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  • Lighthouse on the Prairies

    The Story Inside the Jesus Elevator by

    There is very little information about the Jesus Elevator on the internet. Somehow, even Wikipedia missed it. In this book, you are going to learn about Hartley Somerville, a prairie born-again farmer who purchased a 75 foot tall grain elevator in ...

  • A Silent Profession

    Asylums, Prisons and Architects by

    If the words "beautiful prison" are hard to say, does that explain why architects seldom, if ever, talk or write about the artistic merits and functional failures of asylum and prison design? In an attempt to understand this silence, and the absence ...

  • Elemental Feng Shui

    The Art of Orientation by

    Although Feng Shui is a relatively new concept in the West, when we break it down into Feng / Wind, our breath and Shui/ Water, our sustenance, it becomes very basic. In reality, Feng Shui is about balance and harmony on all levels. This book ...

  • Secrets of the Span

    Lions Gate Renewed by

    Lilia D'Acres, Lieutenant Governor Award's winner for 'Lions Gate' has written the second story of the bridge, highlighting the dishonouring of First Nations in the building process. The Lions Gate bridge refurbishment remains a world feat in ...

  • Mom’s Museum and Dad’s Hobby


    For 41 years, the Larsen family held the custodial reins of Horsens Museum in Denmark. A unique story from the inside; a perspective held by the only two people who could call the Museum their childhood home, the Author, Ib Larsen and his sister ...

  • The Traveler's Guide to Greek Archaeology

    Getting the Most from your Mediterranean Trip by

    Here is an indispensable guide for anyone embarking on cruise or trip around the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. Read about the art and architecture of the ancient Greeks, whose world once extended from the shores of Asia Minor and the ...

  • Romanesque Sculpture An Ecstatic Art


    Architectural sculpture, virtually abandoned for five hundred years following the demise of the Roman Empire, was revivified on the portals of Romanesque churches in eleventh and twelfth-century France and Spain. Long overdue is a reappraisal of ...