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Rhythm of Darkness cover

Rhythm of Darkness


Blinded by the darkness, feeling as though life could not get any worse? It can always be worse. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Take the time to imagine; to feel what they have felt when their lives took a terrible turn. Open up your soul to those who have loved and lost. One's who have been broken and put back together, just to be shattered all over again. Embrace the utter sadness, and relate to the experiences of despair. Once you open yourself up to it then let it in, you will explore ...

The Tiny Voyageur cover

The Tiny Voyageur

A Young Girl’s Discovery of Métis History by

A curious young girl who asks her grandmother to tell her a bedtime story about her Métis ancestors goes on an adventure of a lifetime back in time. In her dream, she learns about Métis traditions, the Michif language, accompanies her great-great grandfather on a fur trade and brings back and very special souvenir from the past.

Radical Love cover

Radical Love

A World Devoid of Compassion is Dangerous For Us All by

Margaret is a successful judge, and her family seems perfect. She loves her daughter Sheila and would give the world for her. But when Sheila decides to commit suicide rather than face the wrath of her parents (especially her mother) who claims to love her so much, the family is rocked to the core. As their daughter's life hangs on by a thread in the Intensive Care Unit, her parents are forced to re-examine what it means to love.

Percivious cover


Insomnia by

An insomnia pandemic is sweeping the globe, leaving people unable to function and society on the brink of collapse... Dr. Cooper Delaney believes he has the answer: Noctural, a new sleep-aid—one with absolutely no side-effects—which in early testing shows 100% effectiveness. The only problem is, it doesn’t work. With no warning. No explanation. Unable to accept the drug’s inexplicable failure and unwilling to concede to the competition, lines are crossed, ethical boundaries are pushed to the ...

Healing Pretty cover

Healing Pretty

The Ultimate Guide to Feeling Comfortable, Confident and in Control Throughout Cancer by

Healing Pretty is the inspirational and practical guide that will show you how to walk down this unexpected path with confidence. Jackie Apostol-Pizzuti takes away the fear of the unknown and gently guides you on everything from hair, to skincare, to makeup, to health, to sex, to exercise, to treatment friendly clothing and accessories. She gives you a real picture of what to expect pre-and post-surgery, and the best options to comfortably get you through the side-effects of chemotherapy and ...

A Bug, A Slug, and a Ladybug cover

A Bug, A Slug, and a Ladybug


A bug is a bug, and a slug is a slug. And everyone knows . . . bugs and slugs DO NOT mix! But when Barney the bug and Sally the slug fall in love, bugs everywhere begin to question what they were so sure of before. The entire bug kingdom watches as these two brave lovebugs take the matter to the supreme bug court to plead their case for bugs and slugs to be together, despite their differences. The judges are divided, but one smart ladybug, Ruth Bader Ladybug, sees to the heart of the matter. ...

Mouzart cover



Mouzart is a musical mouse who lives in my piano and plays by the light of the moon. There’s a big problem, though—he won’t let me sleep! In the middle of the night, while I’m lying in bed, Mouzart bounces around the piano, creating lively songs. He’s quite a creative little mouse, but I am so tired! I wish he would move out soon. What can I do? Mouzart, finish that tune! In this delightful story and song, author and singer/songwriter Carol A. Grolman brings a genuine experience to life. You ...

Unconditional Love Poems cover

Unconditional Love Poems


This wise and moving poetry collection explores the depth of love in many forms, from romance and desire to family to women's shared experience. The theme of unconditional love is universal to women as lovers, and mothers, and through shared sisterhood. These poems reveal a vulnerability that is basic and essential to the act of loving and the quality of pain brought on by loving too much.

The Mass cover

The Mass

The Mystery at the Centre of Salvation by

“The Eucharistic Celebration is much more than a simple banquet: it is exactly the memorial of Jesus’ Pascal Sacrifice, the mystery at the centre of salvation …” —Pope Francis Many Catholics attend Mass regularly but lack a deep understanding of the “mystery” at the centre of our salvation, and many younger Catholics don’t even understand why we gather as a community. The Mass: The Mystery at the Centre of Salvation Study Guide serves as a resource for Catholics who want to pass along the faith ...

Dear Adventurist cover

Dear Adventurist


In this collection of original poems, the dreams, desires, and experiences of a young traveller are explored through the lens of a young woman seeking to know herself, the world around her, and the people in it. Using a lyrical free-verse style, these “letters to travellers” acknowledge the fear and trepidation of setting out on your own to find adventure, meet up with kindred spirits, find love, be homesick, discover where home really is, and everything in between. Travellers and adventurists ...