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Where The Water Meets The Shore cover

Where The Water Meets The Shore

Poems for Young Minds by

This is my first collection of poems and limericks. The ideas were jotted down on hot summer days in Algonquin Park or cold winter evenings at Lake Huron. These poems are designed for young children to read and enjoy...maybe to inspire their own ideas for writing poetry or even short stories. After over 30 years of teaching in primary education in Toronto, I drew from my experiences and fond memories of teaching children to read and write. From my great nephew Oliver and niece Abby, to my 99 ...

Medical Man cover

Medical Man


Called out by a frightened country doctor in the dark night of a prairie winter in 1919 to assist with an emergency appendectomy, Dr. Robert Ross travels to an isolated farmhouse where he finds himself entangled in a tragedy. He is immediately caught up in an ethical dilemma where all of his life experiences, values and skills as a physician and surgeon are put to the test. Is he about to become an unwilling accomplice to medical manslaughter? What can he do to prevent the horror that is sure ...

Daphne the Blind Dog Gets Adopted cover

Daphne the Blind Dog Gets Adopted


Daphne is a blind dog who has arrived at an animal rescue facility. People are kind to her there, but she is still nervous and on guard. Daphne can’t see anything, but her ability to smell, hear, feel, and know helps her to understand the world around her. Daphne copes as best she can, but she always longs for something better–and she’s not sure what that might be. A new adult, a stranger, adopts Daphne and takes her home. It takes Daphne a little while to adapt to this unfamiliar environment, ...

The Strength Match cover

The Strength Match

Who's the Real King of the Jungle? by

When a sly hippopotamus challenges her friend, a quiet armadillo, to a strength match, they go head-to-head in a battle royale to determine who is the mightiest animal of the jungle. Once the little armadillo realizes true character shines greater through strife, and as the hippo embarks on a cheater's path, the two opponents are presented with an outcome that takes everyone by surprise. With charm, humor, and some valuable lessons, The Strength Match shows us we are all powerful and strong, no ...

My name is Ashley cover

My name is Ashley


Have you ever felt like your entire existence was meant only to break you? Like no matter how hard you try, nothing would ever get better? Have you watched a loved one veer so far off from the person you thought you knew? With every action and decision resulting in plummeting to rock bottom with no hope of ever getting out? Many people live this way without change because they are unaware of a different, less painful way of life. Everything they knew stemmed from why they became addicted to a ...

If It Had Not Been So... cover

If It Had Not Been So...


IF IT HAD NOT BEEN SO, HOW WOULD IT HAVE BEEN? In this book I talk about the life and experiences that shaped my character from adolescent age to adulthood. There are tragedies that I faced and there were happy times too. The experiences I went through whether good or bad, I had a faithful trustworthy invisible omnipotent and omnipresent friend who made sure I was protected all the time. Death came so close in many instances, but I believe He was there to extinguish all the flaming arrows ...

Howie Finds a New Home cover

Howie Finds a New Home


Howie is a young hermit crab who is getting bigger and outgrowing his shell. He just can't quite reach his toes while doing his early morning stretches with his family. Everything feels tight and squishy. What is Howie going to do? His only answer is to go on a shell quest with his younger brother Jay. Together they hike the Rockies, free-fall into some tidal pools, encounter the sausage tentacles of a human child and find out a painful lesson when you rush into things without checking first. ...

Prinz David's Castle cover

Prinz David's Castle


Germany, 1939. While Europe braces for the inevitable advancement of the Nazi war machine, Hitler turns his hate-filled agenda on his own people, specifically the portion of the German population least able to defend itself—the mentally and physically disabled. Aktion T4 is enacted to disinfect mainstream Germany of this undesirable portion of its population by creating killing centres both in Germany and the surrounding annexed countries, most notably, at Hartheim Castle in Alkoven, Austria. ...

Harold the Sparrow and His Bellybutton cover

Harold the Sparrow and His Bellybutton


Harold the Sparrow is a funny little bird who loves everyone. He starts each day just waiting for something wonderful and exciting to happen, and, somehow it always does. Today Harold feels like jumping up and down in the warm sun. But when he hears a squeaking sound it sends him off on another adventure that somehow leads him to a bellybutton! What will happen next? Just as his Mother always said, “You never know what the day will bring!”

Introduction to Live Sound Reinforcement cover

Introduction to Live Sound Reinforcement

The Science, the Art, and the Practice by

This book is an invaluable resource for burgeoning audio engineers. With clear writing and comprehensive illustrations, fundamental concepts of acoustics are explained in easy to understand language. The operating principles of the essential components of a sound system, as well as their use in the design and implementation of the system, are covered in detail. Operational aspects of executing a live performance are also given full treatment. By providing practical information surrounding the ...