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Backcountry Eats cover

Backcountry Eats

Making Great Dehydrated Meals for Backcountry Adventures by

Make your own high-quality backcountry meals. Are you a seasoned backcountry hiker seeking to lighten your pack? Or, are you a canoe tripper looking to bring variety and savings to your meals? Do you have dietary needs that ready-made meals cannot accommodate? Are you a front country car camper or overnight hiker looking to get deeper into the backcountry? Backcountry Eats is a valuable tool on how to take your trips a step further and explore the backcountry on multi-day adventures. In ...

The Mister Peanut McWoolly Story cover

The Mister Peanut McWoolly Story


When a very little white lamb is born on the farm, Farmer Paul worries about the lamb’s health and brings him inside the farmhouse to grow strong. Elise, the little girl who lives nearby, cares for the lamb, and names him Mr. Peanut McWoolly. He grows stronger and healthier but away from his sheep family, he begins to notice that he is different from the other animals—the dogs, the cat, and the chickens. Each time he asks why, Elise hugs him tight and tells him, “That is because everyone is ...

Inshallah cover


#instapoetry by

Inshallah claims its place amongst social media poetry and Instagram sensations like Rupi Kaur. These poems are like perfect cups and inside each is something essential. Personal, observational, and confessional, Inshallah carries themes of self-care, romance, unrequited love, potent femininity, and resiliency. At times, these poems are self-aware and conversational, but there are private moments of self-preservation and self-love, too, reminding us of what it takes to withstand relationships. ...

Pandemic cover


letters from a prairie minister by

This book began as daily letters I wrote for my parishioners. Each day I focus on some small piece of scripture from the daily Revised Common Lectionary. I wanted to help people to see that scripture matters and it speaks to us in the 21st century. In the beginning I thought that I was writing for my parish. As time went on, I realized that I too was learning to live life and experience this time of trial with psalms, the prophets, and the Gospels as my guide. Primarily, I wanted my letters to ...

ULYSSES - Comin' Home cover

ULYSSES - Comin' Home

The Story of a Dog’s Impossible Odyssey to be Reunited with the Family He Loves by

The greatest sled dog the North has ever known is about to compete in the richest race the world has ever known. Two minutes before the start, ULYSSES vanishes into the minus 30-degree night. Taken by the cruel polymath, MAX PFISTER, he is transported 2,500 miles away to California for medical research, and to be delivered to the sinister international art dealer who secretly collects and sells animals of exceptional value. ULYSSES escapes, and begins his impossible odyssey to be reunited with ...

Canoe for Change cover

Canoe for Change

A Journey Across Canada by

Imagine taking on the challenge of a cross-Canada canoe adventure: to live outdoors for months at a time, to embark on your destination knowing you have 8,515 kilometres ahead of you to paddle. Canoe for Change is the story of husband-and-wife team Glenn Green and Carol VandenEngel who took on this gift and privilege to see Canada from thousand-year-old water trails and form connections to nature that many have lost. Traversing through oceans, rivers, lakes and creeks, the couple completed a ...

Connected ~ Before Birth & Beyond cover

Connected ~ Before Birth & Beyond


Today’s parents are working harder than ever. Never have parents been asked to do so much with such little support. Parents today can feel alone and judged for not doing things right. Randine is a relatable modern parent. She gets the joys and appreciates the challenges of showing up every day to parent. Randine is not afraid to be real. She shares personal stories throughout the book that will capture your heart, make you laugh and bring a tear to your eye demonstrating how well she knows the ...

Breathe Wide Open cover

Breathe Wide Open

Exhale the Past and Fearlessly Recalibrate Your Life by

Are you ready to free yourself from the hold that any past experience has had on you? Find your own inner power by taking any person, place or thing and use it to propel you to your authentic self. Make peace with anything from your past, once and for all, and watch your life dramatically change and open to a world of potential. Breathe Wide Open captures Cristina’s most significant realizations that have cleared away her deepest and darkest experiences. She created a new mindset by using life ...

The Battle for Arisha's Mountain cover

The Battle for Arisha's Mountain

Book 1 of The Damned Goddess Trilogy by

The Battle for Arisha’s Mountain: Book I of The Damned Goddess Trilogy is the first book in the Final Age of Magic Series. This fantasy epic introduces readers to the Final Age of Magic universe by taking them to the Avian Kingdom, one of many Kingdoms of Earth in this enchanted period. Here, readers meet the young alchemist Kaden, returning home to the small city of Splendour after time away studying his craft. The young alchemist Kaden returns home for the harvest festival. He is plagued with ...

Metamorphosis cover


My path to transformation by

How does an innocent five year old boy become a killer locked up for 23 hours a day in a super-maximum prison? How does this man survive nearly 32 years of incarceration and return to society as a compassionate, productive, and thoughtful husband, employee, grandfather, volunteer, and community member? This memoir combines Yves Réal Côté's prison writings with academic context by Criminologist and friend, Dr. Alana Abramson. This unique approach to autobiography provides readers with ...