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Boomer's Bust

A solitary journey through the world of dementia by

Boomer’s Bust is a story of one man’s courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Despite his steadfast determination to beat its debilitating effects, he slowly loses his grip on reality and enters a surreal and abstract world. The reader is taken for an enthralling journey through the inner passages of his troubled mind. Incredibly, every 70 seconds, a new case of dementia is diagnosed in North America. One in 11 seniors will develop it. And the demographic shift of the “Baby Boomers” ...

I'll Find You Tumbleweed

A Collection Of Four Short Stories by

Cactus Wren Tumbleweed Tortoise Grouchy Old Lizard Little Burro Join these and other desert dwellers as they embark on adventures throughout their daily lives. Unlikely relationships are formed as challenges are overcome along the way. Conflict and differences won’t prevent these friends from learning to live peacefully amongst each other. You’ll enjoy reading the entire collection of four short stories from author Allene Beets. Short stories included in this book: I’ll Find You Tumbleweed A ...

The Flower Who Dreamed


Imagine if a single act of kindness could help make your greatest dream come true? That is exactly what the flower at the centre of this lovely children’s story discovers when it decides to stop feeling sorry for itself and instead help someone else in need. Stuck in one spot day after day, year after year, the flower is envious of the freedom that all the forest animals and birds enjoy as they come and go throughout the seasons and get to experience the wide, wide world. How the flower wishes ...

Facing the Wind: Memories and Dreams

A Prairie Boy Gets It Right by

This compelling memoir was written by Robert Alastair Jensen. Robert traces his ancestral record back to the early 1700s. He describes the journeys of the generations before him as they make the bold, daring move from Norway and Denmark across the ocean to begin homesteading in North America. He chronicles his early life growing up in rural Saskatchewan during the 1940s, his career as a teacher, his experiences with fatherhood and family life, his retirement years, and his eventual struggles ...

Mama's Voice


Mamma has lost her voice. Can Bekah find it? When a parent is ill, it can be a frightening experience for a child. They may not understand why Mamma can't do the regular things that she usually does throughout the day or at bedtime. Sometimes children will deal with it in the most imaginative way possible. Bekah decided that she was going to help her Mamma find her lost voice.

Staring at Medusa


Emma Jarvie is your typical teenager—sure, she’s an Iranian American immigrant living in Santa Ana, CA, a neighborhood becoming notorious for its growing violence. But like every teenage girl, she worries about boys, tries to keep her grades up in school, and shops for makeup with her best friend, Julie. All right, so things aren’t as they seem. So she doesn’t have a father in the picture, and her mother is slowly losing a battle to something unseen. So her older sister says she’ll be applying ...



Stitching is the third in a series of Alessandra “Ale” Ferretti romance/thriller novels. We find our LA ER nurse Ale building her fashion business, fighting off rumors about her sexy Cuban boyfriend Carlos 'Striker' Montoya. Engaging her hunky trainer Mac, her still recovering from a gun shot injury Detective Jason O'Malley and her new IT StrikeForce expert Georgie to help find a missing Striker while Striker and the Cinco Reyes gang find themselves embedded in a dangerous situation involving ...

Community Engagement in a Changing Social Landscape


Community Engagement in a Changing Social Landscape reaches deep into the authors’ extensive experience as both observers and practitioners of community engagement. It is further enriched by insights drawn from the diverse experiences of professionals in the field. Critical questions are honestly faced in a refreshing discourse that also highlights promising practices and approaches. These combined features provide both a thought-provoking retrospective and forward-looking commentary, which ...

The Benefits of Insanity


In the novel The Benefits of Insanity, a doctor with a traumatic childhood recounts his experiences with the mental health system through his friendships. At the age of nine, Gabriel “Gabe” Guzman (a.k.a. George Garrison) must move in with his grandparents after a tragedy leaves him parentless. His grandparents live in the countryside of South Florida, in a little area he nicknames World’s End. There, he meets the feisty and intelligent Cat, whom he instantly falls for, and the brother and ...

Where the Lotus Blooms


Divided into three chapters, Where the Lotus Blooms explores the natural elements of our world—fire, earth, and water—and unites them with our human experiences. Told from the voice of a first-generation Canadian woman, this poetry collection is inspired by Neha Chand’s life experiences, personal hardships, shedding a light on generational differences and exposing the patriarchy. Through detailed imagery, trauma is brought to life, as is the healing process. Through evocative lyricism and ...