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At FriesenPress we celebrate each and every book our authors publish. Below are a few that staff have nominated as their picks. Selections change frequently, so be sure to check back for new recommended books. And, of course, all the titles you see below are available here at the FriesenPress Bookstore. Happy reading!

Century cover

The Roman Empire's Incredible First Hundred Years by

Caesar Augustus; John the Baptist; Emperor Nero; King Herod; Jesus of Nazareth; the burning of Rome; the Roman conquest of Britain; the fiery destruction of Pompeii; the Roman-Jewish War; conquests, scandals, intrigues, terrifying cruelties, extraordinary deeds and unforgettable personalities. The first century saw them all. Two thousand years ago, a new world -- our world -- was being born. CENTURY is the story of those fabulous hundred years.

The Adventures of Ana and Pitsi cover

The Adventures of Ana and Pitsi
Inuit Daughters of Canada's North by

The Ana and Pitsi series of stories are written to be enjoyed by children and parents alike. The stories take place in the barren lands of northern Canada. The North West Territories are cold and uninviting, but have been the home to people who have learned to survive and thrive in an environment that most would find impossible. It is in this land where two little Inuit girls, Anana and Pitsiark Oglukark find themselves with a certain ability that allows them to become more a part of the world they live in. Follow their journeys as they travel through the frozen land of their birth. They have no Shopping Malls, pretty dresses, sleepovers, cell phones or dancing slippers. What they have each other, their family, and a Polar Bear named Koluk. We hope you enjoy a book that is not of Fairy tales and pink elephants, but of people who live and love on the shores of the Beaufort Sea. The stories attempt to create, as the old cliché goes, ‘a movie in your head’ and an appreciation of a life that few fortunate humans have experienced.

Beyond The Little Blue Box cover

Beyond The Little Blue Box
The biographical adventures of John T Draper (aka Captain Crunch). Notorious 'Phone Phreak', legendary internet pioneer and ardent privacy advocate. by

Welcome to the world of John T. Draper, better known as Captain Crunch, an eccentric genius who went from being a penniless hacker to a millionaire and back again. Along the way, he developed some of the most significant tools of the computer revolution, but for every success, there have been setbacks and hurdles of literary proportion. Featuring a foreword by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and cameos by the who’s who of early computing, this Kerouacian journey gives us an inside look at the birth of modern computing through the eyes of one of its most influential pioneers.

Squire With Fire cover

Squire With Fire
A Happy Dragon Tale by

Here is a delightful Medieval adventure, a story lovingly told within a story. In a dynamic unfolding, Grandpa delights seven-year-old Mac with tales about the brave squires and knights who populated their family history, including the famous knight in the Scottish Rothesay Castle who shares the same name. Mac is particularly curious about the ring Grandpa wears and its thrilling history: it once belonged to a squire with the dreams—the same dreams Mac now has, 600 years later. Squire With Fire illuminates and educates and even surprises. The dragon who plays the supporting role makes the lessons particularly exciting. Along the way, Mac learns about chivalry, bravery, ingenuity, and the role of humour in escaping tricky situations. Best of all, Squire With Fire explodes expectations around gender roles and throws wide the assumptions about what little girls and little boys might do with their lives.

Wisdom From the Homeless cover

Wisdom From the Homeless
Lessons a Doctor Learned at a Homeless Shelter by

SOMETIMES THE WORLD SEEMS LIKE A VERY DARK PLACE. In this angry world, I have seen a glimpse of light. I have seen kindness, love and hope at a homeless shelter. Siloam Mission is named after a pool where, in Biblical times, Jesus healed a blind man. In this tradition, the Mission has a medical clinic, and I have had the privilege of working there. The homeless men and women I have met at Siloam have taught me profound lessons about perseverance through suffering, expressing joy in dire circumstances, and the rewards of service to those in need. I want to share those lessons with you.

Hockey cover

My Door to Europe by

Hockey My Door to Europe details the author’s personal - sometimes harrowing - experiences covering international hockey, especially behind the Iron Curtain, including the start of youth hockey exchanges between Canada and communist countries. The book also provides an in-depth view of the following events: - The author’s detainment by the Czechoslovak secret police in 1983; - The nuclear plant explosion in Chernobyl, which occurred during the 1986 World Championship in Moscow; - The defection of Soviet hockey star Alexander Mogilny following the 1989 World Championship in Stockholm; - The fall of the Berlin Wall, which took place in November of 1989 while the author was in Moscow; - The uprising in Kiev, Ukraine, which occurred during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, leading to Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

Sayni and the Windowjet Brothers cover

Sayni and the Windowjet Brothers

Sayni and the Windowjet Brothers is about the importance of finding your own individual path regardless of the pressures to conform to a straightforward, mainstream route through life. Follow young Sayni as she seeks to find her passion in life by searching for pieces to build her life’s compass. Every child’s compass must be made very precisely, and each one is unique. As each compass develops, its child can follow theirs and find their way to a life of fulfilment and purpose. Sayni faces confusion when the opportunity arises to settle for a ready-made compass from a factory. Will she grasp the opportunity to own a completed compass, or continue in her struggle to build her very own? One thing’s certain: the Windowjet people will have something to say!

Sorrows Can Swim cover

Sorrows Can Swim

This raw and powerful autobiography follows the life of a registered nurse who turns to alcohol to help chase away her demons brought on by persistent physical and mental domestic abuse, rape, workplace bullying, and deteriorating mental health. At first, it seems like a magic cure, and she is able to live nearly a normal life. But as the siren call of the bottle increases, her dependence on drinking grows. Soon she is unable to work, and what was left of her social life disappears. After attempting suicide and spending time recovering in the hospital, she begins her long and difficult road to recovery, focused on building a new life. Sorrows Can Swim is a dramatic reminder that addiction and trauma can affect anyone, even those educated in how to treat them. It is a rallying cry for those fighting addiction and dealing with trauma, and brings an inspiring message of hope for us all.