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Oojakaduck cover


Corey Finds His Way Home by

After a successful fall hunting geese, Corey and Baba prepare to take the canoe trip home. The moon is high, but the night is dark and the journey is long. As Corey wonders how he and Baba will pass the time, he looks up to find the Big Dipper illuminating the night sky. Corey shares with Baba his knowledge of the bigger dipper—the stars that make up the constellation. As Baba listens, he tells Corey his own knowledge of the stars in the sky: the legend of how the fish stole all the water and ...

Our Guardian Angels cover

Our Guardian Angels


Sometimes people we love very much have to leave us, and it can be difficult to understand why they’ve left and where they’ve gone. Do you want to know a secret? Just look up. In the sky, above the clouds and stretch of blue, are all the loved ones we’ve lost and even some we never knew. They’re angels now, and the ones we love are keeping special watch over us. In Guardian Angels, a sweet children’s picture book written in rhyming couplets, debut author Frida Backlund offers readers comfort ...

On the Edge of Greatness cover

On the Edge of Greatness

Removing Mental Blocks that Kill Creativity by

I want to give away to you in this book . . . the ability to see and recognize every obstacle in front of your artistic path as something that can be knocked down and moved aside. If you are willing to put effort in, you can win. If you don’t quit, you win. Heidi Korte spent years holding back as a singer because of toxic mindsets. Her self-esteem was rooted in having perfect performances and receiving top marks in singing competitions. Seeing the same mental obstacles blocking the artistic ...

Valiant Be cover

Valiant Be

A Memoir of Fortitude in the Face of Adversity by

Valiant Be is a remarkable memoir of pain and resilience, and a gripping history of a family that is at once dysfunctional and deeply loving. Heather’s earliest memories revolved around her parents’ purchase and refurbishment of a gristmill beside the Don River, on the outskirts of Toronto. As World War 2 raged, so did tensions at home; Heather’s father was a passionate artist with a mercurial temper, and her mother was a writer who wrote and published a book about their marriage. Although ...

This Is Ella cover

This Is Ella


Ella is a happy, fun-loving girl who is just starting school. She knows all of her letters, helps take care of her little sister, and enjoys riding her blue bike. Sometimes she has to practice sitting still. Ella loves to play and is a good friend. Ella has Down syndrome. Though she might look a bit different and have trouble saying some words, she is more the same than different, and she wants to be accepted and included just like any other child. In a simple, welcoming way, This is Ella ...

Good Night, Good Night, Victoria Beach cover

Good Night, Good Night, Victoria Beach


If a jackrabbit were to visit you at bedtime, would you follow it? Good Night, Good Night, Victoria Beach is inspired by a certain half-white, half-brown jackrabbit seen at dusk at Victoria Beach, Manitoba after a first snowfall. This abcedary follows adventurous jackrabbits—if you can spot them—along with their woodpecker, frog, toad, vole, geese, fish, bear, dragonfly, robin, mosquito, ant, chipmunk and hummingbird friends, as they cavort through the four seasons!

Memengwaa cover


The Monarch Butterfly by

What can we learn from our incredible little monarch butterfly? The butterfly’s migration from Canada to Mexico is long and time consuming—we can compare the journey to our life. Not only that, in Ojibwe culture the butterfly has a spirit—Memengwaa. Cast your thoughts to reach out to Memengwaa. The butterfly silently listens and its spirit travels along, carrying your wishes and dreams. This poetic non-fiction book blends lifecycle facts with Ojibwe beliefs about the monarch butterfly.

My Mother Made a Quilt cover

My Mother Made a Quilt


A life is made of everyday moments as well as significant events. Each of these moments is like a piece of a quilt, stitched together to make a beautiful whole. In this story, a mother collects pieces of fabric from the clothes her daughter wears at milestone moments and lovingly handcrafts a quilt that represents the love between a mother and daughter as it unfolds over the years. A baptismal gown, play clothes, a school uniform, a graduation dress, and other pieces all have their place in the ...

Canada Through My Eyes cover

Canada Through My Eyes

A Journey of Stories, Pictures, and Poems by

Through photo’s, short poems and short personal stories the Author, Martin Groenewoud (Martin), expresses his admiration and his love for this great country called Canada. His personal feelings and thoughts written down reflect his emotional bond with the grandeur nature, beautiful wildlife and friendliness of Canada. If you have ever travelled Canada or have visited the Sunshine Coast you will surely relate to these poems and short stories, and the photo’s might bring back many good memories. ...

Annette's Love Inspired Recipes cover

Annette's Love Inspired Recipes


The kitchen is the heart of every loving home, and Annette’s Love-Inspired Recipes will have it filled to overflowing. With over a hundred tantalizing and easy-to-follow recipes, this amazing cookbook has a recipe for every mood and occasion: hardy comfort foods like stews and soups and chilis; hot and spicey, New Mexican and Mexican inspired dishes; everyday dinners and unique new holiday favorites; and a variety of delicious desserts to cap off these perfect meals. Over the years, every ...