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Fly Home, Little Bird cover

Fly Home, Little Bird


Fly Home, Little Bird is Beverly's memoir, which focuses on the unexpected consequences of her parents becoming evangelical missionaries. The story arc includes living in a residential school spanning ten years where she was abused by the school nurse and other dorm parents. As an adult she also became a missionary. In her mid-thirties she had the agency to leave the church and create a life outside evangelical communities. Beverly became an activist for reform and change in the policies and ...

People, Places and Things cover

People, Places and Things

Inspirational Voices from Canada's Drug Treatment Courts by

“In my eyes, Drug Treatment Court gives people like me a second chance to change their lives and to realize that we deserve a good life, no matter what we have done in the past. All I can really say is that if I didn’t have the privilege to be in drug treatment court, I would either still be incarcerated or would not be alive today.” People, Places and Things is a collection of stories from men and women who have lived lives of drugs and crime. Each has made the courageous decision to overcome ...

Flipping The Narrative cover

Flipping The Narrative

A Pragmatic Approach To Flat Earth Cosmology by

Do your personal observations of the world around you actually support heliocentric-model theories? Have you ever felt a sense of moral responsibility to understand why you believe what you think you know to be true? Do you long to gain a renewed sense of direction and hope for the future? Can you trust your senses to lead you to the Truth? Flipping the Narrative: A Pragmatic Approach to Flat Earth Cosmology dares to challenge the accepted cosmological narrative through an unconventional yet ...

North Shore Rescue cover

North Shore Rescue

If You Get Lost Today, Will Anyone Know? by

The North Shore Rescue Team has existed since 1965 and has performed thousands of search and rescue operations on the North Shore Mountains and other locations throughout British Columbia and Washington State. Team activities have assisted at least 4,500 lost or injured individuals in mountain and wilderness settings. While these operations have been featured in numerous media reports throughout Canada and other countries, there is an additional element to these operations to which few people ...

All Eyes On Me cover

All Eyes On Me

A True Story of Addiction, Recovery, and Hope by

Drugs, gangs, crime, doing time. Vincent Lillie desperately wanted to escape the cycle that was slowly killing him, and the first step was leaving the very gang he had depended on for love and acceptance. The price for escape? A beating so brutal, many don’t survive. The story of Vincent’s life starts with the destruction of his family at the hands of his father’s sexual abuse, worsens with his school’s discriminatory segregation of him, and deteriorates further with every drug he does, every ...

Huey The Lost Canadian Goose cover

Huey The Lost Canadian Goose

Adventures on the Trent River by

Huey the lost Canadian Goose lives on Myers Island, just south of Campbellford, Ontario, along with Lily, Milly, Ena, Rhonda, and lots of their friends. Their story takes place along the Trent Severn waterway, a water body that is made up of 386 kilometres of interconnected lakes and rivers that stretches through central Ontario. The waterway is home to all types of birds and wildlife, including loons, otters, mink, squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, turtles, beaver, deer, coyotes, and—of ...

HAPPIER Humans cover


A 2020 Vision for an Integrated, Personal, Community and Global Health Promotion Model by

HAPPIER Humans promotes the philosophy of humanism as an ideal approach to life for persons hopeful of addressing the problems of our communities and our world. A model of how to be good without God, it examines religions and God-belief and suggests a better way for mankind to live in the moment and in the world. Using evidence-based information and proven science as its foundation, HAPPIER Humans functions as a guidebook to a more truthful and meaningful perspective on life. Succinct, breezy, ...

Jim Crow Also Lived Here cover

Jim Crow Also Lived Here

Structural Racism And Generational Poverty - Growing Up Black in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia by

Many people believe that racism and discrimination against those of African descent was primarily an American experience. However, this book dispels that myth by recounting Leonard Albert Paris’s first eighteen years (1948–1966), growing up as a Black youth in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, a province that was at the time, home to about 36 percent of Canada’s Black population. Structural racism, community isolation, and generational poverty affected every aspect of his life, creating challenges and ...

Lady B Spots Trouble cover

Lady B Spots Trouble


Lady B Spots Trouble Volume 1 of the Allowed to Say NO! Series A safe way of having a big conversation with young children about unwanted touch. A companion Colouring Book and Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide (downloaded for free from author’s website) facilitates teaching personal safety skills in an easy and age-appropriate manner. Jesse, an adventurous boy of 5, meets Lady B, a feisty karate-chopping but safety-conscious ladybug, on his Wishing Spot – the first branch of his backyard oak tree. ...

Fighting for Democracy cover

Fighting for Democracy

The True Story of Jim Higgins (1907-1982), A Canadian Activist in Spain’s Civil War by

Jim Higgins defied Canadian law to fight for democracy in the Spanish Civil War. On return, he was branded a communist, hounded by the RCMP, and welcomed by Lincoln Battalion comrades when he sought refuge in New York. Jim was born in London in 1907, schooled in Manchester and Bristol, and sailed to Canada at twenty-one. During the Great Depression, employers blacklisted him for union organizing, the RCMP added him to their radical files for relief camp “agitating,” and he was jailed briefly ...