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The Witch's Family cover

The Witch's Family


The Witch’s Family is an inspirational story for young children about the power of kindness, patience, and compassion. The witch cares for a band of problematic pets until she’s run herself ragged. She takes care of everyone but herself, until she gets completely burnt out and falls into a depression. Now it’s the pets’ turn to take care of her. A gentle and accessible introduction to mental health, this story illustrates the importance of returning care to those that have cared for us. The ...

The Scent of Lilacs cover

The Scent of Lilacs


The scent of lilacs, poetry, and classical music bring Marla and Adam together after Marla's high school boyfriend is convicted of murder and disappears from her life. The charming, brilliant Adam promises Marla a life of culture, luxury, and family devotion. Having grown up in a small town in the shadow of a narcissistic mother, Marla is swept off her feet. But after twelve years of marriage, Marla has learned that Adam's version of love is controlling, manipulative, and even violent at times. ...

Fox World cover

Fox World

500 Miles of Walks and Talks with an Old Fox by

Fox World, based on true events, takes the reader under the canopy of an urban forest on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. for a year-long walk with a weary sales executive and his muse, a wild red fox. Aged, ill and injured, both fox and man seek healing in their journey, not only for themselves, but for the ecologically stressed forest which is under siege. They are joined on their five-hundred-mile walkabout by the fox’s forest friends – owl, buck deer, hawk, blue heron, and raccoon, and ...

Melton and the Hereafter cover

Melton and the Hereafter


Much like his favorite black and white television shows growing up, Melton often thought of life in dualities of right and wrong, moral and immoral, grace and sin, impressing religious devotion on his family’s life—and anyone else who would listen. Sure in his opinions, Melton remained uncertain of what to expect when his time on earth came to an end. He never anticipated finding himself utterly alone but surrounded by the idyllic beauty of the state park he’d enjoyed visiting so much with his ...

Squirrel the Bully cover

Squirrel the Bully


Squirrel is funny and makes others laugh, so Bunny, Mouse, and Frog would like him to become their friend. But what happens when Squirrel begins bullying them, one by one, teasing them for the ways that they are different? Finding good Friends addresses the issue of bullying and what can be done by children to stand up against it, as well as illustrating the importance of celebrating difference. It also speaks to the fact that keeping quiet in the face of bullying when not directed at you is ...

My Intuitive Journal cover

My Intuitive Journal

A Reflective Journal of Thought-provoking prompts to Strengthen Intuitive Awareness by

IN THIS AGE OF INFORMATION OVERLOAD fueled by constant stimulation and deadlines, something is always demanding our attention. It’s clear that with all the distractions it can be hard to listen to our intuition. By building a relationship with our intuition, we are able to rediscover our joy, build stronger connections and live our best life. Learning how to recognize our intuition can also help with decision making, becoming a more effective leader, and can assist in reducing stress. My ...

The Language of Dreams cover

The Language of Dreams


Twenty-two-year-old Clare Thomas Lane begins therapy by court order, not by choice. Clare is sure that she doesn't need the help of a shrink. Clare's fortysomething psychotherapist, Avery Frontiera, doubts her own ability to connect with this prickly young shoplifter. As Avery and Clare begin their sessions, each woman faces a major life crisis. Clare grapples with an unwanted pregnancy; Avery struggles with a fractured marriage and unrealized hopes for motherhood. Both are haunted by dark ...

Nii Ndahlohke cover

Nii Ndahlohke

Boys' and Girls' Work at Mount Elgin Industrial School, 1890-1915 by

This book takes its title from the phrase for “I work” in Lunaape, the traditional language of Munsee Delaware people, and was inspired by the work of the Munsee Delaware Language and History Group. Written for the descendants and communities of children who attended Mount Elgin and intended as a resource for all Canadians, Nii Ndahlohke tells the story of student life at Mount Elgin Industrial School between 1890 and 1915. Like the school itself, Nii Ndahlohke is structured in two sections. ...

From Under the Banana Tree cover

From Under the Banana Tree

Daily Inspirations to Strengthen Your Grip, Sharpen Your Focus, and Anchor Your Steps for a Life full of God and Adventure. by

Quiet your spirit and settle in each day for some intimate, healing, and reviving time with the Lord. Along with your Bible and prayer journal, bring Dr. Kim Pensinger’s latest offering, From Under the Banana Tree, a collection of 365 daily inspirations gleaned from personal experience and a passionate searching of God’s Word. From the hills of Vermont to the streets of Argentina, Dr. Kim shares on the faithfulness, love, and sovereignty of our great God. Not your average devotional, From Under ...

Preemie Voices cover

Preemie Voices

Young men and women born very prematurely describe their lives, challenges and achievements by

The birth of a very premature baby is a shock for parents. The immediate anxiety about whether their infant will survive quickly leads to concerns about their child’s future quality of life. In this inspiring and informative book, young people who were born weighing less than two pounds, three ounces provide candid and personal stories about their lives, challenges and accomplishments. Now in their thirties, these men and women were cared for at McMaster University Hospital in Hamilton, ...