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Bran Finds His Feathers cover

Bran Finds His Feathers


Have you ever seen a naked raven? Bran the raven wakes up one morning and everything feels a little too familiar, right down to his own feathers. Feeling bored, Bran decides to search around his nest for an exciting new outfit. Bran tries on everything he can think of, from a chip bag to pine needles, melting snow to fox fur. But he soon discovers that finding something to replace his feathers isn’t quite as easy as he thought it would be. Bran Finds His Feathers is a silly and heartfelt story ...

Retired/Rewired! Not Expired! cover

Retired/Rewired! Not Expired!


Joel Cadesky knew he was expected to live by the strong work ethics of integrity and service that were modelled for him by his family and community. He brought these strengths with him when he left his secure teaching position of nine years to start over with his young family in tow in a new career, in a new city. 38 years later Joel finds that he is re-energized and at the age of 75 not ready to retire. Retired/Rewired! Not Expired! is the entertaining life story of Joel Cadesky. From growing ...

Mending Nerves cover

Mending Nerves

An Empathetic Journey with Multiple Sclerosis by

EVERYTHING THAT HE THOUGHT would happen could no longer happen. His failing physical abilities reminded him while his eyes affirmed this truth. Or so he thought. Mending Nerves follows the journey of Lobio, a seasoned physiotherapist working primarily in the neurological rehabilitation department at a local hospital when he himself is faced with a neurodegenerative disorder. He comes face-to-face with multiple sclerosis while he coexists as both healthcare provider and patient. While he endures ...

Metamorphosis cover


My path to transformation by

How does an innocent five year old boy become a killer locked up for 23 hours a day in a super-maximum prison? How does this man survive nearly 32 years of incarceration and return to society as a compassionate, productive, and thoughtful husband, employee, grandfather, volunteer, and community member? This memoir combines Yves Réal Côté's prison writings with academic context by Criminologist and friend, Dr. Alana Abramson. This unique approach to autobiography provides readers with ...

Of Forgiving Hearts cover

Of Forgiving Hearts


Three young women living very different lives are all plagued with hazy dreams of a tragic orphanage fire many years ago. Julia is a frustrated social worker desperate to help kids, Meagan is a painter with a strange affinity for abandoned buildings, and Delse is a no-nonsense hustler who does what she must to survive, and their only link seems to be these disturbing nightmares from a shared forgotten past. But when they start being followed by the same sinister man, they must learn to rely ...

Now That the Candy's Gone cover

Now That the Candy's Gone

Mastering the Art of Self-Confidence by

Are you in a place in your life that no longer fulfills you? Do you wish you had the courage to take the next step in your professional career? Are you not pursuing your dream job because you think you’re not qualified enough? Now That the Candy’s Gone provides techniques to help you overcome feelings of Imposter Syndrome, improve your self-esteem, and prepare you for the next phase in your professional and personal journey. What began as a journal to help Perry process challenging experiences ...

Backcountry Brushes cover

Backcountry Brushes


There’s something very powerful about exploring under your own speed, whether paddling a lake frequented by artist Tom Thomson, gazing skyward from your vantage point on the water surrounded by cliffs, or hiking to hidden waterfalls carved by the force of nature. Backcountry Brushes is a guide that takes the reader on various multiday canoe journeys, described in prose and accompanied with the author and artist’s watercolour illustrations. Backcountry Brushes also includes practical tips for ...

Twinkles and Wings cover

Twinkles and Wings

Stories of Hope and Belonging by

Join in these magical tales where stars tell jokes, butterflies play baseball, and fairies have afternoon tea in the sky. If you have ever felt that you are all alone, or that you have lost your sparkle, or that your dreams are a little too big, these stories are sure to put a smile on your face and hope in your heart.

Four and a Half Steps cover

Four and a Half Steps

Surviving the Reckless Roller Coaster Ride to Recovery by

Wag is a charismatic and mischievous character. A soon-to-be Boston Pizza franchise owner, he likes to push people’s buttons and takes life to the extreme. After an evening out with his wife in Calgary, he decides to drive back to his temporary home in Lethbridge to make his early morning shift, hoping he can make it back in time to catch a few hours of sleep before a head office inspection. The next thing he remembers is his wife screaming. Wanting someone to help her, he tries to call out but ...

Stolen Sweetheart cover

Stolen Sweetheart


A month away from graduating high school, Blair must decide whether her boyfriend Jonathan is really the love of her life; will she pick him? Or follow her dreams of going to college and becoming an Event Planner? Jonathan is an unfaithful drug addicted teen, and also the black sheep of his perfect family. Alongside him is his best friend Trevor who is struggling with abuse, abandonment, and is depending solely on his older brother Bryce to guide him. The first book in a trilogy, Stolen ...