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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit cover

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit


Ten-year-old Lily Nelson lives with her mother, sister, and the wellspring of her hatred: her father, Henry. Since Henry returned to their lives after an unexplained eight-year absence, the family has been uprooted, both physically and emotionally, moving from the mystical forests of Nakusp to the soulless suburbs of Vancouver, BC. There, an old but familiar darkness creeps into the household, unraveling their bonds and manifesting as rage, addiction, and madness. The darkness brings a shadow ...

Love Always cover

Love Always

My Wife’s Courageous Battle Against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer by

It started with a worrisome lump in Donna’s neck. It was May 2017. At the time, John and Donna Corrigan were looking forward to the publication of John’s debut non-fiction title about the Red Knight. John had spent twenty-four years doing meticulous research on the Royal Canadian Air Force’s legendary solo-aerobatic jet performer. But, suddenly, that lump plunged the couple into a race for a diagnosis and prayers for an effective treatment. “Love Always” chronicles the many efforts and lessons ...

Tales of the Globe Trot cover

Tales of the Globe Trot


Crickets. Self-defense. Exotic destinations. Tales of the Globetrot is a collection of experiences from a 36 year journey of a tall blond chemical engineer travelling alone. Marilyn Gladu is a federal Member of Parliament who has been a pioneer—the first female engineer in parliament, one of less than 340 women ever elected as Members of Parliament, one of less than a dozen women to ever run for leadership of a political party in Canada. As global leader for multinational corporations, you will ...

Trusting Claire cover

Trusting Claire


Claire Perova has always struggled to find the people and places that make up “home.” After a lengthy university adventure in Greece, she returns to Canada where she eventually meets two men. But just as her romantic life starts getting complicated, Claire becomes embroiled in a strange death. Or was it murder? Despite her best efforts, she can’t escape the aftermath of the crime. Every new step gives rise to surprise encounters, risky situations, and all-or-nothing alternatives. Soon, Claire ...

Canadian Agriculture in the 21st Century cover

Canadian Agriculture in the 21st Century

Change and Challenge by

The Canadian Farming Community is facing numerous ongoing challenges, including rapidly changing technologies, the gradual erosion of the rural lifestyle, growing consumer concerns about the healthiness of food, and growing environmental concerns (including climate change). This book begins with an historic overview of agriculture in Canada, followed by a statistical profile of the contemporary Canadian farm/ranch, supporting agri-industrial complex, and the innumerable farm organizations in ...

SHIFT Stress cover

SHIFT Stress

Get Back to What you do Best: for Nurses, Caregivers and other Health Care Professionals by

Caring for others is an extremely satisfying experience, but one that shouldn’t come at the cost of your own health and happiness. Nurses and health care providers are often stressed at not being able to care for their patients the way they want to. When the demand for beds reaches over capacity, caring for more patients with fewer resources takes its toll. The demands of deadlines, expectations of patient care from families and management can be overwhelming. Sometimes pleasing everyone else ...

Bearing Fruit cover

Bearing Fruit


One line or two? With this simple question, Tyneisha Ternent begins her collection of poems charting her first pregnancy's emotional and physical roller coaster ride. Between the moment of realization and birth are three trimesters and their differing concerns and moods. Tyneisha asks herself if she's good enough to be a mom, gains confidence, loses it, considers pregnancy weight, and forgiveness. Tyneisha feels stress, anxiety, discomfort, wonder, and love. Tyneisha’s poetry is characterized ...

Mom, If You Don't Like Spiders, Don't Even! cover

Mom, If You Don't Like Spiders, Don't Even!


This is a book about the best thing ever, spiders! If you don't like spiders you won't like this book, you might even think this book shouldn't be read, looked at, kept in the library or on a bookshelf! This book is not for you! It is a book for people big or small that love spiders! If you love spiders this small story will delight you! SPIDERS ARE AWESOME! But if you don't think so, don't even turn the page!

Strong and Free cover

Strong and Free

Stories and photos of Canadian women in sport from the popular #superROLEmodels project by

Adolescent girls are dropping out of sports at an alarming rate, despite having more opportunities than ever before. More than that, mainstream media coverage of women’s sports has declined over the last twenty years, and currently accounts for less than 5 percent of the total. Is it possible that there’s a connection between these dispiriting statistics? Is it possible that young girls would have a better chance of staying in sports if they could actually see the older equivalent of themselves ...

Selling Benefits cover

Selling Benefits

Lessons Learned, Voyages Travelled, Stories Shared by

Lessons Learned - Voyages Travelled - Stories Shared This is not just a book about selling employee benefits, another sales manual or a book about sailing trips and travelling the world. SELLING BENEFITS is all that and more, in an easy and entertaining read. You will enjoy and make use of the lessons shared to improve both yourself and your practice. Your business relationships will thrive and be more successful. Dave shares his learnings from his long term business partnerships and through ...