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Messages of HOPE from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth) cover

Messages of HOPE from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth)

Decade of Light - Volume 1 by

Do you feel yourself and the world changing at lightning speed? Messages of HOPE from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth) is an empowering and transformative collection of messages from a group of non-physical spiritual teachers. The unique energy transmission through their words reaches you at your cellular level, enabling you to access the “knowing” that has always been there, the intuitive, conscious answers for your personal well-being, and for the uplifting of our world into a higher ...

I Have Squirrels in my Belly cover

I Have Squirrels in my Belly

A Child's View of Anxiety by

“I have squirrels in my belly, Mom. There are two of them, I’m sure of it!” The two mischievous squirrels that live inside Timothy love to make his heart race and his stomach lurch - all day long. This leaves Timothy with anxious feelings that never go away and sometimes cause him to make poor choices. One day, when Timothy gets some bad news at school, the squirrels get excited and do their best to mess with Timothy’s insides. However; by using a few simple strategies, Timothy is able to show ...

Design the Life You Want cover

Design the Life You Want

Live the life you imagine by

Most people believe that success is for a lucky few; but Design the Life You Want and Live the Life You Imagine offers incontrovertible proof that this is simply not true. Success is for everyone – you included. You were born to succeed; to achieve your dreams, to thrive, to enjoy a life of increase, and to leave others with a sense of increase in their lives. Every dreamer has to fight the battle of the mind where success and failure are manufactured and where achievement, advancement, ...

Unfortunate Sons cover

Unfortunate Sons

The Beginning of Marine Corps Tanks In The Vietnam War and how I survived Vietnam as a marine tanker by

Unfortunate Sons is a compelling story It will draw you into Joe Tyson's world as a young Marine Tanker, full of fun and enthusiasm. You will share the daily routines of patrols and combat situations as if you were right there with him. You will learn about the deadly toll the war had over the 3rd platoon as they participated with line infantry for seventeen straight months. Now combat veterans, they have become bitter and angry over the effects of the war. Never knowing when they were going ...

The Clan cover

The Clan


Four life-long buddies go on one more “Guys Only” hunting trip together, but they don’t come back when they were supposed to. Now the local law enforcement who were also friends with the four have to find out what happen to them. While the officer is investigating, two of the four men find themselves in a cave dealing with something that they have never encountered before. The two have to figure how to communicate with the creatures, how they got there, and how to get themselves out alive.

Ellie And Her 2 Boys cover

Ellie And Her 2 Boys


This is a true story about Ellie when she was 1 years only, she had two cats in her life that she loved very much, and the hard decision Ellie’s parents had to make on finding the two cats a new home. This story was written in order to have the story told and to also let Ellie remember just how hard it was for her parents to let go of the two cats that they had in their live’s for such a long time, and what they went through to find them a family that will love them, just as much as they did.

Christian Numerology Secrets cover

Christian Numerology Secrets


A must read for people on or off the fence about Religion This Numerology Ebook Proves Jesus God and Heaven Exist And also shows you Proof for the Meaning of Life. You also get A blueprint to fill out to see how you fit into this world of Numerology.

To Tell A Tale Or Two cover

To Tell A Tale Or Two

Here's What I Have To Offer by

This book has approximately forty thousand words in it. These words are separated into dozens and dozens of short stories, vignettes, and poems. These dozens and dozens of short stories, vignettes, and poems consist of a variety of themes. These themes include stupidity, love, fate, stupidity, life, death, uneducated opinions, and more stupidity. The good thing about this book is that if you dislike one story then all you have to do is turn the page and a brand new one will be waiting right ...

On Design cover

On Design

A Philosophy of Design and Engineering by

While many engineering books speak to “doing” engineering, precious few focus on the concept of “being” an engineer. Hence, this book, which is a reflection on the human side of engineering. The contents are drawn from two different, but parallel, columns Ron Britton wrote for the Keystone Professional, the official magazine of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba (formerly the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba). The Thoughts on Design column started in 2001 as an ...

The Story of Saskatchewan School No. 99 cover

The Story of Saskatchewan School No. 99

The Lives and Times of Pioneers on the South Saskatchewan River by

The Story of Saskatchewan School No. 99 is a unique portrayal of early education and the lives of settlers along the South Saskatchewan River. By weaving his own personal recollections with facts, anecdotes, and stories from interviews and other historical sources, author Bob Wahl has created a history book that will appeal to both historians and the general public. Outstanding photos and copies of historic documents help complete the story of a school established in 1887 and the settlers of ...