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At FriesenPress, we celebrate each and every book we help our authors publish. Here are some of our team’s recent favourites – happy reading!

The Last of the Atalanteans cover

The Last of the Atalanteans

A painted mage. An unfaithful queen. A stolen throne. Three lords in disguise. Escaping Atalantyx’s destruction, Prince Othrun has forged alliances with Eltnish kings: former enemy Hert and King Wely, who has promised Othrun a kingdom of his own. When Wely’s realm was stolen by Wely’s wife, a powerful mage, and Wely’s brother, a feared warlord, Othrun hatched a daring plan to restore the rightful king. The bold scheme involved Othrun entering Lynchun in disguise, risking his life and the life of those with him, to topple the usurpers. But for Othrun’s plot to succeed, he must entrust his Atalanteans into the uncertain hands of Hert—on the cusp of confronting his own political challenges to kingship, while tasked with protecting Othrun’s followers—even as Wely, a captive where he should be king, gambles both crown and the head upon which it sat on Othrun’s survival. Othrun’s abilities, faith, and trust in his mysterious guardian spirit are soon to be tested. The mage Lysi continues to entangle herself in Othrun’s affairs, tempting him, challenging his beliefs, and threatening to bring his plans to ruin. But Othrun, Lord of the Last of the Atalanteans, does not intend to fail. He will be a king. Or die trying. Othrun will go to battle, and he will triumph against the odds. If not, all will be burned to ashes, consumed in the fires of his ambition. And so, the ancient war banner of Atalantean kings will fly. One last time. A kingdom has fallen. A legend will rise.

The Arrow of Time cover

The Arrow of Time

What if Aliens invaded Earth and humans had forgotten how to fight? The Arrow of Time is the third book of the Knife Soldiers trilogy. A fast moving, action-packed, military science fiction series following Frank Farrell, a former combat Marine, working law enforcement officer, and very reluctant time traveler, looking forward to his retirement from law enforcement. But on his way to work one morning, he somehow stepped into a physics entanglement experiment being conducted uptime. In that single beat of his heart, he was pulled 600 years into his future. Not only did he arrive out of his time, but inexplicably forty-years younger in body, while retaining all his stored memories of a lifetime. Around the time of his arrival, an invading army from Andromeda turned-up in the edges of the galaxy and occupied one of the 100 inhabited worlds in the United Worlds of Earth Confederation. After Frank disappeared from his home, a major World War began that ultimately killed well over two-thirds of the entire population of Earth, making the survivors dedicated pacifists. To help rebuild from that near extinction, humans developed a self-aware artificial intelligence known as the Main Computer Entity that has been a continuing influence, and guide, in the recovery of Earth and its growing confederation since then. Upon scanning Franks's mind, the Computer Entity recommended he be placed in a small human military, becoming smaller as causalities mount. Now, four-years later the war is over, and the invaders beaten. Frank is a Regimental Commander in the expanded UWE Marine Corps. who has been in almost constant contact with the Aliens the entire time. What Frank do with his life after the war? The Main Computer Entity has a recommendation.

Shadows in the Aftermath cover

Shadows in the Aftermath

Ruby Draker has found new strength, and is ready to move on after Felix Szabo devastated the Draker estate in Nice, France. Three Drakers are dead leaving Ruby in grief and with thoughts of revenge. The Drakers are a family built of survivors; each rescued from Felix Szabo, a psychopath, who sought to murder his former agents at the CIA whom he believed betrayed him. The Drakers’ sole mission is to stop Szabo from adding more victims to his list, and although he also perished during the invasion, his legacy continues to haunt them. When the Drakers learn that Robert Draker, presumed dead since the shoot-out at Robert’s farmhouse, may be alive and at a rehab clinic in Portland, Maine, the Drakers know it could be a set up, but they have no choice but to try to find him and bring Robert home. Shocked that Robert may be alive after all, the family head from France to America to find him. It’s only when they arrive in the west that they realize finding Robert won’t be as easy as they thought. Szabo has found a way to terrorize the Draker family, even after death. His outstanding debt with a Corsican crime family mean the Drakers must now find and deliver a shipment of plutonium, which will likely be used by terrorists to create a nuclear bomb, to get Robert back. As Ruby struggles with the decision to save her brother or North America, she must also evade the CIA, who are trying to stop the Drakers from delivering the plutonium.

Beyond the Rabbit Hole cover

Beyond the Rabbit Hole
Writing My Way To Tomorrow by

Through lyrical poetry and sharp, insightful prose, EJ Swanson reflects on her life, questioning what it means to grow old and quietly observing contemporary culture. Beyond the Rabbit Hole is heartfelt, humorous, defiant, and wise. From Alberta to the Okanagan to Quintana Roo, Swanson takes readers on a journey through marriage and intimacy, parenthood, beautiful dreamscapes, meditation states, worn pathways of chronic pain, and so many bodies of water.

Pandemic cover

letters from a prairie minister by

This book began as daily letters I wrote for my parishioners. Each day I focus on some small piece of scripture from the daily Revised Common Lectionary. I wanted to help people to see that scripture matters and it speaks to us in the 21st century. In the beginning I thought that I was writing for my parish. As time went on, I realized that I too was learning to live life and experience this time of trial with psalms, the prophets, and the Gospels as my guide. Primarily, I wanted my letters to encourage people in this time of pandemic. I want the letters to be a sign of hope when discouragement is everywhere.

The Silver Men cover

The Silver Men

Talia doesn't know how she survived the attack, but when she finds herself amongst a group of strangers, she realizes that she has a million questions. How to survive was always a question, but she needs an answer now more than ever. Without her memories, without a family, without anyone to trust, who can she turn to in a world where the Silver Men have returned? The Silver Men, once a robotic tool for survival, now a threat to it. More questions arise: How did they get out? Who is controlling them? Without answers, Talia tries to form new connections until they, too, see her as a threat to their survival. This brings forth the final question: How far are you willing to go to protect your family?

The Hills Around Me cover

The Hills Around Me

A great romance and a life with horses form the lynchpins around which Imtiaz Fiona Griffiths’ nostalgic memoir revolves. Coming along for the ride, we have guest appearances by dodgy bookmakers, fast racehorses, slow tortoises, gregarious Jesuits, and a host of other fascinating characters. Griffiths’ story takes us on a journey through pre and post-independence India: from her childhood spent in railway “hill stations”; to adventures in the horse-racing world of Calcutta in the 1950’s and 1960’s; to building her dream racehorse stud farm with her husband Mike in the hills of rural Bihar. A final transition to life in Canada forms the bookend to a joyous and poignant read.

The Cooper Brothers cover

The Cooper Brothers
In the Beginning by

When the mysterious new boy in town shows up at Jasmine’s baseball game, she is immediately intrigued. Dylan is kind and handsome, and he drives a gorgeous car. But there’s something strange about his relationship with his brothers, Kevin and Kyle. Witnessing a violent altercation between Dylan and Kevin is Jasmine’s first clue that something is very wrong. As she gets to know the brothers, she discovers that the family is hiding a dark secret. The question is, whose secret is it?