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12 Weeks of Winter and Beyond cover

12 Weeks of Winter and Beyond

Uncharted Territory After Sudden Death by

The death of a loved one is difficult for a myriad of reasons, and coming to terms with our grief demands attention and energy. Sudden, unexpected death can be challenging to negotiate and requires some different coping strategies. The simple word ‘disbelief’ can be a significant hurdle for months. Since each person’s grief response is highly personal and individual to them, this book is less prescriptive than it is one of honouring one person’s response to the sudden death of her husband. And ...

The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek cover

The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek


An eight year old boy named James, aka the wannabe Cisco Kid, nearly lost his life as he searched for precious metal in a bone dry southwest Arizona gulley. He retrieved only pyrite before a desert flood swept away his world. Over the course of half a century James acquired several additional nicknames. They were reflections of his multiple personalities. His dad called him Traveler or Trav. Some coworkers referred to him as Point Man. A few colleagues labeled him Knowledge Navigator or Nav. ...

The What and How of PTSD cover

The What and How of PTSD

Understanding and Moving Beyond by

"What is happening to me? Nothing feels the same. Why me? I used to be in control of my emotions and my life. I want it back." Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can happen to anyone, including the strongest and the bravest. It makes you feel like you are losing control of your mind. Trauma is daunting. PTSD is daunting. Understanding PTSD is not daunting, or at least it doesn't have to be. In flipping through the pages of this book, you will find that it is not intimidating. ”The What and ...

Being Bertha cover

Being Bertha

How a Wayward Woman Became a Local Legend by

The Ekelund family moved to Canada in 1903 and settled in what is now Southern Alberta when Bertha, their sixth child was only five years old. Growing up in a family that was torn apart by the tragedy of their mother’s death, Bertha developed an independent and unpredictable approach to life. “This is the truth, is it not?” she writes to her sister at one point, confirming her belief that the truth could be bent at will. Smart, creative, bold and impulsive, Bertha spent her life trying to leave ...

The Incoherent Ramblings of an American Madman cover

The Incoherent Ramblings of an American Madman


“May my thoughts flow freely until I am empty.” Meet Spartacus, an independent biker, who takes you on a journey from more than 25 years on the roads of America and Canada. Discover and experience one man’s travels through life as he struggles with alcohol, drugs and heart break. From Texas gin mills to fighting off cabin fever in his home on the banks of the Salmon River in Upstate New York. Within his pages you will discover philosophy, poetry, stories of travel, and advice from a man who ...

Kaiya's Wild Journey cover

Kaiya's Wild Journey


Join an adventurous and resourceful young girl on her big adventure! When Kaiya is playing near the river by herself she accidentally ends up floating in a canoe downstream. Lost and alone, she must seek the guidance of several friendly and kind-hearted animals. With their help, she sets off to find her way back to her home at the top of the mountain. Kaiya’s Wild Journey is a story of courage and hope, and teaches children important life values and respect for nature.

The Trouble with Bubbles cover

The Trouble with Bubbles


Whether you are a parent reading to a child, a young kid, a teenager, or an adult, there is a poem or message in the book for you to enjoy that will connect with you. There are many facets to the book where you will discover something new each time you read it. And, if you appreciate art, the book was fully illustrated, including the cover, by young aspiring artists that love to place their feelings and thoughts within the art they create for you to see. This book is dedicated to supporting the ...

Enigma In Whitechapel cover

Enigma In Whitechapel


Henry Bruce is a good man, a loving husband, and a doting father—but his one flaw puts himself and his family in grave danger. The year is 1888, and Henry lives a modest life with his wife and children in the notorious Tower Hamlets borough of London. When his penchant for betting on greyhound races lands him in debt with the local Tower Gang, he is forced to plan his family’s discreet escape. However, their survival won’t be easy, as the Bruces have come into the line of sight of the gang’s ...

Fullness of an Empty Life cover

Fullness of an Empty Life


Fullness of an Empty Life is the autobiography of Ivars S. Oberfelds, in which he chronicles his multiple sexual exploits, a string of failed relationships and discarded families, as he searches for an exclusive answer to the question, "Who am I?" Amid the dead ends, broken promises, and narcissism that permeate the pages of this manuscript, the author finally comes to peace with God and embraces a second chance at life.

Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Missions: Book 1: From Frights to Flaws cover

Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Missions: Book 1: From Frights to Flaws


Twelve-year-old Alyssa McCarthy is sick of her uncle’s unfair rules and longs for a better life. After discovering the existence of magic, she finds out about a dark wizard hunting her down. An unforgettable storm occurs in Alyssa’s ordinary New Jersey town before the sorcerer kidnaps her to the Fiji Islands. On the enchanted island of Yanowic, Alyssa learns that she is unable to get out of the country due to a giant shield. She must defeat some dangerous creatures and the evil wizard in order ...