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Between Blade and Bullet cover

Between Blade and Bullet

The Mary Steinhauser Story by

Mary Steinhauser is the only peace officer in the history of penal institutions in Canada to willingly offer up her life in the service of her country. It was during a 1975 prison escape attempt and 41-hour hostage-taking by three desperate inmates of the British Columbia Penitentiary in New Westminster, B.C. that Mary volunteered to be the principal hostage. For 41 hours, she was held as a human shield, protecting not only the inmates but the fourteen other hostages sequestered in a nearby ...

Mami, Would You Help Me Find My Voice? cover

Mami, Would You Help Me Find My Voice?


“Mami, would you help me find my voice?” asked Alejandro in his best, made up, gravelly, scratchy voice. “Your voice?” his Mami asked. “What happened to your voice?” “Well, I sorta, kinda lost it in space,” said Alejandro... Mami, Would You Help Me Find My Voice? is the epic adventure of Alejandro, his best friend Tyler, and Coco, his favourite stuffed monkey. Alejandro gives his Mami a descriptive narrative of their journey through space including a flying Bugatti, Mercury and Mars, ...

The Wheel of Wellness cover

The Wheel of Wellness

7 Habits of Healthy, Happy People by

1) Nurture Community. Connect with others; weave community into your life wherever and whenever you can. 2) Eat Whole Foods. Nourish yourself with good food, learn to love cooking, enjoy your food with others. 3) Keep Moving. Don’t stop moving; focus on the activities that make you happy. 4) Get Enough Sleep. Get the sleep your body needs; remove the barriers that keep you from having a restful night. 5) Play to Your Strengths. Embrace your constitution; trust your innate knowledge of what ...

On Scene cover

On Scene

Inspired by one of the longest manhunts in Canadian history by

Near a tiny town in northern Saskatchewan, it fell to Sergeant Walter Regitnig and his canine partner Bruce to track a killer. He’d hunted men before, but never one who’d murdered his best friend. Speculation is a dangerous thing when dealing with someone's life. What causes people to react the way they do? Say the things they say? Fear. Anger. Mental instability. Revenge. Sometimes there is no clear motive at all. The absence of why is where speculation is born. Speculation can kill a man. On ...

The Good Deed cover

The Good Deed


Kevin Kevins is an excellent dentist who cares about his patients. One day, Kevin does something unexpectedly generous for Hannah and her husband, Jeet. They don’t know how to repay him, but they’re determined to figure it out. What’s the best way to repay Kevin for his good deed? By finding him the perfect gift imaginable, of course! Hannah's journey to find the ultimate gift for Kevin teaches her and Jeet an important lesson. After all, gift-giving isn’t always about paying it back—sometimes, ...

What The Seal Saw cover

What The Seal Saw


Have you ever seen an animal in nature? Maybe it was a deer, or an owl, or a bunny, or a seal. Did you have a magical moment where you were looking at them and they were looking at you? Did you wonder what they saw? Did you wish you could follow your new friend? Explore a world of wonder through the pages of this engaging story and you, too, can see What The Seal Saw.

If I Had Only Known cover

If I Had Only Known

My Unexpected Adventures in the BC Forest Industry by

I often wonder if I would have made a different decision when that life-changing phone call came—if had I only known what lay ahead of me? At a time when the forest industry was on a bustling trajectory of development, and foresters were in hot demand, one man embarks on the adventure of his life. Working in British Columbia in the late 70s and 80s carried with it far fewer rules and restrictions than exist today, allowing for creative working practices and many, many adventures. James Girvan ...

That Dog Don't Hunt cover

That Dog Don't Hunt

Tales from The Hunt Camp Porch by

Jim Newman, a natural born story-teller, takes the reader through joyful and humorous stories about life at the hunt camp, hunting culture, and the joys of nature and wildlife. The stories are a mix of childhood memories, folklore, facts, fiction, and laughter, with the odd political rant thrown in. This book presents hunting in the light of the harvest of food, and the emphasis is on enjoying the beauty of nature in the company of family and good friends. The stories are very human, with lots ...

Iris and Cora cover

Iris and Cora

Adventures of the Tall Cousins by

Cousins Iris and Cora love being tall. They love it so much they formed a club! Then one day, when faced with hurtful words, Iris begins to question her feelings about being tall. As Iris’s confidence sinks, Cora’s love for her soars — lifting them both to new heights. A fun and uplifting story for young readers that reminds us we are what we think and illustrates that when we know this, the sky’s the limit!

Anna's Tree cover

Anna's Tree


It’s 1941, near the town of Southampton, Ontario, and five young sisters are reeling from an accident that killed their mother and severely injured their father. With help from their aunt, the sisters strive to keep the family farm operating as World War II rages on. But the Ross sisters are not just facing the challenges of caring for their father and managing financial pressures. As Anna, the eldest, begins to fall for a young English pilot training in Ontario, she faces unwanted advances ...