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Democratizing Finance

Origins of the Community Development Financial Institutions Movement by

Decades before Occupy Wall Street challenged the American financial system, activists began organizing alternatives to provide capital to “unbankable” communities and the poor. With roots in the civil rights, anti-poverty, and other progressive movements, they brought little training in finance. They formed nonprofit loan funds, credit unions, and even a new bank—organizations that by 1992 became known as “community development financial institutions,” or CDFIs. By melding their vision with...

A Honeydew Huffwhuffle Followed Me Home!


Has a Honeydew Huffwhuffle ever followed you home? If it had, would you have known? Honeydew Huffwhuffles love to hide in green things, and there are green things all around us! Is there one hiding in that fern? What about behind that parrot? The Honeydew Huffwhuffle could be anywhere! But is this little monster as scary as you think? The only way to find out is to find it. This delightful rhyming book takes children on a search for the elusive Honeydew Huffwhuffle. From duffel bags to...

Return to Holly Cottage

More Tales from a B&B by

Like entering the home of an old friend, Return to Holly Cottage is a second collection of stories from the beloved 1878 stone farmhouse, otherwise known as “the house that hugs you.” Located in Canada’s southern Georgian Bay near the famous Bruce Trail, Holly Cottage was a beloved country Bed & Breakfast frequented by fascinating guests and surrounded by quirky neighbours. Some guests were looking for love, others for a bit of peace and quiet. One particularly memorable Italian-speaking...

Tea Time


This is a story all about Veera and his perspective on tea time. Each evening, his parents—amma and appa—enjoy tea together. And when his relatives—mamma, mammi, and Anjali—visit, it becomes a tea party. Tea time is their time for family, stories, laughter, and love. Filled with beautiful illustrations that honour the tea ritual, Tea Time is a heartwarming story that spotlights a Tamil family sharing their culture and language with the next generation.

HR Can Be Murder


Tasha Martin has recently graduated from her local college and takes an HR job at a law firm in the city, leaving the comfort of her childhood home to embark on her adult life. A self avowed introvert, this brings about challenges as she interacts with new colleagues and faces difficulties, causing her to question her abilities. Just as she is also adjusting to life in her new apartment and meeting her neighbours—alas, more people . . . and a Corgi—she learns that one of her coworkers has...

Excerpts From a Book Untitled


Our lives are a collection of moments that accumulate over time, flowing one into the next. When we experience those moments as deeply as possible, and learn from them, we grow, and we change. Struggling to find where you belong. Looking for love in a time of difficulty and in counterintuitive places. Reconciling what others may view as failure and using it to strengthen you in the long term. All of these themes and more are explored in Excerpts From a Book Untitled, a collection of...

Reflections on Kindness, Connections and Lifelong Learning

Empowering Emerging Educators by

In Reflections on Kindness, Connections, and Lifelong Learning: Empowering Emerging Educators, retired Phys. Ed. and Biology teacher, Vice-principal, Principal, and Coach Michael Babb draws upon a wealth of experience and wisdom gleaned over almost four decades of working with students. At the heart of his holistic approach to education is his belief that kindness, compassion, and really listening to kids are key to finding joy in teaching and helping students become their best selves....

The Life and Times of Winston Karel

Heart of a Warrior by

Winston Karel was an incredibly gifted man who worked as a senior staff geologist, a petrophysical specialist, a senior log analyst, and a well site supervisor in the oil and gas industry. He also served as an instructor of all of these professions. This biography chronicles not only Winston’s remarkable life and career but also his lifelong commitment to his soulmate, Lois Decker, depicting their profound love for each other and their passion for work, travel, and helping others. Their...

Gracie's Not Really a Land Mammal


Gracie shows us that our unique talents and interests should be celebrated. When she learns that not really being a land mammal makes her special, she can’t wait to share what she can do with the world.

Strength From Within

Surviving Cancer: The Power of Gifts and Hope by

On September 5th, 2018, Kim Nelson received a diagnosis that would change her life forever. In this candid memoir, she tells of her emotional, physical, and spiritual journey through breast cancer—from the moment of diagnosis, through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and steps forward in the aftermath of illness. Equal parts heartbreaking and uplifting, Strength from Within details the debilitating anxiety and loss of selfhood that can accompany cancer, alongside the surprising joys of...