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A Knapsack Full of Dreams cover

A Knapsack Full of Dreams

Memoirs of a Street Nurse by

"My nurse hands once did more useful things. They immunized the fat, healthy thighs of infants, they carefully measured cardiac drugs to administer to young heart patients, they bathed both the elderly lady after her surgery and the 24-year-old Italian-Canadian woman after her death. My hands once mixed linseed poultices, rubbed twenty backs a night before darkness fell and, by flashlight, checked intravenous drips, catheters, and other tubing. They made hot milk in the middle of the night and ...

Lessons Learned cover

Lessons Learned

My Journey to the Podium by

Life constantly changes the shots it throws at us. Do you know what to do when life’s on a breakaway to your open net? Or, do you know how to face a major roadblock in your career? Furthermore, are you looking for gold medal-winning strategies to help you get the edge in your field? Lessons Learned: My Journey to the Podium is the real-life story of three-time gold medal winning Paralympian Josh Pauls on his adventure to achieving his dreams. This inspirational book takes readers through Josh’s ...

Gracie's Wheels cover

Gracie's Wheels


Gracie's Wheels shares the story of a young girl who lost both her legs in a car accident. Prior to her accident Gracie was naturally athletic. After the accident Gracie was determined to compete again, in her wheelchair. As the story unfolds we watch on the sidelines as Gracie starts high school and the distain she faces from some of her classmates. Her one constant friend Molly is always there to support her and her main 'crush' Robbie enters her life as a full-time trainer because Gracie ...

Looking For A Lion cover

Looking For A Lion


Looking for a Lion is an interactive photo story based on a quest to find a lion while on an African Safari. It will delight young children (and their reading partners) who enjoy small adventures and the fun of storytelling. Looking For a Lion will spark questions, conversations, curiosity and enthusiasm for a shared love of reading.

People, Places and Things cover

People, Places and Things

Inspirational Voices from Canada's Drug Treatment Courts by

“In my eyes, Drug Treatment Court gives people like me a second chance to change their lives and to realize that we deserve a good life, no matter what we have done in the past. All I can really say is that if I didn’t have the privilege to be in drug treatment court, I would either still be incarcerated or would not be alive today.” People, Places and Things is a collection of stories from men and women who have lived lives of drugs and crime. Each has made the courageous decision to overcome ...

The Don of Siracusa cover

The Don of Siracusa


Stefano Caruso always does things the right way. With a grandfather who was forced to flee the venal Sicilian mafia and start life anew in America, Stefano now heads the corporation his father and grandfather built. Handsome and successful, he’s on top of the world…until one day he has an unexpected visitor and gets shocking news. Stefano is being cheated and lied to, and the company his family built from the ground up is in mortal jeopardy. That’s when Benito Cuggi, the face of the modern-day ...

The Magic Within cover

The Magic Within


Anna Wick isn't your average 12 year old girl. Maybe that's because of her capabilities that seem almost magical or maybe it's because of her strength after the accidental fire that left her orphaned. Maybe it's the unbelievable size of her big heart or the secret of her origin that must be revealed. You will come to know Anna Wick as an adolescent to cheer for, admire and respect. A role model for young female readers. Standing in the smoky remains of her childhood home, a mysteriously kind ...

The Girl Next Door Meets Cancer cover

The Girl Next Door Meets Cancer


“I hope that my experience can encourage other women to pay attention to their bodies and trust their instincts.” These are the brave words of the late Hayleigh Noel O’Brien, who, shortly before her 31st birthday, was diagnosed with a form of cancer that no woman hopes to meet: ovarian cancer. What followed was a courageous yearlong battle, filled with doctors’ appointments, tests, and treatments. The prognosis was often changing, bringing along with it the emotional highs and lows of a ...

One of Us cover

One of Us

A Biologist's Walk Among Bears by

Barrie Gilbert’s fascination with grizzly bears almost got him killed in Yellowstone National Park. He recovered, returned to fieldwork and devoted the next several decades to understanding and protecting these often-maligned giants. He has spent thousands of hours among wild grizzles in Yosemite and Yellowstone national parks, Alberta, coastal British Columbia, and along Brooks River in Alaska’s Katmai National Park, where hundreds of people gather to watch dozens of grizzlies feast on salmon. ...

Nightrunner cover



Set in East Africa in the late 1990s, NIGHTRUNNER, is part love story, part road adventure, part quest. After escaping an abusive relationship and surviving a difficult and dangerous journey through Uganda and across the border into Nairobi, Sarra Sialo learns the great city has its own dangers and that, for a young woman, every opportunity for education or work comes at a price. Sarra decides that if her striking beauty is to be considered a commodity, it is she who will reap the profits, but ...