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  • Steel Art

    An essential guide to creative metal art through welding by

    Within the covers of this books you will not only find over 50 projects intended to stir something from the ability of creativity that dwells in all of us, but also give you the best possible direction to follow to help achieve any of all of this in ...

  • On Design

    A Philosophy of Design and Engineering by

    While many engineering books speak to “doing” engineering, precious few focus on the concept of “being” an engineer. Hence, this book, which is a reflection on the human side of engineering. The contents are drawn from two different, but parallel, ...

  • Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots

    21 Rituals to Transform Your Life and Interior Space by

    Often it is when we least expect it that life throws us a curve ball, and though we might swing at it, that doesn’t mean we’ll always connect. Plans fall apart. Things we thought we knew turn out to be illusory. There is a sense of dislocation when ...

  • Wooden Artistic Creations


    In today's world of plastic and mass-production, natural materials provide a cozy and homely feeling to any atmosphere. The images in this book will bring that sense of comfort to your home. Wooden artistic creations made by hand from various ...

  • Art & Design Memory


    Design is a mirror, as are works of art; placed in front of us by our selves, for our own contemplation. Design Creativity Feeling Our understanding of these relate to us, our ideas, and our memories. The way we comprehend art, our learning with ...