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The UpSideDown Life cover

The UpSideDown Life


A newly Christian friend of mine asked me to recommend a book to help her and her husband get off to a strong start in their new faith. I set out to find the perfect book. To hold their attention, it had to be the literary equivalent of a successful date night movie. It needed romance, humor, suspense, and possibly lucrative product placements. It needed something for him and something for her. But it couldn’t be fluff, it needed to be genuinely helpful. I set out to find such a book. I left no ...

Truly Global cover

Truly Global

The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets by

TODAY’S ECONOMY IS INCREASINGLY BORDERLESS. Every company that seeks to grow beyond its national boundaries needs a globalization team to help develop, translate, adapt, and promote products to international markets. This team is vital to ensuring that customers receive product information and support in their own language in a personalized and seamless way. From a company’s website, to product interfaces and documentation, to telephone and online support, providing this culturally specific ...

Thunder and the Werewolves cover

Thunder and the Werewolves


When Sam and Rosie’s grandparents give them a trip to a dude ranch for their Christmas present, they’re not sure what to expect, but they’re eager to explore! They think it will be even more fun to bring their friend Izzy along . . . only to discover that she’s not quite as good a friend as they originally thought. Though they enjoy bonding with the horses on the ranch, and meeting Chief Growling Bear, Sam and Rosie are frustrated by Izzy’s behavior. Even so, when Izzy gets attacked by a ...

How Long Have I Been Here cover

How Long Have I Been Here


How Long Have I Been Here is a collection of a variety of stories, some set in 1960s Chicago, others in Mexico around the same period and later, and still others concerned with wayward youth versus adult loneliness, with worship of a dead writer, with isolation, with old age. All, in one form or another, have to do with love and longing, with the complexities of human relationships.

Sunrise, Sunset cover

Sunrise, Sunset


From civil war to turf wars, the Srither twins go from the ruins of Jaffna, Sri Lanka to the suburbs of Canada in search of a new life. The struggle to survive versus the struggle to fit in, intercepted by new friendships, bad company, and budding romances, turn their lives into an almost typical high school drama. Will they survive? More importantly, will they fit in? Will Akil ever win the heart of the perfect La Reine Jacob? Relive those high school butterflies and teenage dilemmas through ...

The Professor and the Plumber cover

The Professor and the Plumber

Conversations About Equality and Inequality by

Two cousins meet for dinner. Who are they? Why is a plumber arguing with a professor? They begin to discuss one of the great problems of our time - inequality. Can they find solutions? Can they agree on the meaning of equality? Follow their conversation to its powerful conclusion.

The Secret of The Sword cover

The Secret of The Sword


An ancient bloodline. A powerful enemy. A hidden sword with the power to save or destroy the Earth. Ian Dekker is a twenty-five-year-old filmmaker and hockey fanatic living a happy life in Toronto, but little does he know his destiny is about to change forever. The arrival of a mysterious letter from his deceased grandfather draws him back to his home city of Montreal, to his grandfather’s old house, where he follows clues that lead him to an astonishing truth. Ian is a descendant of the ...

The Road to India cover

The Road to India

My Fourteen Months Traveling Overland in Asia by

The year is 1961. After five months touring Greece, Egypt, and the Middle East, Henry Holt's next five months traveling through the heart of India led him to amazing adventures: two weeks in the jungle hunting a man-eating tiger, a hike through the "Unknown Territory" visiting the most primitive aborigines in India, and a trek to the top of 12,000 foot Sandakphu facing the four highest of the Himalayas including Mount Everest. Then came the Far East. The people of Japan deeply impressed him ...

Canada’s Quest cover

Canada’s Quest

Space Exploration and Why We Should Participate by

Canada, as a nation, needs a new focus. In the last half of the 20th century, the country was striving to find its national identity, and we clustered along the warmth of our southern border, but not so close as to get burnt. Problems between the French- and English-speaking parts of our country threatened to tear us apart, but we managed to resolve them as best as we could. There continues to be unresolved issues with the treatment of the Indigenous peoples of Canada. But, the country is going ...

Backcountry Eats cover

Backcountry Eats

Making Great Dehydrated Meals for Backcountry Adventures by

Make your own high-quality backcountry meals. Are you a seasoned backcountry hiker seeking to lighten your pack? Or, are you a canoe tripper looking to bring variety and savings to your meals? Do you have dietary needs that ready-made meals cannot accommodate? Are you a front country car camper or overnight hiker looking to get deeper into the backcountry? Backcountry Eats is a valuable tool on how to take your trips a step further and explore the backcountry on multi-day adventures. In ...