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  • Curiosity, Courage and Humour

    Diamonds Everywhere by

    To wake up to feel comfortable with yourself and know yourself is the key to happiness. The target of this book are people of all ages looking at issues beyond everyday experiences in their past and current life. A fictional couple's experiences ...

  • The Monarch Butterfly and The Cecropia Moth

    Miraculous Stages and Changes by

    Two books in one! After five years of observation, documentation, and photography, it was a privilege to preserve these fleeting moments in time. With over ninety close-up and beautifully detailed photographic images, you will learn about the ...

  • Living on the Edge

    Explorations in the Northern Wilderness by

    --A fresh new look at adventure, survival and faith-- from a recipient of the Explorers Club Award. Adventure is in his blood. He has the explorer’s curiosity, the will to survive, and the faith to persevere. An engaging writing style, with at ...

  • Who Is Not an Animal?

    Poems on Animal Lives and Rights 1984 - 2018 by

    In Who Is Not an Animal? Poems on Animal Lives and Rights, 1984-2018, James Strecker incisively challenges the universal self-serving claim that humans are superior to other species. He explores human disregard for the suffering of all sentient ...

  • Capitalism Is Fallen

    A Guide to Economic Principles for Success by

    Over the centuries economies have risen and fallen. In modern times, capitalism has delivered great advances, has great potential but now the system is failing. There is growing inequality, the middle class is disappearing and poverty continues. ...

  • A Braided Cord


    This book describes life long learning expressed often as allegory or metaphor, but derived from life long events. The braided cord reflects the union of body, mind and soul, but because I am a surgeon, the body is topmost in my mind and my book. My ...

  • Decorah Eagles

    A Love Story by

    Welcome to the Nest… …where a true love story between man and nature always existed, but became real to millions of people throughout the world when cameras recorded the nest activities of a family of bald eagles. Together, the people watched and ...

  • Here Comes the Moon

    A Country Collection by

    This is a collection of clear-eyed, often humorous and always affectionate essays about the rural community where the author lives: the local wildlife, people who make a difference and daily life in general.

  • From The Mist

    A Life Restored by Nature by

    For years, the trail of his life led through dense marshes, high mountain forests and steamy jungles. Then it stopped with just one word. Cancer. For the next seven years, Pat Herzog was pursued by chronic leukemia until undergoing life-threatening ...

  • I Feel Time's Tide

    One little drop of color can hit the core by

    “Time and tide wait for none, the wind blowing without showing, time flying without knowing …” Life flows by in a rush, fresh breezes blowing without obstacle, society developing at its own speed. Strong power forces us in. Massive waves push us ...