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    Moving on by Standing Still

    A Different View of ‘Problem Behavior’ by

    Is it true that people with developmental disabilities cannot communicate effectively? How can I understand the mindset of a person with dementia? Why is it good that children from difficult backgrounds sometimes hit out? If we do not make a ...

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    Hallowed Ground

    Stories of the Yale Pioneer Cemetery by

    This book makes it easy with its compelling collection of stories about the people who are buried at the Yale Pioneer Cemetery, an antique burial ground “at a stopping point between Fort Langley and Fort Kamloops,” BC. Established in 1858, the Yale ...

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    How to Prepare for Everything

    Empowering you to Face Disruption with your Community, and to Feel Good about the Future* by

    There are an endless number of disasters to worry about. Preparing for every possible disaster leaves you with a long, disorganized list of things to buy or do, which may not match personal needs. Preparation can seem unattainable. We check off the ...

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    The God Con

    Pay, Pray, Obey by

    The crucifix is in! You can fool most of the people most of the time. In The God Con, Lee Moller, a life-long atheist and skeptic, looks at organized religion through the lens of the con. Organized religion has been selling an invisible product, ...

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    Chandkoor's Journey


    During a trip to India, retiree Annie and her friend Leila hire Amarnath as their driver in Rajasthan. Having fallen in love with India's colours, aromas, sights, sounds, and people, the friends return for another vacation. This time, Annie's and ...

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    Gender Unchained

    Notes from the equity frontier by

    Equity remains elusive in contemporary global society. Gendered inequities abound and persist but are typically overlooked in our responses to difficult problems such as climate change, poverty, or economic crisis. Despite this blind spot, gender ...

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    Athapaskan Matriliny and Trade in Canada and Alaska


    Why did native hunters in the wilds of northern B.C, the Yukon and Alaska trace their ancestry through the mother’s side of the family? The author has given a definitive answer to this question which has long puzzled scholars and others.

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    Return to Odessa


    A Mennonite baby named Raisa Friedrichsen is born as her mother dies in Blumenau, Ukraine: one of the last villages established in the historic Molotschna Colony. Her father, only sixteen years old, leaves Raisa to be raised by her grandparents, ...