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Where Should I Keep My Honey?


'Where should I keep my honey?' is about a confused bee trying to decide where to keep her honey. While she gets more and more down in the dumps about having no good place to keep her honey, she is met with a pleasant surprise – there is a place that bees keep their honey together! This short book for young and learning readers (ages 4-8) is about overcoming problems using cooperation. The book introduces young readers to cooperatives and credit unions without ever mentioning them by name....

Women Thriving in Leadership

Practices for Cultivating Wholeness and Community by

Women Thriving in Leadership is for all women who lead, aspire to lead, or wonder if they can lead. Dr. Toogood takes a holistic approach to leadership development, encouraging the reader to reflect on their experience and question assumptions about themselves and the male-dominated leadership norms they may have witnessed. Although beneficial for any leader, the stories from Kathy’s life and her twelve female participants allow women to see themselves through real-world examples. Combined...

Caesar the No Drama Llama


Join Caesar, the real-life No Drama Llama, as he sets out to find a home with no drama! Caesar is sad that all of the animals around him have mean words to say, and so decides that he needs to find some peace and quiet. Caesar hasn’t yet found a place where he feels love, friendship, and community. After saying goodbye to his mama, he becomes very lonely on his long journey, missing the sounds of laughter and happiness. When he finally encounters a friendly man along the way, he witnesses...

Poems You Will Love


May you paint a portrait of who you see Or write some words of what you hear. Do not allow yourself to be judged by the thoughts in your head, Nor hang on your walls slanted biases. This collection of free verse poetry explores the versatile expression of the arts. Its depth, richness, colour, and style reach out to everyone trying to preserve culture and art and who wants to present their style to the world. Today's young adults are trying to achieve change on a different level—this book...

The Village


When Rose was a little girl, back in the 1950s, the world was very different, but one thing was just as true then as it is today: Children love adventures! Whether that’s doing something spooky, like picking vegetables from a graveyard; something exciting, like flying down a tall hill on a small tricycle; or something embarrassing, like getting your head stuck in a picket fence—anything can be an adventure depending on how you look at it. The Girl Who Loved Adventures is a collection of...

The Great Big Yawn


In this sweet rhyming bedtime story, a daughter and her father go to visit the zoo. She’s excited to see all of the animals, but she gets distracted when a great big yawn starts to make its way around the zoo. The yawn travels from one animal to the next until everyone is yawning. The yawn makes its way to the little girl, who falls asleep as her father carries her out of the zoo.

Memories of Me


Although as you read you feel a little of my pain know all things a bit broken can be made whole and beautiful again. Memories of Me is a collection of both rhyming and free verse poetry written as a way of coping with and understanding life’s most painful moments. Introspective and cathartic, the poetry explores the breadth and depth of the emotions we feel when we are confronted with love, loss, and ultimately the redemption of personal strength. These deeply personal poems chronicle a...

The Shell of Me

A Survivor's Story of Childhood Sexual Abuse by

“Your life has had and still has beautiful things in it, but there are lots of weeds. You pull the weeds out, and for just a little while, everything is beautiful again. Then come the new weeds, and you must pull those out too.” When Pat Castle was a little girl, her beautiful childhood came crashing down in an instant due to the violent act of a man she trusted. Told with raw and unflinching honesty, this gripping memoir bravely recounts how Pat’s life was forever altered by the haunting...

Bob's Trumpet Trembles

Taking on Perry Dime and the Fear of Making Mistakes by

Bob is determined to play his trumpet perfectly, but it won’t be easy! He will have to overcome a lot of obstacles and stick to his path. Can he do it? Or will the voice of Perry Dime chip away at his self-confidence until he no longer believes in himself? Join Bob and his friend Sandy as they learn about friendship, forgiveness, and how to keep going in the face of frustration. Children will learn how important it is to have persistence, and that the ability to reason inside of us can help...

The Pioneer Adventures of Chen Sing


Embark on the thrilling sequel to The Railroad Adventures of Chen Sing. Join him after his railroad-building days, where he confronts natural disasters, encounters wild animals, and navigates unforeseen events at every turn. Chen Sing must summon courage and perseverance to establish his legacy as a true pioneer.