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Beyond the Contested Zone cover

Beyond the Contested Zone


You must accept that there will be loss. To deny this is to deny the nature of our struggle. And with the loss, the darkness will come for you at times. —Col. Akio Sato (726 AF). On a planet lost in the great Void, Lt. Thomas Walker wakes up after a horrific dream—alone, low on supplies, and at the beginning of a dangerous mission. One thousand years ago, the denizens of Earth colonized Thomas’s planet, but communications were cut off after a mysterious and catastrophic event destroyed their ...

Revelation cover


The Last Book of the Bible and What Jesus is Really Teaching Us by

Revelation is possibly the most controversial book in the bible. Some famous theologians have even suggested to remove it from the bible cannon because it is so hard to understand. I will argue it is not that difficult to make sense of as long as we manage to place it on “Gods timeline” in history and understand “Gods relation and reaction” to an unrepentant Israel. If we allow the bible text to be our theology in stead of trying to fit the bible into our theology, it all comes together nicely. ...

The Ultimate Belize Bucket List - 101 Insider Tips on What to See and Do cover

The Ultimate Belize Bucket List - 101 Insider Tips on What to See and Do

101 Insider Tips on What to See and Do by

The Ultimate Belize Bucket List is more than a compilation of exciting things to see and do in Central America’s fastest growing tourism hotspot. Offering an insider glimpse into the nation’s most coveted and awe-inspiring experiences, it goes beyond the clichés often presented in travel guidebooks and reveals the hidden gems that make this country particularly special. Get the secrets to taking your Belize adventure to the next level with local expert tips that will ensure your trip to this ...

Enchantment and Despair cover

Enchantment and Despair

Montana Childhood Stories, 1925 – 1937 by

Deadly drought, near fatal accidents, blizzards, grasshopper plagues, choking dust storms, endless days of relentless toil for measly crop yields … … enchanting big skies, an endless undulating prairie, the spine-tingling cry of midnight coyotes, the self-satisfaction of scratching sustenance from the earth … This is the Montana of Calvin Wall Redekop’s childhood, a place at once what the neighbors labeled “the most awful forsaken place God had ever created” and a magical world for a wide-eyed ...

Integrative Medicine for Depression cover

Integrative Medicine for Depression

A Breakthrough Treatment Plan that Eliminates Depression Naturally by

Integrative Medicine for Depression A disease that has long plagued humankind, depression is debilitating. Despite the frequency with which they’re prescribed, drugs alone don’t always provide relief, and often have side effects that limit effectiveness. There’s new hope for treatment, as emerging evidence suggests depression can be triggered by biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. In the newly updated edition of Integrative Medicine for Depression, mental health expert Dr. ...

We Miss You cover

We Miss You

Giving All My Flowers To A Ghost by

We Miss You: Giving All My Flowers to a Ghost is a timely, compassionate, and evocative book of poems about topics which touch all of us in some way over a lifetime, but which we often have a hard time talking about. The poems speak of dealing with loss and love, mental health, depression, suicide, and how to get up when you’ve been knocked down. The raw emotion of these experiences is worded in straight-forward language which connects directly with the reader, and includes surprising, but ...

They Came cover

They Came

Pioneer Women of the Canadian West A Sampler of Stories and Recipes by

European settlement of Western Canada was both rapid and dramatic. People came from all over the world to take advantage of cheap land ($10 for 160 acres/64.7 hectares). Women most often came with parents, or followed husbands and brothers. They traded extended family life in familiar landscapes imbued with ancient histories for life in an undeveloped country with few roads and rough, new communities full of people from diverse cultures, speaking dozens of different languages. We know the ...

A Knapsack Full of Dreams cover

A Knapsack Full of Dreams

Memoirs of a Street Nurse by

"My nurse hands once did more useful things. They immunized the fat, healthy thighs of infants, they carefully measured cardiac drugs to administer to young heart patients, they bathed both the elderly lady after her surgery and the 24-year-old Italian-Canadian woman after her death. My hands once mixed linseed poultices, rubbed twenty backs a night before darkness fell and, by flashlight, checked intravenous drips, catheters, and other tubing. They made hot milk in the middle of the night and ...

How to win BIG and Make Money on High Limit Slots cover

How to win BIG and Make Money on High Limit Slots

Flippin N Dippin by

This book is about bettering your odds on playing High Limit Slot Machines. There is a myth that you can't make money on slot machines. However, over the years through trial and error, I have discovered a system that has been working for me over several years that has helped me produce almost a million dollars in hand pay jackpots. A system that I have expressively shared in this informational guide. All this information is based on my own personal gambling experiences in various casinos' ...

The Girl Who Lost Her Joy cover

The Girl Who Lost Her Joy

Until she discovered her superpowers by

Once there was a girl who lost her joy ... until she discovered her superpowers. Based on a true story, this book highlights how an anxiety disorder can explain children’s behaviour in school and at home and the struggle and frustration that follows for children, their parents, and their teachers. This book shares strategies on how to deal with anxiety issues and how to manage the resultant behaviour. The book also recognizes a common family arrangement where children are parented by families ...