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  • Here Comes the Moon

    A Country Collection by

    This is a collection of clear-eyed, often humorous and always affectionate essays about the rural community where the author lives: the local wildlife, people who make a difference and daily life in general.

  • From The Mist

    A Life Restored by Nature by

    For years, the trail of his life led through dense marshes, high mountain forests and steamy jungles. Then it stopped with just one word. Cancer. For the next seven years, Pat Herzog was pursued by chronic leukemia until undergoing life-threatening ...

  • I Feel Time's Tide

    One little drop of color can hit the core by

    “Time and tide wait for none, the wind blowing without showing, time flying without knowing …” Life flows by in a rush, fresh breezes blowing without obstacle, society developing at its own speed. Strong power forces us in. Massive waves push us ...

  • Listen to Your Garden

    Hidden Dimensions by

    The stories in this book describe a personal encounter with the broader environment of the garden. Nature becomes this book and Human Nature becomes the story. These stories will show you how the garden can speak to you; that you can have an ...

  • One With Nature

    The act of being part of your environment, without harming it. by

    One man’s real life experiences with wildlife and nature, which inspired the paintings within. The short stories in this book will make you laugh, think and maybe even cry, as it has near death adventures and heart touching moments. You will find ...

  • From Democracy to Biocracy

    Finding the River of Life by

    In his second book W. Thomson Martin brings together the liberating force of outrage in service to life with the meditative rhythms of connecting to nature --- plants, animals, rivers and mountains. In the tradition of Thomas Berry and Joanna Macy, ...

  • B3 the Baby Eagle

    Based on a True Story by

    This book was inspired by the Berry College Eagle Cam, where thousands of viewers watched B3's hatching, growth and development into a juvenile eagle. We all learned to appreciate the rewards and realities of nature and our part in helping to ...

  • Bird Lady

    A lifelong love affair with birds by

    In Bird Lady, Elizabeth Le Geyt recounts a century of birding experiences in which she shares her heartfelt devotion to her feathered friends. In collaboration with her son Michael, Elizabeth began and completed these memoirs during her 100th year. ...

  • Moments of Wonder


    Part celebration of visual art, part celebration of the written word, Moments of Wonder is one woman’s grateful tribute to the profound interludes that move her into “wonder.” These deeply spiritual “moments” resonate in the writing with a rare ...

  • Inundation

    The Drowning of Prince Edward Island by

    Breaking people’s hearts while saving their lives is part of Quinn Axworthy’s job. As the government’s point man on climate change, he’s watched families lose their houses, their history, even their lives to the sea. For Laura MacIsaac, the ocean ...