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  • On Tropical Islands and Sparkling Seas

    A book of Travel, Poetry and Insight from a Wanderer's Life by

    Book 2 in the Wanderings and Sojourns series focuses upon the author’s time during two decades spent mostly among the islands that lazily stretch from the Eastern Caribbean to Florida. From his first ever game of golf on a waterlogged Montserrat ...

  • Wanderings and Sojourns - The Songs and Verses - Book 3

    A Book of Poetry, Songs and Insight from a Wanderer's Life by

    This, the third book in the Wanderings and Sojourns series, was created in response to requests from people reading sections of the first two volumes: On Five Continents and Three Oceans and On Tropical Islands and Sparkling ...

  • Wanderings and Sojourns - On Five Continents and Three Oceans - Book 1

    A Book of Travel, Poetry and Insight from a Wanderer's Life by

    In this, the first of the Wanderings and Sojourns series, the reader is taken on a variety of journeys spanning all the continents of the world except Antarctica and Australasia. They’ll travel by sea and land through Caribbean islands and ...

  • Travels in Languedoc

    Secrets to a Memorable Visit by

    The Languedoc region of France features so many towns, festivals, restaurants, wineries, and cultural attractions that you could spend years getting to know the area. What’s a visitor to do when you have only so many days to explore the Languedoc? ...

  • Here Comes the Moon

    A Country Collection by

    This is a collection of clear-eyed, often humorous and always affectionate essays about the rural community where the author lives: the local wildlife, people who make a difference and daily life in general.

  • Kwacha


    England, 1958: Young Higgs is a hard-working motorcycle mechanic in Milton-Keynes. The entire country is generally cold and damp. There’s got to be more out there for a man with his ambition. The future looks grey. Until he picks up the paper over ...

  • Una storia d'amore!


    Author and photographer Terence Wallis has had a love affair with Italy for more than thirty years. The country’s beauty, warmth, and vibrancy, as well as its people’s la dolce vita approach to life call to him again and again. It is the one place ...

  • Voices from the Mackenzies

    A History of People who have worked in the Mackenzie Mountains Outfitting Industry. by

    Re-live the experiences of the people who traveled to the distant and untouched Mackenzie Mountains of Canada’s Northwest Territories. This raw, beautiful land was opened to outfitting in 1965, when intrepid entrepreneurs carried out exploratory ...

  • SH?#! Happens

    Traveling With John and Leslie by

    Both John and Leslie enjoy traveling. While raising their family, Hawaii was a popular getaway destination. They have traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, all across the Untied States and Europe. For the past few trips, it seems like Sh?#! ...

  • Vegas Vendetta


    IT’S THE 1960S. War is raging in Southeast Asia, and the draft board is looming over every young man’s shoulder, but recent high school graduate Peter Castrillo has a plan; enroll in college for as long as it takes to get a student deferment…and ...