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Fifty Years in the Classroom and What I Learned There cover

Fifty Years in the Classroom and What I Learned There


“It is easy for people my age to look on the schools of the past with a sense of nostalgia, seeing a golden age that never really existed. I am not among them. I recognize that the schools of today have much more to offer.” In Fifty Years in the Classroom and What I Learned There, John Barsby paints an honest picture of the schools he has known, and how they evolved over time, starting with his student days in the ‘50s and early ‘60s and moving on to his many years as a teacher, first in a ...

My Name Is Apple cover

My Name Is Apple


What if I told you that this book is designed not just for children but for parents too? What if I told you that treasures are hidden in this book? Can a fruit teach our children some valuable lessons? Children's book are always designed for kids to help them learn words and help them develop their vocabularies. But in addition to that, this book will help instill good values to children that they can bring with them while growing, going to adulthood. We, as parents usually read to our ...

The Pack cover

The Pack

Perils and Peace of Nature - Lake of the Woods by

The Pack tells the true story of Connie Larson, who, along with her partner Jim and their Alaskan malamute Sekima, leave behind an unfulfilling urban life and painful past to pioneer a remote island in the beautiful, harsh climate of the Canadian north. There, on Lake of the Woods, Connie and Jim forge ahead against the odds, facing numerous trials—from getting lost in the bush, to falling through the ice, to being hunted by wolves—that test their limits and threaten their survival. But in the ...

Cunning Edge cover

Cunning Edge

A 45-Year Journey Conducting Global Undercover Investigations by

Investigating white-collar crime. Fighting with cartels. Uncovering complex organized crime cases. Here are the stories behind the headlines. Kim Marsh’s memoirs highlight the fast pace and high stakes of undercover investigative work. In the fight against cartels, organized crime groups and international operators, Detective Marsh delves into the chaos and mayhem often hidden from the eyes of civil society. From the caffeine-fueled life of night-time missions for Canada's national police ...

Crystal Beach cover

Crystal Beach

Out of the Park by

“The memories within the millions of people who experienced Crystal Beach, even just once, will never be lost.” One of Canada’s greatest entertainment centres existed for one hundred years in an isolated little village in one of the southernmost corners of Ontario, just across the lake from Buffalo, New York. Nicknamed “Buffalo’s Coney Island,” the Crystal Beach Amusement Park swarmed with American visitors in its mid-century glory days, and its stories were carried all over the world. A ...

The Boy from World's End cover

The Boy from World's End

A Memoir by

The Boy from World’s End is a detailed and honest account of the life and experiences of David Smith. The book traces David’s early education in England, focusing on his experiences of wartime evacuation and life in a remote rural setting at a place known as World’s End Farm. When an exciting overseas journey takes David to begin a new life in Canada, he experiences the difficulties related to being an immigrant, but finds inspiration and encouragement that transforms his life into one ...

The One of Their Relationship cover

The One of Their Relationship


"In the world of people, one and one adds up to another one, the one of their relationship." The relationship dynamics of Myra Geller’s family are complex, to say the least. Born to Orthodox Jewish immigrants and growing up in midcentury Montreal, Myra strives to be a dutiful daughter, wife, and mother. However, her family—and in particular, her irascible, despotic father—doesn’t make it easy. It doesn’t help that Myra does not fit the traditional mold. Eventually accepting that she is gay, ...

A Bar on Adly Street cover

A Bar on Adly Street

An Egyptian Memoir by

It's 1971. Egypt is still reeling from the sudden death of its “benevolent” tyrant Nasser and teeters on the precipice of Sadat’s era of unrelenting Islamization. Ghabrial is an engineering graduate student and a TA, moonlighting in an office that operates more as a Marxist political and cultural salon, conveniently located between a famous cabaret and the Cairo Opera House. A frustrated dreamer of bygone eras when poetry and freedoms were sacred, he sees the alarming changes happening in front ...

Salty Dips Volume 11 cover

Salty Dips Volume 11

Some things pass. Some things change. Some just stay the same. by

Among sailors, “to spin a dip” means “to tell a story.” The Naval Association of Canada - Ottawa Branch's Salty Dips series carries on this tradition by collecting entertaining and informative stories about the Canadian Navy as it is remembered by those who have served in its ranks. As they began conceiving this eleventh volume of the Salty Dips series, the authors agreed that the Navy from which they retired was different from the Navy that they joined. Thus, this volume charts the social ...

Dare To Be Different cover

Dare To Be Different


Being just like everyone else is boring, so dare to be different! People look different, think differently, and use different tools. Daring to be different means having the strength to be yourself. With examples including the way we dress, the tools we use to get around, and the people we love, Dare to be Different challenges children to love and value themselves and others for their differences.