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Guide to Wellness Through Stretching cover

Guide to Wellness Through Stretching

Change your range and improve mobility. Get ready to change your life! by

Stretching—you’ve probably heard of it. The fitness market is flooded with conflicting and confusing information about stretching. In The Guide to Wellness through Stretching, physiotherapist Dale Deis and physiologist Ed Stiles have taken a stiff, old principle and increased its range of motion. By providing education, clear direction and dispelling myths and misunderstandings, Deis and Stiles reaffirm the many benefits of stretching for all bodies. In this user-friendly guide, readers will ...

Sticky's Adventures cover

Sticky's Adventures


Sticky loves to go out with his pals and explore new places. There are so many things to see and new experiences to have! Sticky rides a bike through a park, and doesn’t give in to being afraid when he falls off. He goes to a party in the park, and rides along on a firetruck as they go to fight a fire. Soon Sticky is ready for bigger adventures. He explores neighborhoods as close as his own backyard in New York City and as far as Memphis, Tennessee, and Dallas, Texas. He eats a King Cake during ...

Millie's Wonderful Day cover

Millie's Wonderful Day


Millie is ready to tell her family that she’s a girl. It’s something that she knows about herself, even if others don’t realize it! With the support of those who love her, she can be who she truly is! Told in rhyming verse, Millie’s Wonderful Day is the celebratory tale of a transgender child’s warm and supportive coming-out experience.

The Once Upon a Time of Now cover

The Once Upon a Time of Now

Mythic Adventures, Discoveries & Meditations in the Forest of Consciousness by

We are each a story being told... The Once Upon a Time of Now is a journey of discovery into the mythic Forest of Consciousness, a compelling navigation of our internal landscape: the pathways of wonder, of curiosity, of passion. Playfully conceived, rich in both imagery and insight, this engaging allegory is a mature and evocative exposition of spirituality, connectivity, and meditation, offering exquisitely articulated guidance as its heroine, Agnes, travels on her enchanted quest. With a ...

We Remember The Black Battalion cover

We Remember The Black Battalion


Have you heard of No. 2 Construction Battalion? It is never too late to learn about No. 2 Construction Battalion, also known as the Black Battalion. In the First World War, when so many brave young men enlisted to fight, there were many Black men who wanted to join, but many were denied. Instead, the Black Battalion was created. A labour unit that helped cut the lumber and mill the logs. These men were still soldiers, and they served Canada proudly. It is up to us to remember their ...

Rocky Voices cover

Rocky Voices

The Memories of Minerals That Form the Rocky Mountains by

Rocky Voices: The memories of minerals that form the Rocky Mountains is a roadside geology book for children traveling through the Rocky Mountains. Unlike similar geology books, these twelve creatively written stories give ancient minerals a voice and capture the surprisingly adventurous, sometimes heartbreaking, and always entertaining truths of the minerals of the Rocky Mountains. Featured personified minerals include Lucy Calcite, Ray Clay, Sir Charles Zircon, Emma Amphipora, Bridget Cement, ...

John Friesen: The Man Behind the Machines cover

John Friesen: The Man Behind the Machines

A Memoir by

To my family, I trust that the account written here will encourage and motivate you to do your best in all your endeavours, and to help others along your life's pathway.... your dad, grand-dad and great-grand-dad.

Kohkum's Kitchen cover

Kohkum's Kitchen


In Kohkum’s kitchen the family is large, the stove is warm, and the stew is oh so good. But just what makes this special stew so delicious? Is it Kohkum’s recipes and knowledge, or Mushum’s traditionally hunted moose meat? The grandchildren all think that they know the answer! But how will they decide who’s right? They’d better have another bowl or two before they come to any big decisions. Kohkum's Kitchen’s is the first book in a series that celebrates Indigenous culture and the traditional ...

The Chips Are on the Table cover

The Chips Are on the Table

My Journey Towards Recovery by

With unflinching honesty, Teddy Assaly shares his journey from self-destructive behaviours to sobriety and recovery. The eldest of eight children, Teddy grew up feeling the pressure to be perfect. Feeling that no matter what he did, he could never do right, he became reckless and, in his teens, found escape in drugs, sex, and partying. After college and meeting a girl, he decided to set up his life on the East Coast, away from his family’s home in Ontario. But despite finding a great group of ...

Awakening The Genie Within cover

Awakening The Genie Within

A Journey of Self-Discovery to Fulfill Human Purpose and Potential by

Are your feelings, thoughts and beliefs created mainly by intuition and the subconscious mind? Or are they a product of your intellect and cultural/social programming? The former supports and enhances the natural flow of your life energy; while the latter can shape, direct or even block it. In Awakening the Genie Within author Bill Carpenter deliberately invokes the word “programming” to convey how a lack of conscious involvement in your own life and fixed belief systems prevent you from fully ...