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At FriesenPress we celebrate each and every book our authors publish. Below are a few that staff have nominated as their picks. Selections change frequently, so be sure to check back for new recommended books. And, of course, all the titles you see below are available here at the FriesenPress Bookstore. Happy reading!

Yellowbird cover


During a very special summer, Michael learns that the cabin and the lake he has known and loved throughout his childhood is a special and mysterious place that belongs to many. As he sets out one morning to catch a fish, he meets Leland Yellowbird, a young First Nations man, and suddenly, strange things begin to happen! Can birds talk? Can Leland and his grandfather really disappear? How do they know special things about the lake? Are First Nations people magic? This chance meeting teaches Michael that the lake he loves has existed with many neighbors from generation to generation and that some of the greatest lessons learned come from an appreciation of nature, and the harmony of young and old, from one culture to another.

Unauthorized Acts cover

Unauthorized Acts
Risky Tales from a Vietnam Medic by

Medic Criss Hinson had been in Vietnam for only four days when unauthorized, he joined a flight in need of a medic to help transport wounded back to Da Nang. The plane was hit by machine gun rounds and forced to land in nearby rice paddies. Its passengers included four Green Berets, who along with Criss and the other men aboard had to fight a deadly battle with a Viet Cong patrol to reach a Marine outpost. Because of his varied skills and performance under pressure, for the rest of his tour in Vietnam, Criss was part of many dangerous missions, some outside the military’s standard rules and regulations, and eventually he became a go-to medic for the legendary Air America. With wit, brash humor, vivid expression, and richly expressed feeling, Unauthorized Acts takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of missions, rescues, field duties, hospital assignments, and sudden shocking horror juxtaposed against the ordinary or ridiculous. Hinson recreates the war from a fresh and unusual perspective that is revealed to the reader in a sometimes unsettling, hilarious, or often profoundly moving way.

Balanced Training cover

Balanced Training
Obedience for Dogs and Their Owners by

Would you say your dog listens to you well? Does she come when you call her? Does he stay when you tell him to? Are you worried about his safety when you're out walking? Are you worried about YOUR safety when you're out walking (especially on ice)? This book will take you step by step through the education of your dog on these behaviors and many, many more. You can prepare your dog for success in obedience competitions if that is your goal; all the information and training techniques you will need are included. It's time to get your dog trained! Read on!

Always Afternoon cover

Always Afternoon

When the young Jack MacDonald travelled to Lima, Peru in the late seventies, he had no idea how quickly his life would spiral out of control. Vice and violence become the driving forces in his life, guided by the shaking hands of two fellow travellers who are all in, to win or lose, to kill or be killed. As the country struggles with its own internal conflicts, which threaten to tear it apart, Jack has to find a way out of his own losing game, to create a worthwhile future for himself from a decidedly questionable past.

Tangleville cover

Just About Any Town, Anywhere by

Talk show host Harry Sting is well known to his listening audience for his disdain of all things religious. But when invited guest Reverend Barclay Steadmore, a rector at St. Bartholemew’s Church, catches him off guard by speaking with confidence from a secular perspective, Sting’s bravado wavers. Reverend Steadmore is invited to return the following week and their discussions leave the station full of turmoil that is swiftly reflected in the responses that come from all directions. “Tangleville has been aroused,” the Reverend’s secretary says. “You really blew it,” his parish warden affirms. What starts as a one-off encounter between two seemingly disparate forces turns into a weekly discourse that boosts the show’s ratings as well as attendance at St. Bart’s. Most surprising, though, is the unexpected friendship that develops between the two men. Tangleville: Just About Any Town, Anywhere invites Christians and secularists alike to rethink their commitment to the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through the Storm cover

Through the Storm
How to Lead When Things Go Bad by

Designed to equip leaders, supervisors, and managers in understanding and supporting those experiencing a personal crisis, Through the Storm offers invaluable and pragmatic leadership advice. Providing a practical guide to understanding trauma and the various distress reactions that are common responses of those whose lives have been turned upside down, the book applies the author’s professional expertise as a Critical Incident Program Coordinator in an urban police service and draws on his personal success in managing life’s rigors as a cancer survivor and as one who has overcome life-threatening explosions, the deaths of loved ones, and the murder of a close family member. Through the Storm provides readily applied suggestions and strategies on how to engage with individuals during what may be their darkest hour. Whether you are a leader wanting to do the right thing or an individual caught in the moments when “things go bad” and looking for a strategy to get to the other side, this book will be invaluable.

Blinky and the Phone Fiasco cover

Blinky and the Phone Fiasco
A Family Guide to Screentime Limits by

Tripler Pell, MD, MSc is a family physician, medical school teacher, and academic researcher with international experience. She is also an active mother of three, and most recently the author of a light-hearted children’s story pertaining to a health topic with widespread relevance: small children and the use of wireless devices. The book is meant to be a fun and entertaining story for children under age 8. It is also a useful way for parents and small children to engage together in setting limits and explore the meaning of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, a separate section at the end of the book provides simple suggestions on how parents can make screentime safer.

Avis Glaze cover

Avis Glaze
The Children Cannot Wait by

Avis Glaze was recently identified as one of the most inspiring women every educator should know. From her earliest days in Jamaica, as a young girl who was driven to teach others to read, to her rapid rise through all levels of the school system to become the founding CEO of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat and Ontario’s Education Commissioner, Glaze has been a persistent voice in the belief that there should be no ‘throw-away kids.’ Recognized for her record of innovations in education, including improved student learning and achievement in Ontario, she initiated system-wide character development programs in schools, communities and workplaces. This award-winning educator has been a steadfast advocate for equity of outcomes for all students. That is why Glaze has always acted with a sense of urgency because, as she often says, “the children cannot wait.” Glaze was chosen by the Canadian government to assist with education reform in South Africa. She was also invited to work on education reform in New Zealand, and was invited by the Queen of Norway to speak to principals. Most recently, she was appointed as independent advisor to assist in improving education in Scotland. She is in demand as a speaker across the globe, having worked in more than 22 countries and over 30 U.S. states to help maximize impact. She is truly an international leader in the field of education. Part biography, part chronicle of achievements, this book will reignite passion and commitment to improve teaching, learning, leadership, and organizational effectiveness.