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FEAST: The Second Serving

Revised, Revitalized, and Re-Realized by

Scripts, quips, quotes, and soul grown feel-osophies make up the full course spread of FEAST: The Second Serving’s succinct and deeply relatable musings. This earnest and intimate collection explores life, love, addiction, and the human condition with humour, grace, and an unflinching eye. Reading it is like listening to a favourite album on repeat, each time picking up on something different. Neither blueprint, how-to, nor rescue mission, it is the reflective perspective of an imperfect soul ...



One fateful night in 1998 changes the lives of the Ajala family forever. After their farm is set on fire, they find themselves threatened from many sides. Feeling that their lives are in danger, the family decides they must leave their home of Ikorodu, Nigeria. Hoping to find refuge, the three eldest sons secure a way to leave Nigeria and seek asylum in Canada, where they plan to begin laying roots for the family in an entirely new country. Thus begins the Ajala family’s journey spanning more ...

The Missing Hug


Oogey the Bear has a heart full of love! His life is wonderful, and usually he’s really happy. But one morning, he wakes up and realizes that something is missing. Something important! A simple gesture that he knows will completely change his day. The Missing Hug is a delightful story about Oogey, the stuffed bear. We all feel better after a big hug, and Oogey can’t wait to get one of his own. Sure to delight young readers—and maybe inspire a hug or two!—this book is a simple, fun story about ...

Mirror, Mirror, What Do You See?


This book is a labour of love. As a Child Behaviour Specialist and mom of a beautiful boy with Down Syndrome, this book came straight from the heart. Every child deserves to feel they are worthy, accepted and loved. My wish is for all children to have a strong belief in themselves.

The Pope Moves to Manyberries


The Pope walks out of the Vatican and into the rest of the world. He quickly becomes more famous than he ever was, and sightings of the Pope are reported across the globe including The Last Ranchman bar in Manyberries, a village in the lower righthand corner of Alberta. As the Pope sits alone, looking like a broken-down cowboy in a neon JESUS SAVES T-shirt and dunking fries in beer, the barroom regulars debate if he’s really the pontiff. With 97.3 percent of Manyberries’ population of 75 in ...

A Book for Blaire


The book was written for Anne's great granddaughter Blaire. It is meant to teach the colour words and the days of the week. For more practice in learning the colour words there are some reading activity worksheets at the back of the book. Anne lives in Calgary. For more of Anne's work visit

Follow the Lamb Wherever He Goes

A Call to Discipleship from the Book of Revelation by

The world is changing at a rapid pace and most people are busy just trying to keep up. Some are moving in the right direction, some in the wrong direction, and many are just running without much thought about where they are going. Who will you follow today? What are you living for? What are you willing to die for? The book of Revelation brings these questions to the forefront and presents us with clear concise answers about the world situation, our life, and eternity. Most importantly though, ...

Tiny Life


Did you know there are millions and billions and trillions of tiny creatures living on you and in you—right now? Rafe is about to find out. A sensitive boy, Rafe struggles to find his place in his family. His loud and fiery dad, his genius little brother, and his sweet-tempered mom all seem to expect a lot from him. But who does Rafe want to be? Enter the Spinthariscope, a fascinating toy and by far the most compelling part of the chemistry set Rafe receives for Christmas. Rafe quickly becomes ...

Where Should I Keep My Honey?


'Where should I keep my honey?' is about a confused bee trying to decide where to keep her honey. While she gets more and more down in the dumps about having no good place to keep her honey, she is met with a pleasant surprise – there is a place that bees keep their honey together! This short book for young and learning readers (ages 4-8) is about overcoming problems using cooperation. The book introduces young readers to cooperatives and credit unions without ever mentioning them by name. This ...

Our Three New Years!


Tory and Andy are five-year-old twins who celebrate not one, not two, but THREE different New Years! See how the twins and their family celebrate Lunar New Year, Rosh Hashanah, and the end of the calendar year—especially the different yummy foods they eat. Meet Mommy and Daddy, Poh Poh and Gung Gung, and Bubbe and Zayde, as well as cousins, aunts, and uncles in this fun story about a modern interfaith and interethnic family. Told from the twins’ perspective, this story puts a unique spin on ...