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The Unbroken cover

The Unbroken

A Firefighter's Memoir by

When a series of traumatic calls on the job as a firefighter leaves Steve shaken and unable to recover, he, reluctantly at first, seeks out clinical counselling. His one rule, “I won’t talk about my childhood,” closes the door on several therapists, until he meets one who is willing to respect his wishes—providing he explores his childhood on his own. When Steve begins to reflect on his past, he also begins to write it all down. The good, and the terrible. Those written words are here. Growing ...

Antoinette and the Story of the Jellyfish Monster cover

Antoinette and the Story of the Jellyfish Monster


On a beach in Jamaica a long time ago, little Antoinette began her day innocently enough but soon found her mischief created a monster. A totally true cautionary tale for any young adventurer.

Becoming 'You' for Women cover

Becoming 'You' for Women

A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Discovery and Whole Self Transformation by

What would the world look like if women were confident, empowered, and fulfilled? Why do so many women get lost in endless overwhelm, imperfect relationships, and draining jobs? How can women overcome all of these obstacles to become the best version of themselves—the person they were meant to be? In Becoming ‘You’ for Women, Wendy Turner-Larsen answers these questions and more. This book is the must-have kit—complete with revolutionary concepts, in-depth explanations, interactive exercises, ...

When We Were Hit By the Wind cover

When We Were Hit By the Wind

A Canadian doctor’s letters from Vietnam during the American war by

VIETNAM. In the western world, the name itself conjures up specific images and feelings: oppressive jungle heat; young, battle-weary soldiers far from home; political upheaval at home and abroad … We feel the fear and sadness and anger that always accompany thoughts of war. But Vietnam is so much more than that. One of the oldest cultures in Southeast Asia, with a wide variety of ethnicities, languages, and traditions, the real Vietnam and its people have been largely overlooked or ...

Bob and Sandy Defeat Pushy Perry Dime cover

Bob and Sandy Defeat Pushy Perry Dime

Learning about the Law of Vibration by

Bob is a young yo-yo player who dreams of winning a championship, but Perry Dime tells him he isn’t good enough. When Bob and his friend Sandy encounter a mysterious book about the Law of Vibration, Bob makes a change and uses the power of visualization to help him become the best yo-yo player he can be. Illustrated in beautiful watercolors, Bob and Sandy Defeat Pushy Perry Dime is about the Universal Law of Vibration and using positive thought to achieve success.

Of Pork and Potatoes cover

Of Pork and Potatoes


Of Pork and Potatoes is a remarkable story of perseverance in the face of adversity. Bill Massey recounts his childhood growing up in a troubled home in rural Manitoba. By finding the people who gave him space to move forward, committing to hard work, upholding his integrity, and above all, never giving up, he managed to survive and use his skills to help others, becoming a teacher, principal, and advocate for disadvantaged children. When an illegal hog farm operation started affecting Bill ...

Henri's Last Gift cover

Henri's Last Gift


Something terrible happened when Josh Bencet was ten yours old, and it’s left him guarded, repressed, and unable to share—even with his beloved wife, Jackie, or Henri, his de facto father. But when Henri is dying and asks Josh to take care of his things, Josh’s attempt to comply causes a massive, unexpected reaction, which leaves him comatose. For two weeks, Josh withdraws into a dream state that no one can penetrate—a world where ghosts invade his consciousness and the past is his only contact ...

Don't Be Preposterous, Mr. Rhinoceros! cover

Don't Be Preposterous, Mr. Rhinoceros!


Mr. Rhinoceros, the friendly florist, loves his flower shop. He enjoys planting seeds and growing beautiful flowers. Even more, Mr. Rhinoceros loves his customers and friends. But one day, he hears about some big and terrible weeds that are beginning to grow all over town, forcing everyone to stay inside for a very long time! Mr. Rhinoceros misses his flower shop and friends very much, but he finds a way to help those he cares about during this strange and unusual time. Mr. Rhinoceros learns ...

Metamorphosis cover


My path to transformation by

How does an innocent five year old boy become a killer locked up for 23 hours a day in a super-maximum prison? How does this man survive nearly 32 years of incarceration and return to society as a compassionate, productive, and thoughtful husband, employee, grandfather, volunteer, and community member? This memoir combines Yves Réal Côté's prison writings with academic context by Criminologist and friend, Dr. Alana Abramson. This unique approach to autobiography provides readers with ...

Daisy Under the Moon cover

Daisy Under the Moon


When twenty-something couple Bryce and Juniper are on route to a romantic getaway, a huge, wolf-like animal darts in front of their car and causes them to crash, injuring Juniper. A stranger claiming to be a doctor appears and offers to help, bringing them to his secluded property. While Juniper’s condition seems to mysteriously worsen day after day, Bryce becomes entranced by his host’s sensual artist wife, and intrigue leads to obsession. As the couple’s stay drags on, the forest surrounding ...