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  • How Alice’s Bad Day Turned Good


    Meet Alice. Alice is a young girl who thinks she is having a BAD day. But things are not always as they seem. Alice is really having a VERY GOOD day. Join Alice as she goes about her day and find out how Alice’s BAD day turned into a GOOD day.

  • Grumpy Baby

    Tale of a Newborn by

    Once upon a time, a grumpy baby was born, and his parents couldn’t seem to do anything to cheer him up. Toys, walks, swaddling, lullabies—nothing worked. What were two exhausted parents to do? Would their baby EVER smile? Would he (and they) EVER ...

  • Macgregor


    Macgregor is based on a true summer happening and tells the tale of a little boy, his trusty red dump truck and their gray and white feathered seagull friend. The wondrous day begins when they find that a baby blue shark has been left stranded on ...

  • StonePenny

    The Keepers of the StonePenny by

    On his eleventh birthday, Tray Whitfield is enjoying a meadow walk with his grandmother when they discover an unusual egg-shaped stone and a shiny copper penny with the current year stamped on it. When he puts the stone and the penny together in his ...

  • Fernando and The Thames Barge


    Meet Fernando the seafaring cat! He lives aboard a Thames sailing barge with rusty red sails and a cargo of coal. Thames barges are iconic sailing boats that carried cargo into the city of London for centuries and can still be seen on the River ...

  • Proud


    Proud tells the story of an 11-year-old girl who, with the help of friends and family, learns about self-love and self-expression. In the end, she discovers that being herself is always the best choice, even when it can be intimidating or hard, ...

  • If You Wave Your Wand

    Stories For The Wildest Hearts by

    Magic is all around us. Crystal balls, flying fairies, spells of love, and mystical portals into other worlds … it’s all right there. We just need to remember. Children can help part that veil once more, with eyes more willing to see. Through their ...

  • The Adventures Of Aussie and Otis

    Welcome Home by

    Aussie is a retired sled dog who just wants a cozy bed and warm blankets to nap in. One morning she wakes up and is surprised to find that her family have adopted a tiny pug puppy named Otis. Little Otis is a bundle of energy and is full of ...