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  • The Odessa Chronicles

    A Collection of Stories for Children of All Ages by

    Odessa is a Barn Owl with an attitude, who befriended Jaxon (a magical Jackalope). The two of them met Dewey (a cat with all the usual cat characteristics based around a desire for a life of luxury), and the three of them moved into an empty ...

  • 3 Detectives

    Case of the Toy Robot by

    Fourteen-year-old Thomas can’t resist sneaking into the basement to see if his parents have bought him the robot he wants for his birthday. And guess what? They have! But when the impatient Thomas flips the robot’s switch, something absolutely ...

  • The Story of Emi

    The mountain is high, but step by step you reach the top. by

    Emi is a beautiful, happy, smart and kind little girl. Follow her from the day she was born to the end of kindergarten. Share with her the adventures she encounters in her journey up the mountain of life. While reading this book, you will live ...

  • I Was There


    "My greatest wish is that my kids always know how much I love them, and that they walk through the rest of their life knowing I'll always be there for them in any way I can.' -anonymous-

  • Macgregor


    Macgregor is based on a true summer happening and tells the tale of a little boy, his trusty red dump truck and their gray and white feathered seagull friend. The wondrous day begins when they find that a baby blue shark has been left stranded on ...

  • Tillsonbugger Adventures

    The Swarm that Swarmed by

    Join twins Vivian and Fil, along with best friend Tia, on their first day of summer break. What happens when they discover runaway bees? See how the threesome get into mischief, not save the day, and learn a few sticky lessons along the way.

  • The Life of Jorja Bear


    This is the story of Jorja Bear the dog who tells of her experiences in her life. Children are invited to experience the world through the eyes of a dog. From being a victim of bullying to being evacuated from her home and running from a rogue fire ...

  • I Have Geckos on my Glasses

    A Child's Struggle with Honesty by

    I have a pair of sneaky geckos, who love to lounge across my glasses, Spreading their fingers around the lenses, spilling out like webbed molasses… The sticky feet of two geckos cover up the lenses of a young girl’s glasses. This makes it ...

  • The Girl From the Bottom of the Sea


    Nothing exciting ever happens to Mani. She lives in a small city under a dome, at the bottom of the sea. She’s been told her whole life that no one is able to live on the land above since the Great Wars, but one day, a man named Uncle Jock visits ...

  • Pickle Juice


    David lives in a small town with his mother whom he loves deeply, they only have each other. David has big dreams for his future, he doesn't have any idea his life is about to change and not for the good. He soon finds himself in a nightmare with ...