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Meet My Africa


Welcome to Africa—a diverse, beautiful, and vast continent rich in cultures, languages, great minds, wildlife, and more! Hear the music, taste the food, see the sights, and meet the people. This personable nonfiction journey beckons readers to explore African countries big and small and experience their vibrant arts and celebrations, notable figures, incredible animals, and diverse landscapes. Featured characters share their own cultures and identities, showing how we are all unique and...

Do Not Ignore Your Mortality

Practical Advice From a Funeral & Financial Insider by

You will be hard pressed to find another book like this one. Greg has delicately pulled together a gripping message that so many adults need to hear. Only about half the adult population of Canada and the U.S. have a current and valid will. The fallout is immeasurable, wide and deep. The statistics are not improving much either. Some people don’t know where to start, while others have family members who refuse to discuss it. Greg’s well-rounded experience will help you better understand the...

Women of Faith in the Marketplace

Finding Your Kingdom Purpose by

What does God want for you in the professional, secular world? Can you seek professional success while serving him? As a woman of faith, do you have a passion for making a difference in your home, community, and workplace? Are you called to discover deeper purpose in some or all of these areas? How can Christian women rise up as leaders in the midst of our current culture, where gender roles are relentlessly confronted and redefined? Is it possible to balance relationships, expectations, and...

Our Journey to the Dentist


Join Maaku, Dax, and Charlie as they journey to the dentist’s office. Find out if they have defended their teeth against Gingi Jim, Plaquer Pete, and Cavity Carl! Learn about the diverse experiences of an Inuit family, a Cree family, and a Métis family, introduced in the beloved Kohkum’s Kitchen, who unravel the mysteries of oral health while embracing their vibrant Indigenous backgrounds. Maaku sets out from the Arctic on an airplane, filled with curiosity about what lies ahead. Dax,...

Hunter Makes a Choice


At the new skate park, Honey dares her brother Hunter to go down the big ramp. Hunter’s stomach feels funny, and his friend tries to stop him. But Hunter is a risk-taker, and he takes off—only to lose control. Hunter blames Honey for his injured paw, but when the bear siblings visit their elder, Dawn the Beaver, she shares wisdom to help Hunter make better choices, and his perspective changes completely. Hunter Makes a Choice is part of an Indigenous lit series set on Turtle Island and aims...

The 10 People You Meet In Business

Sage Vignettes for Success in Life and Business by

Who do business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals learn from? The movers and shakers who’ve successfully charted the same waters. Author Milan Topolovec introduces such pioneers in The 10 People You Meet in Business, his compilation of like-minded innovators and leaders who’ve contributed personal anecdotes of building, owning, and running businesses. When Topolovec started his company, he had no mentors; now, in this book, he provides them to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Ten...

The Mission of Maya and Methuselah

A Medical Guide for Aging in Place by

The Mission of Maya and Methuselah guides readers through a practical and well-researched program that will prepare them for their final fifteen to twenty years of life. Geared to people in their forties and older, the preparation focuses on fitness, functionality, and financial health. Dr. Karen Humphreys is an engaging, knowledgeable partner on your journey to better health in your senior years. Her rich background in the medical field positions her to speak with credibility on issues...

Into the Known Universe

A Cosmic Love Story, Kinda by

Junior Reclamation Agent Stuart Bode is offered the promotion of his dreams (with a private office to boot) in exchange for a seemingly simple task: tracking down a stolen corporate freighter and recovering its cargo. “If the cargo ain’t recoverable,” his boss, Asset Protection Commander Proseus Oort II, growls, “terminate it.” Stuart’s simple assignment becomes decidedly less so when he finds the missing freighter only to discover that the “cargo” is none other than Janna, Commander Oort’s...

Our Home and Treaty Land

Revised and Expanded Edition by

Our Home and Treaty Land addresses the critical need for non-Indigenous peoples to face their past with honesty in order to navigate a harmonious way forward. In this revised edition, co-authors Ray Aldred and Matthew Anderson take you on an expanded exploration of Treaty, and how it is a solution to Canada’s social, spiritual, and ecological crises. Aldred brings Cree spirituality, cosmology, and experiences of intergenerational trauma into conversation with Christian concepts of creation...

Moccasins on concrete and other poems


A collection of concise and mostly short poems with recurring themes of our relationship with nature, the complexities of love and social justice. These poems are unpretentious in their direct and often unexpected imagery, with occasional threads of wry humour.