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  • Jace's Journey


    “There’s nothing more I can do for you.” We had officially hit rock bottom, my dog and me. A moving story about a woman and her dog, Jace’s Journey is a testament to those dog owners who, try as they might, struggle with their dogs’ anxieties, ...

  • Run With a Mighty Heart

    How A Racehorse with One Eye Helped a Family Find Meaning in Life and Loss by

    With the right team, miracles can happen. Even during a global pandemic. Welcome to the story of Mighty Heart, a one-eyed bay colt who captured the attention of horse racing fans all over the world when he won the 2020 Queen’s Plate, Canada’s iconic ...

  • The Art of Urban People With Adopted and Rescued Dogs Methodology

    Rescued Dogs: The Misunderstood Breed by

    “The Art of UPWARD Methodology: Rescued Dogs, The Misunderstood Breed” is a thought provoking journey into the world of dog rescue, rehabilitation, and canine behavior. The companion animal world has experienced enormous changes over the last three ...

  • Lexy and Bruce

    The Love Letters by

    You never know when true love will find you… or when you'll sniff it out! Lexy, a senior pitbull, escaped an abusive situation and finally found a loving home with her adoptive Momma. But even in her new family, something was missing… Until Lexy ...

  • In The Grand Scheme Of Things

    The making of inspiration through dog behaviour by

    There is something much more fundamental to our social interactions today than just simple hello’s and goodbye’s. What if I said that levels of mental illness, obesity, mistrust, inequality, and rates of imprisonment in the human populous have a ...

  • Magno the Magnificent

    Musings on Humanity in Times of Crisis by

    Magno the Magnificent has never known life outside of quarantine, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying every second! This is the whimsical story of a charming, mischievous, and playful English bulldog and his human family. Magno the Magnificent ...

  • AreaK9

    How to thrive with your dog by

    AreaK9 is about dogs, how they perceive the world—which is totally different from the way humans do—and how they communicate with each other. Understanding “dog speak” provides great insights into what a dog is feeling and thinking at any point in ...

  • Magical Albert

    How a Preemie Foal Changed One Couple’s Definition of Family Forever by

    When an unexpected medical miracle allows both a champion racing mare and her preemie colt to survive a critical emergency, their owners, Dave and Renata Lumsden, can only hold their breath as they watch the foal grow. Dave is optimistic, but ...

  • Always by My Side

    A family's journey with their beloved dog by

    Always by My Side is a feel-good story of a young couple, Lianne and Paul, and their journey through life with their dog, Paisley. After getting their puppy as a wedding gift to each other, they experience the challenges of following career ...