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Twice Chosen Man cover

Twice Chosen Man


The year is 1810, and a small group of French-Canadian voyageurs, fur trade men, are canoeing the largely uncharted waters of western Canada in a rush to reach the mouth of the Columbia River. As if traveling treacherous waters, crossing unmapped mountain passes, enduring harsh winters, and surviving among bears and wolves and encounters with unfamiliar indigenous tribes weren’t challenging enough, they likely have a thief in their midst and expect to become the target of an assassination ...

Matilda and her Magical Mat cover

Matilda and her Magical Mat

Yoga for Every body by

Matilda and Her Magical Mat is a part story book and part instruction book on the miracles of yoga that’s told by way of Matilda, a nine-year-old girl full of wonder and love who seeks not only adventure, but peace and calm. She gets both—and helps others—thanks to the special magic of yoga poses and breathing. In this tale, our free spirit meets a young girl at the park whose nickname is “Wheelz.” Wheelz doesn’t think she can join in on the other kids’ yoga because she is in a wheelchair. But ...

To Each Their Own Camino cover

To Each Their Own Camino

One Woman's Walk Along Spain's Camino de Santiago by

There I was, an average middle-aged woman living and working on Canada’s west coast. How, then, did I come to be walking this ancient path, family and friends left behind, and everything I owned in a pack on my back? Exchanging my office pumps for hiking boots and my purse for a backpack, for forty days I followed the Camino de Santiago, a historic pilgrimage of almost eight hundred kilometres across northern Spain. During my journey to Santiago, I experienced climbs and descents that ...

How to win BIG and Make Money on High Limit Slots cover

How to win BIG and Make Money on High Limit Slots

Flippin N Dippin by

This book is about bettering your odds on playing High Limit Slot Machines. There is a myth that you can't make money on slot machines. However, over the years through trial and error, I have discovered a system that has been working for me over several years that has helped me produce almost a million dollars in hand pay jackpots. A system that I have expressively shared in this informational guide. All this information is based on my own personal gambling experiences in various casinos' ...

The Doors that God Opens cover

The Doors that God Opens

How Resilience and Determination led to a Doctorate by

The Doors that God Opens tells the story of a woman, who from at birth displayed resilience, strength, and determination. However, she didn’t do it by herself, even though she didn’t know it yet, God was truly her compass and guide. She had the unconditional love not only from God but from her mother along with the faith and prayers of her grandmother enabling her to learn, develop, and apply these traits to overcome so many obstacles and adversities. Despite being abused as a baby, getting ...

Kerri Berry Lynn cover

Kerri Berry Lynn


Kerri Berry Lynn is a little Cree girl from Misipawistik and she has always wanted a big family. Her dog-obsessed Chapan gives her 7 dogs named Peyak, Nîso, Nisto, Nêwo, Niyanan, Nikotwâsik, and Têpakohp. When a mean dog threatens her, Kerri Berry Lynn and her family come together and discover the mean dog needs some love.

In His Steps cover

In His Steps

The Life and Times of Wilberforce Cooper, Vancouver's Skid Road Priest by

This book describes the experiences of the author’s great-uncle, Wilberforce Cooper, who was an Anglican priest ministering to the people of Vancouver’s downtown east side during 1921-1952. Reverend Cooper began his ecclesiastical calling in the slums of London and then as a British Army chaplain in the hospitals and trenches of WW1 before moving to Canada - first to the B.C. Cariboo and then to be the rector of St. James Church in Vancouver. During the early-mid 1900s the East End of Vancouver ...

The Caged Giant cover

The Caged Giant

From Victim through Survivor to Thriver by

Recovery is possible! Many of us in society today are functioning reasonably well, while others are struggling. We have a sense that there could be more to our lives: more contentment, more achievement, more love and happiness. Yet, it’s as if there’s voices in our minds holding us back from being all we can be. If you are tired of the limiting voices and thinking and are ready to do some emotional heavy lifting to change your outlook, then The Caged Giant can help you break out of your ...

You Too Can Have An Amazing Life cover

You Too Can Have An Amazing Life


Living a life of faith should be an amazing adventure, yet often we find ourselves “stuck in a rut,” chasing after dreams that seem impossible to reach. As a missionary in Zambia, John Chalkias witnessed the devastation of poverty and the scourge of hopelessness. In this inspiring new book, he outlines fifteen biblical principles for having an abundant, amazing life. His principles aren’t trendy, “pop-psychology” tricks, but deep habits of thought and attitude that speak to and develop ...

Bombs and Babies cover

Bombs and Babies

A War Bride's Diary by

This book reproduces and expands upon the author’s mother’s diary that she kept from 1942 through 1945 while she lived in England. For most of that time she resided in eastern Surrey about 20 miles from the southern outskirts of London. As part of ‘Bomb Alley’ her area of the county experienced air raids as well as V1 and V2 attacks. She was a war bride, having been married in 1940 to a Canadian army officer who served on the staff of the 1st Canadian Army in England, France and Holland. The ...