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Unbelievable cover


"Tales of a Friendly Rogue" by

This book charts a journey – my unbelievable journey, taking you along for a memorable ride with some of the country’s most interesting and enigmatic business personalities and political figures showing you what is really behind the curtain of success. What may surprise you when you turn the last page and close the back cover is that the only difference between them and you is their indomitable will to succeed despite their shortcomings and like me, they have more than their share of ...

A Newcomer's Guide cover

A Newcomer's Guide

Stress-Free Introduction to Duplicate Bridge Let's Get Started by

Duplicate Bridge is a challenging card game. I am your Newcomer Guide and Mentor. Learn from my mistakes/experiences! This Newcomer's Guide presents the basic information needed to learn and master the Duplicate game format, environment, and bidding, playing and scoring protocols. Learn about Bridge Etiquette, Zero Tolerance and Play Nice programs, the different game formats, equipment and useful HOW TO PROCEDURES (Fill in a Convention Card; Make a Call using a Bidding Box; Make an Opening ...

A Timeless Birth cover

A Timeless Birth

Holistic Tools for Radiant Health and Vitality from Preconception Through Postpartum by

Ignite your innate womb wisdom by optimizing your mind, body, and soul in preparation for childbirth. Liberate your intuition and take the passage of motherhood into your own hands with practical and accessible tools for radiant health. A Timeless Birth provides a comprehensive holistic approach to creating the conditions for a graceful pregnancy, empowered birth, and regenerative postpartum experience. It covers feminine health, menstruation, preconception, pregnancy, and the postpartum ...

Intersections cover


Chance, Fate and Destiny by

Set in the latter half of the 21st century, the book chronicles the lives of a group of ordinary people from childhood to the brink of events with catastrophic effects in the offing. Enchanted by Mars as a frontier of human endeavor, the group enlist on a one-way voyage to the red planet to join the tiny human colony already there. Just as the New World of the Americas promised unlimited opportunities, so too the vanguard stood to open the floodgates to another world. En route, chance intrudes ...

Mucky, Plucky Peas cover

Mucky, Plucky Peas

A Story Massage Book to Read Aloud Before Bedtime by

Follow the adventures of a little green pea as it survives chickens and snakes and elephants too on a long, difficult journey to its final destination. Mucky, Plucky Peas shows you how to make the story come alive on your child’s back through an interactive form of massage known as story massage. Combining back massage with an engaging story, imaginative pictures and how-to illustrations, Mucky, Plucky Peas helps prepare children for bedtime with soothing massage techniques. This playful ...

Minding The Garden cover

Minding The Garden

Lilactree Farm by

What can a gardener learn from Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony? Are perennial plants symbols of friendship? Is gardening in the Whig tradition? Are ‘non-native’ plants ‘aliens’? Can the art of writing a novel be compared to gardening? Is Monty Don right about the presence of flowers in the great Renaissance Italian gardens? Do gardens exhibit Late Style? Can mowing be a creative activity? Why is the creation of a new path such a delightful experience? Should gardens open to the public be ...

The Book on Ending Homelessness cover

The Book on Ending Homelessness


The Book on Ending Homelessness provides insights for those in the industry, elected officials, policy makers, funders, public servants and the general public on the best ways to move from managing homelessness to ending homelessness. While ending homelessness may seem to be a whacky or even preposterous idea, Iain De Jong takes more than two decades of experience as an award winning industry leader to lay out how and why homelessness can be ended in very practical ways. This book will provoke ...

A Christmas Penguin's Wish cover

A Christmas Penguin's Wish


This is a fictional story that young children, who love to dream and own stuffed toys, will enjoy reading. Everyone dreams sometime, why shouldn't stuffed toys have dreams? Can an ordinary stuffed penguin's dream come true on Christmas Eve? Or will he be disappointed and sit, sad and alone, on the toy store shelf forever. Find out what happens as the clock ticks down to that magical hour.

Perseverance cover


One Month Canoeing the Mackenzie River by

In the summer of 2006, four old men began an adventure that took them from the suburbs of Washington State through British Columbia and Alberta to Great Slave Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories. In two canoes, they began a 900-mile (1,500 km) journey down the Mackenzie River. One month later, they reached the town of Inuvik near the Arctic Ocean. Perseverance: One Month Canoeing on the Mackenzie River is a memoir of that journey told by one of the four paddlers, John Richardson. In this ...

Vax-Force cover



Join Vax-Force as they explore how vaccination works inside your body! Dr. Vaxson explains how trusted doctors and scientists made Vicky the Vaccine. Her mission is to tell Willy the White Blood Cell and his Antibuddies how to find and fight bad guy germs like Measles, Tetanus, and Polio. So come along on this exciting and educational vaccination adventure with Vax-Force!