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The Howells of Carbonear cover

The Howells of Carbonear


The Howells of Carbonear is a thoroughly researched and sweeping genealogy that traces the 375-year documented history of the Howell family of Carbonear, Newfoundland. The Howells were planters, who came to Newfoundland to fish but did not return to England at the end of the season, remaining “planted” in the province. The book highlights the family’s early hardships, including the many deaths that resulted from the harsh conditions of the fisheries. Pioneers of early Newfoundland, the ...

The 10 People You Meet In Business cover

The 10 People You Meet In Business

Sage Vignettes for Success in Life and Business by

Who do business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals learn from? The movers and shakers who’ve successfully charted the same waters. Author Milan Topolovec introduces such pioneers in The 10 People You Meet in Business, his compilation of like-minded innovators and leaders who’ve contributed personal anecdotes of building, owning, and running businesses. When Topolovec started his company, he had no mentors; now, in this book, he provides them to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Ten ...

The Pond Orchestra and Other Poems cover

The Pond Orchestra and Other Poems


What happens in the forests and fields when we are not looking? Can a baby goat and a frog become friends? Are the sounds you hear by the pond made by an orchestra of woodland critters? The Pond Orchestra and Other Poems is a sweet and amusing collection of simple poems involving a cast of animal characters getting up to various shenanigans. Here adventures take place, unusual friendships happen, and we get to visit a world filled with kindness, cooperation, and humour. The Pond Orchestra is ...

You Have Control cover

You Have Control


You Have Control is a unique and highly personal memoir that delves into the author’s most intimate and painful experiences, and explores how they changed him with a view to freeing others from having to suffer a similar fate. After a successful career as pilot and years of searching for true love, he realized that the only way to find such a thing is to begin with yourself. But first . . . he had to endure a painful reckoning that included, notably, a near-death experience. The author equates ...

The Alphabet and Animals cover

The Alphabet and Animals


A is for Alligator! Did you know that a group of Alligators is called a Congregation? Learn the alphabet like never before with this clever and educational children’s book all about groups of animals. Did You Know? The Alphabet and Animals: Book 1 teaches readers about Eagles, Lizards, Tigers, and more. A Party of Peacocks sure sounds like fun! What other groups of animals can this alphabet book teach us?

Learning To Count with the Help of Animal Families cover

Learning To Count with the Help of Animal Families


Did you know? A Mommy Cat is called a Queen A Daddy Cat is called a Tomcat A Baby Cat is called a Kitten Learning should be fun! My goal is for the child to have fun learning to count from 1 to 20. I also wanted both the child and the adult reader to have even more fun learning about families of animals. The book also illustrates the love that exits between the baby animal and the mother animal.

Mǫ́lazha cover


(Child of a Whiteman) by

Mólazha (Child of a Whiteman) weaves three central tales together to tell the story of Richard I. Hardy, commonly known as Rick, against the backdrop of his ancestors. This is a story of survival and resilience. Rick’s European ancestors started coming to North America in the 1600s, settling in Nova Scotia as Acadians. Their progeny came to the Mackenzie River District of the NWT in 1851, creating new families and establishing ties to the fur trade. Rick shares stories of family and growing up ...

Why It's Time to Go to Sleep cover

Why It's Time to Go to Sleep


The bath is done, the milk is finished, the storybook has been closed. It’s time to go to sleep. The atmosphere of coziness and contentedness is shattered with a single question and the tantrum that goes with it: WHY? Of course, there’s the patient, child-friendly response that is usually given every night when this question comes up, but tonight Mama is just too exhausted to play that game. She needs some wine. She needs to wash the dishes and tidy the house. She needs some uninterrupted time ...

The Alphabet and Family Values cover

The Alphabet and Family Values


For this book, we return to learning the Alphabet. Follow along as we use the letters of the Alphabet to talk about what values members of a family should possess to remain a close, loving unit. We are all very different from one another, in our looks and our likes but we are tremendously close to one another. For the letter C, we have close knit. For the letter W, we have warmth. Using teddy bears to illustrate the family values that are needed to keep a family happy and together, this book ...

The Beatles in Los Angeles cover

The Beatles in Los Angeles

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by

The Beatles in Los Angeles takes you past the velvet ropes and inside the mansion gates where The Beatles loved, explored, and experienced all the adventures and mystical chaos that swirls around LA like no other city. With brand new interviews from those who were there, along with recently discovered exclusive photographs, The Beatles in Los Angeles is a kaleidoscope of stories spanning over 50 years and covers the group’s adventures in the City of Angels as both a band and solo artists, ...