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  • Farmer Arnold's Barnyard


    This delightful collection of barnyard tales is sure to captivate its young audience. From Booboo, the helpful spider, to Gertrude, the chicken who likes to count stars, to Popeye, the frisky dog, these whimsical characters have daily adventures ...

  • Fawn


    Moving to a dusty old farmhouse in the country was not Freya’s idea, but her parents insisted she would grow to love their new life. Trying to make the best of it, she sets off to explore the forest that covers their acreage, envisioning endless ...

  • Thumper Finds A New Home


    Thumper and Thelma, two flying squirrels who live in an old attic with their many brothers and sisters, venture out one day and have an exciting adventure. They survive a rainstorm, play on the clouds, and even chase a rainbow! At the end of the ...

  • The Garden Crew Go to the Farmers' Market


    The Garden Crew are back! And their 'pop pop' friend Corny is in trouble. Oh no! How far would you go to save a friend? Would you face getting squashed, or falling off the rafters, or digging through a barrel full of spiders and fleas? The Garden ...

  • Hot Toddy


    Hot Toddy takes place around the stunning mellow beaches of Santa Barbara, California. Maria Suarez, sixteen, loves her single, successful lawyer mother and yet, like so many teenagers, has already fallen into the trap of anorexia-bulimia while ...

  • Little Daisy Lost


    Daisy was so impressed by her woodland friends, she could hardly contain herself. She had to tell those in the barnyard of her new friends. How they were able to protect themselves from harm, how they had protected her and how they guided her back ...

  • Cat Between Two Worlds


    To Price Evans, who has just moved into the quaint old house that was his grandmother’s childhood home, Sinbad looks much like any ordinary, long-haired ginger cat—the pampered and sole companion of Mr. Murphy, the cantankerous old man living next ...

  • Friends on the Spectrum


    Like young leaves growing on a tree, each and every child around us is unique. No two children, or four, or even six, will develop and learn at the same pace or in the same way. Part of the joy of childhood is discovering the world around you and ...

  • Imagine


    How big is your imagination? What would your perfect day look like? What if you become a rock star? What if you have superpowers? Travel along with Angel on her journey as she imagines her perfect day.