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  • Diary of a Mad Travel Writer

    Discovery and Misadventure on the Path Less Taken by

    When Carolyn Walton, journalist and mother of four, pitched her first travel story to the Ottawa Citizen in 1984, recounting her adventures in Rio de Janeiro, little did she realize that she was about to embark on a remarkable career that would span ...

  • Drive By Shootings


    Between 2010 and 2012, I worked as a courier, delivering computer and medical equipment throughout the province of Nova Scotia. I was an ‘on call’ driver, and as long as there was music playing in the car, I could set out at any time, day or ...

  • Bucket List Ride

    Age Is Just A Number by

    Small-town Manitoba may not be where big dreams typically start, but for Winkler resident Victor Enns, that’s where the adventure began. Invited by his son and daughter-in-law, Mike and Linda Enns, to take a “bucket list” motorcycle ride across ...

  • The Ultimate Belize Bucket List - 101 Insider Tips on What to See and Do

    101 Insider Tips on What to See and Do by

    The Ultimate Belize Bucket List is more than a compilation of exciting things to see and do in Central America’s fastest growing tourism hotspot. Offering an insider glimpse into the nation’s most coveted and awe-inspiring experiences, it goes ...

  • My Oyster

    A life of traveling, exploring and becoming by

    What takes a Depression Era New Jersey girl to an Indian Ashram, a Neolithic village on the edge of the North Sea, an Italian nunnery, to stand in the grotto of an ancient Greek Oracle and walk with Chaucer's bawdy pilgrims on their way to ...

  • These Beautiful People

    Real Stories. Relentless Hope by

    “Africa’s real beauty—her greatest treasure—is her people.” — Twila Stories are powerful. Stories tear down walls that keep us from each other. Stories set us free from the prisons we live in by suffering in silence. *** These Beautiful People ...

  • Free Pilgrim 2


    In his first book, Free Pilgrim, published in 2016, author Nicholas Fung took his readers on a spiritual, mystical, and physical journey around the world, visiting countless amazing and inspiring sites both modern and ancient. In Free Pilgrim 2—the ...

  • Boondoggles

    Travels of a Restless Professor by

    One of Jerry’s greatest talents was creating research pretexts to travel to the far corners of the globe. He explored England and continental Europe, first as a student and later when he returned regularly for research. Once he had settled into his ...

  • To Each Their Own Camino

    One Woman's Walk Along Spain's Camino de Santiago by

    There I was, an average middle-aged woman living and working on Canada’s west coast. How, then, did I come to be walking this ancient path, family and friends left behind, and everything I owned in a pack on my back? Exchanging my office pumps for ...