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  • The National Road/Route 40

    The Cumberland Pike by

    William JanTausch delivers a historical, photographic account of part of the National Road, otherwise known as Route 40. Built in the early 1800s, the National Road extends from Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, Illinois and contains many long, ...

  • Wieners Are People Too

    A Pocketbook of Poetry by

    Do you think you know everything about your dog? Pocket the Polecat keeps surprising me. The photos I have taken of her sleeping or at play, have inspired me to write the Pocket Poetry Book. Since people know more about themselves than an observer ...

  • Son of Pink Flamingo


    The hero of this humourous book is the son of a circus-owning lawn flamingo. The young plastic pink flamingo runs away from the circus to the big city, attracted by its superficial pleasures, and joins a gang of car-stealing lawn gnomes. For him at ...

  • Vengeance of the Pink Flamingo


    This humourous book follows the spiritual journey of a lawn flamingo in words and photographs. Think of it as "Siddhartha Meets the Mummy". Discovered on an archaeological dig in the future, following massive atomic wars, the lawn ornament is ...

  • What Nature Gives Back to Humanity


    As a warm day arrives, so must our considerate attitudes. A discovery of what nature has to give, is a quiet essence of how humanity can can persuade itself to live respectfully. This mentality maintains tranquility on our planet earth.

  • Infinite Grace


    "Most of the photos I take are in natural light. I like to be able to allow the viewer to see the subject matter the way it was seen at the time it was photographed. I use very minimal adjustments (if any - usually none) through software and try to ...

  • Una storia d'amore!


    Author and photographer Terence Wallis has had a love affair with Italy for more than thirty years. The country’s beauty, warmth, and vibrancy, as well as its people’s la dolce vita approach to life call to him again and again. It is the one place ...

  • Nowhere to Call Home

    Photographs and Stories of the Homeless by

    “I invite you to look into the eyes of the homeless… they tell a story.” Homelessness is a serious problem throughout North America—even in Canada and the United States, two of the richest countries in the world. “We must stop this madness,” says ...

  • British Columbia

    Graced by Nature's Palette by

    British Columbia is blessed with spectacular beauty and diversity, from its coastal shores and temperate rainforests to the Rocky Mountains, from its southern deserts to the northern sub-Arctic tundra. This book will take you on a wondrous and ...

  • Our Viet Nam


    A 12-year-old returns to his birthplace. He walks with his American mother, his Korean-born sister, his new English dad, and the Tay Ninh orphanage director. This photo-story is a tribute to international adoption with caring facilitators. Close-in ...