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Queen Bee cover

Queen Bee


It’s not easy being different – especially when you are one of thousands in a hive. Manuka knows as a worker bee, she’s only supposed to do her job and not ask questions. But her head is so full of ideas that could improve life in the hive that sometimes they just pop out of her mouth. Typically, this gets her in trouble – especially when she starts to question why bees in her hive are getting sick. As Manuka and her friend Cotton get closer to the answer, they cross Acacia, the Queen Bee’s ...

Diadem cover


The Adventures of Hans & Feetz by

Hans and Feetz had become used to spending their lazy summer days sailing in the familiar waters around Pender Harbour and exploring the many nearby islands. But a freakish storm was about to change everything. Shipwrecked and marooned on a phantom island, the two spirited boys discover the fascinating subterranean kingdom of Diluvea. Together with a Diluvean team of mighty men and scholars, Hans and Feetz set out on a quest to recover a precious, ancient relic – the Diadem – believed to ...

The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek cover

The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek


An eight year old boy named James, aka the wannabe Cisco Kid, nearly lost his life as he searched for precious metal in a bone dry southwest Arizona gulley. He retrieved only pyrite before a desert flood swept away his world. Over the course of half a century James acquired several additional nicknames. They were reflections of his multiple personalities. His dad called him Traveler or Trav. Some coworkers referred to him as Point Man. A few colleagues labeled him Knowledge Navigator or Nav. ...

Art is War cover

Art is War


These collected works are a celebration of love, pain, rage, hip hop, race, and pop culture. This hodgepodge of topics are merged as one to bring something new and fresh into the poetry medium. The author seamlessly blends social commentary into a rhythmic flow that can be heard with out melodic tones or sonics. This is a deep dive of creativity and originality from a new voice for those in love with the poetic art form. A must read this day and age for the creatives who battle daily with ...

Life Came to a Standstill cover

Life Came to a Standstill

True Accounts of Loss, Love, and Hope by

How does a parent live through the death of a child? This profound and poignant compilation of the courageous personal journeys of seven grieving mothers and one grieving sister offers a road map of how to cope with the anguish of traumatic, unexpected loss—giving inspiration for continuing to live. Each narrative lovingly remembers the deceased, honestly conveys the shock of death, and details the grief work that the survivors—and their extended family members—have done to move toward healing ...

Loss of Innocence cover

Loss of Innocence

A History of Hotel Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines in Vietnam by

This book is above all, history. For the first time an author has covered the actions of a single Marine company in Vietnam and their 5+ year deployment. The content of Loss of Innocence is the result of 15 years of official document research, taped interviews, and meetings with those who served within the company’s ranks. From beginning to end, the reader will discover the horror, boredom, and humor of America’s most controversial war. The reader, veteran or non-veteran, will find meaning and ...

My Best Friend cover

My Best Friend


Losing a pet is hard, but when that pet is your best friend, the loss is much harder. This book was written to showcase one young boy’s experience losing his best friend and how, with the help of his family, the sadness and feelings of loss eventually turned to happy memories and gratitude for the time spent together. This book does not try to colour over the sadness and frustration, but rather seeks to show how one boy navigated those feelings. Mostly this book celebrates the life of an ...

Enchantment and Despair cover

Enchantment and Despair

Montana Childhood Stories, 1925 – 1937 by

Deadly drought, near fatal accidents, blizzards, grasshopper plagues, choking dust storms, endless days of relentless toil for measly crop yields … … enchanting big skies, an endless undulating prairie, the spine-tingling cry of midnight coyotes, the self-satisfaction of scratching sustenance from the earth … This is the Montana of Calvin Wall Redekop’s childhood, a place at once what the neighbors labeled “the most awful forsaken place God had ever created” and a magical world for a wide-eyed ...

Mama Bear's Lullaby cover

Mama Bear's Lullaby


Mama Bear's Lullaby is a sweet story of a mama bear's love and protection for her newborn baby bear. Each day Mama Bear teaches Baby Bear all he needs to know to survive and flourish in the woods. And each night Baby Bear falls asleep safe within the circle of his mama's love listening to her lullaby. But one day things change and Baby Bear finds himself all alone in the woods. He is scared and cold and cannot sleep knowing his mama is not nearby. Baby Bear wonders if he will ever hear his ...

Follow Your Bliss cover

Follow Your Bliss

The Life and Times of a Family Doctor by

Dr. Donald Hodder has woven tales of joy and sorrow, humour and fulfillment into this interesting memoir. He practised family medicine for over forty-five years, all of it in his native Newfoundland. During his career, he kept many notebooks detailing his experiences. These became the foundation for this book. In studied prose and lilting verse, with integrity and compassion, he interlaces autobiographical material with social commentary on people and happenings in his life. He witnessed a ...