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At FriesenPress, we celebrate each and every book we help our authors publish. Here are some of our team’s recent favourites – happy reading!

Heart of the Willow

During the longest winter she’s ever known, a lonely Willow begins to weep. Her heart is filled with frost, and she can’t remember what it feels like to be loved. She cries out to the Wise Wind, who comforts her, reminding her: You are never alone. Soon, the Willow hears the call of a very special bird on the breeze. Perhaps, with the help of the Wise Wind and the magical Song of the Whip-poor-will, the Willow's heart will heal and she will never be lonely again. Written with striking lyrical beauty and featuring stunning original illustrations, Heart of the Willow is a modern folktale sure to delight adults and children alike with its timeless message of love and hope.

Into the Known Universe
A Cosmic Love Story, Kinda by

Junior Reclamation Agent Stuart Bode is offered the promotion of his dreams (with a private office to boot) in exchange for a seemingly simple task: tracking down a stolen corporate freighter and recovering its cargo. “If the cargo ain’t recoverable,” his boss, Asset Protection Commander Proseus Oort II, growls, “terminate it.” Stuart’s simple assignment becomes decidedly less so when he finds the missing freighter only to discover that the “cargo” is none other than Janna, Commander Oort’s runaway bride. Hell-bent on seeing the stars, she has no intention of allowing Stuart or anyone else to reclaim her, no matter how spacious his new office is. Stuart is faced with a terrible choice: complete his assignment and secure his promotion or allow Janna to escape while he returns to Oort to face the consequences. He’s still deciding when the pirates show up. Though their journey into the known universe is just beginning, it’s shaping up to be one hell of a ride.

A Lion's Pride

Wound a lion’s pride, and you will feel their claws. When Plas, defiant King of Ipithyia, insults Wely, proud King of Lynchun, Wely needs no further provocation for invading the realm of his long time enemy. As Wely’s lord of battle, Othrun of Eastrealm is charged to destroy Plas and conquer Ipithyia. This, despite Othrun winning a hard-earned peace with Plas, by sparing him from death, years before. But other ambitious warlords vie to seize Ipithyia for themselves. Othrun faces bitter combat on multiple fronts, intrigue, and the mysterious powers of Eltnish mages like Queen Lysi. Who still has securing Othrun’s love, and her own plans for conquest, squarely in her sights. Othrun will require the aid of his own mage, the enigmatic Viwa, to combat his foes who can deploy mages of their own. For Othrun’s mysterious spiritual guide appears to have deserted him. Othrun is forced to rely more and more on pagan magic—magic he is supposed to disavow as heresy—rather than his Single God. Othrun’s armies are led by heroes who seem destined to become legends, such as Othrun’s son the Younger, Ingersa, Glathan, Thurol, Yedwol, Eld, Centi, and the fiery and skilled yet untested She-Wolf of Carthlughe, Hiris, also known as the Haughty Princess. Yet even all those great warriors won’t be enough to ensure triumph. And Othrun will need to prevent temptation, doubt, and his mercurial nature, putting his once staunch faith, and his allegiances, in jeopardy. But before Othrun can grapple with all these challenges, he must confront dark secrets that could not only destroy his shaky beliefs, but also destroy Othrun himself.

What Grows When You Give

What Grows When You Give is heart-warming tale that follows the journey of a compassionate dove. With each act of kindness, she breaks off a branch from her tree to help others, unknowingly sowing the seeds of love and regeneration. When her tree is left bare, she embarks on a heart-touching quest, only to discover that her selflessness has blossomed into a community of flourishing mango trees, providing her with an endless supply of branches for her continued acts of benevolence. This delightful story teaches children the power of kindness, empathy, and the profound impact one small act can have on the world. By sharing the wisdom of land regeneration with children, this enchanting book nurtures children's empathy, awakens environmental consciousness, and deepens their love for nature.

Stone Cold Tea

In Stone Cold Tea, a beautifully rendered creative non-fiction memoir, Winn Bray Rathbun takes us from early childhood in small-town Welland, Ontario, where she was the youngest in a working-class family of six, to her growing awareness much later in life that her siblings’ perceptions and recollections of family life were surprisingly different from her own. As young children, Winn and her adored older sister, Jayne, enjoy a carefree existence within the shelter of their loving parents and older brothers, Jim and Paul. When their father dies while Winn and Jayne are still very young, their mother, Cathy, struggles to find financial and emotional equilibrium. As the fissures in Cathy’s fragile mental health deepen, she frequently withdraws to a place only she can go, leaving Rathbun to wonder, “What did we really know about our mother? Where did that thick river of Alzheimer’s take her?” With insight, compassion, and wit, Rathbun attempts to find some answers by weaving an imagined account of her mother’s memories, gleaned from both long conversations over countless pots of tea and Cathy’s own writings, into the narrative of her own life. This is a book that will resonate not only with those who have witnessed a loved one’s descent into Alzheimer’s, but with anyone who ponders their own family’s dynamics, secrets, questions, misunderstandings, and ties that bind.

The Glass Child

The Glass Child tells the story of a rainbow child, full of colour and excitement. She has worlds within her mind and spreads her joy with others through speaking these stories to life. When the rainbow child was born, her family was enamoured with her colour. But as she grew, her parents found her colour to be a distraction. They sought to reduce her brightness, and as a result, she learned to silence her voice. The more the child’s voice was silenced, the more she disappeared, until one day, she had faded into glass. The Glass Child is a book about the impact our words have on the people we love and those who love us in return.

Severance of the Sorcerer

A spreading darkness, a final prophecy, and one last chance to live ... or die. In his desperate bid to find answers of his own, Cassius Longinus—the ancient Child of Rome—released the killing darkness upon the world. A betrayal by Julia and Dom’s strongest ally and dearest friend, Ronan—who falls into Cassius’ ranks and advances the Sorcerer’s gruesome experiments—leaves the future looking more uncertain than ever for the Sovereign and the World Ruler. Now on the run and isolated from their tight group of loyal allies, Julia and Dom must somehow pick up the pieces of their shattered trust, reconnect with their remaining friends, and together work to unravel the mysteries of the Otherworld’s most recent and worrisome portent—all while searching for a new path to end the darkness. *** The World Ruler seeks a priceless gift, the Sovereign’s legacy as foretold. Darkness wields a steady foothold, should only two destroy the throne. *** Severance of the Sorcerer is the final installment of The Lost Wells Trilogy.

The Bean Story

Something is sprouting, and it's not just the beans! Dig into the pages of this heartwarming story of a young girl and her mother who embark on a journey together. Is the soil too dry? Is the soil too hard? How will anything grow? No matter how many doubts the mother has or what obstacles stand before the little garden, the daughter never gives up hope that the beans will grow. Together, as they nurture the vegetables with love and kindness, they uncover a hidden treasure. What wisdom does this garden have to share? Are you ready to dig in?