, prejudice, and questions about his identity. In this gripping and honest memoir, Lee seeks to contextualize his experience within the trauma that so many other such forced abductions created and the broader colonial context within which they took place. Despite the darkness of these years, through it all comes a positive message of love, hope, and reconciliation for all.

A Bewitching Book

Follow Opal on her journey through the letters of the alphabet A-Z, as she numbers them 1-26, building bigger sentences with each following letter until she has a mouthful of madness with Zed. A Bewitching Book is intended for children to enjoy exploring the english language while learning new words along the way with clear images depicting the new words they've learned.

Money Tips for Kids

Money isn’t just for grown-ups! Dive into Money Tips for Kids and discover the world of finance from a kid’s perspective. Alex Kulakov, a savvy 12-year-old, uses his real-world experiences—from running lemonade stands to launching a t-shirt business—to guide you through the ABCs of money. Ever wanted to buy that big toy or game but didn’t have enough? Or dreamt of running your own small business? Within these pages, you’ll find easy-to-follow tips on earning, saving, and even investing your money. Learn how to negotiate your allowance, set up a bank account, and make smart financial choices. Alex’s practical advice will give you the tools to manage your money and build a foundation for financial success. Kick off your financial adventure now and become the money whiz among your friends. Ready, set, save!