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Community Engagement in a Changing Social Landscape cover

Community Engagement in a Changing Social Landscape


Community Engagement in a Changing Social Landscape reaches deep into the authors’ extensive experience as both observers and practitioners of community engagement. It is further enriched by insights drawn from the diverse experiences of professionals in the field. Critical questions are honestly faced in a refreshing discourse that also highlights promising practices and approaches. These combined features provide both a thought-provoking retrospective and forward-looking commentary, which ...

¡Hola! cover



Javi, a passionate Jalapeño introduces some of his "compadres" (friends) many of whom have emigrated from various countries. Javi's friends tell about their experiences and share fascinating stories which Javi uses to promote cultural awareness and acceptance. Each story focuses on a moral lesson to help parents engage in dialogue with their children to discuss social challenges. There are cultural tidbits through out the book which is written in both Spanish and English and color coded for ...

Life Stories cover

Life Stories

Love and Romance by

A collection of poignant, touching poems and quotes about love, family, and American life, infused with faith and prayers of gratitude for God’s blessings. Dwight takes on universal themes such as marriage, friendship, parenthood, farming, and even football games with a lightness, lyricism, and wisdom that is sure to resonate with readers of all ages.

Grandma is a Star cover

Grandma is a Star


Talking about a sensitive subject to kids like the death of a family member can be challenging. In this epitaph book, Grandma is honoured in a way that she will never be forgotten. Keep Grandma’s memories alive in the little one’s heart and mind. This book could provide comfort to families during grieving process.

Where the Light Doesn't Go cover

Where the Light Doesn't Go


Darkness is always with us, just behind the brightness of day. It’s beyond the sun in the sky, beyond the overhead lights in our houses … beyond the night-lights that keep darkness at bay when all the other lights go out. Does that scare you? Inspired by dreams, as well as the fear of darkness and the unknown, Where the Light Doesn't Go is a dark and whimsically unconventional book, with illustrations that show the dramatic contrast between the darkness and the light. This adventure captures ...

The Journey: Erudite cover

The Journey: Erudite


ERUDITE [er-yoo-dahyt] Characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly. The Journey: Erudite follows the travels of Tection and Julian, as they venture off into an exotic new world, full of discovery, sprinkled with revelation, and driven by an endless desire to encounter new experiences; all the while developing a growing understanding of themselves. Tection is running from soul-crunching events, looking for resolution, perhaps even absolution; all the while carrying the trauma of those ...

My Oatway Harrison Story cover

My Oatway Harrison Story


The Canadian prairies at the turn of the twentieth century was a land of opportunity, but struggle and trial waited around every corner. The Oatway and Harrison families were pioneers in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. My Oatway Harrison Story tells the history of how these two families came together through marriage. Homesteaders broke land, picked rock, and lived in sod shacks. Later, they experienced the challenges of war, depression, and unemployment. Within these pages are ...

Part Truths cover

Part Truths


Dawn thinks that her mother, Irene, hates her. She is not sure why, or what she did, but this is the only explanation that she can think of for how her mother has always treated her… And so begins the story of a child’s life with a mother who hides in closets to get away from her children, walks around with a weapon in her hand to instill fear, and turns a blind eye to the sexual abuse of her daughters. But the abuse and dysfunction doesn’t end there, as Dawn also must deal with her brother’s ...

The Book on Ending Homelessness cover

The Book on Ending Homelessness


The Book on Ending Homelessness provides insights for those in the industry, elected officials, policy makers, funders, public servants and the general public on the best ways to move from managing homelessness to ending homelessness. While ending homelessness may seem to be a whacky or even preposterous idea, Iain De Jong takes more than two decades of experience as an award winning industry leader to lay out how and why homelessness can be ended in very practical ways. This book will provoke ...

Cover Cropping in Western Canada cover

Cover Cropping in Western Canada


What is soil health and why is it so important? In short, healthy soil allows farmers to continue to produce our food safely and inexpensively, so it is vitally important to all of us and generations to come. Cover Cropping in Western Canada provides essential information for farmers who want to increase the fertility of their fields for increased production. While cover cropping is, as the author states, “not a silver bullet,” it is an important part of a whole system approach that can play a ...