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Brother Broken cover

Brother Broken


Those of us who have had our lives touched by suicide know they will never be the same. In this striking work of personal memoir, author Cecile Beaulieu unearths this irrevocable fact. In the mid-century Canadian Midwest, Cecile and her six siblings grow up operating their rural Saskatchewan town’s one switchboard under the watchful eye of their mother, attending Catholic Mass and school, and facing the general trials and tribulations of childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. Many grow up ...

The Job To Be Done cover

The Job To Be Done

A Son's Journey Into The Story Of A WW2 Bomber Command Aircrew by

A unique blend of historical narrative and personal memoir, this is the powerful true story of seven young men, including the author’s father, who served in Bomber Command in World War Two. Based on a pilot’s logbook and years of research, this beautifully crafted historical exploration follows the young airmen through training and then vividly relates their experiences in almost sixty combat operations against targets in Germany and France. The story of their lives after returning home, ...

The History of Handball at Texas A&M University cover

The History of Handball at Texas A&M University


Hitting a ball with the hand (Handball) is the oldest sport known to mankind. It has been almost 100 years since handball was introduced as an intramural sport at Texas A&M. This book connects a tie to those who helped handball along the way even before handball became a sport there and takes the reader through the years to the spring of 2022. Part of the history of handball is told in personal stories from those who have played at Texas A&M and the impact handball had on their lives and their ...

Talk Matters! cover

Talk Matters!

Saving the World One Word at a Time; Solving Complex Issues Through Brain Science, Mindful Awareness and Effective Process by

We create the present and future in our meetings and conversations every day. What can we do to increase the likelihood that we’re creating a future that we all want? We can start by talking more constructively and productively about what matters to us all. After decades of advising groups in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, process design and facilitation expert Mary V. Gelinas has integrated her best knowledge of brain and behavioral sciences, mindful awareness, and effective ...

Growing Up Is Hard To Do cover

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Reflections on your earliest beginnings to your late teenage years by

Growing Up is Hard to Do, yet there are very few comprehensive “how to” manuals for young people, to help them negotiate and understand what momentous changes occur on the winding road between infancy and adulthood. In this helpful, highly readable manual, Dr. Spence, an Obstetrician and Gynecologist, with further sub-specialty training in Pediatric Gynecology, examines each stage of development, pointing out the many difficulties that may be encountered along the way. He tackles the issues ...

Moral Hazards cover

Moral Hazards


IN WAR RIGHT CAN GO WRONG AND SOMETIMES WRONG IS THE ONLY RIGHT THING LEFT TO DO. Anik is a rookie human rights lawyer with a mission to make rape as a weapon of war recognized as a crime against humanity. After she is humiliated by the loss of a high-profile case against a Nazi war criminal who had been hiding out in Canada, she looks for redemption in the world’s largest refugee camp, Dadaab. Against the backdrop of a devastating African civil war, women refugees provide evidence to Anik that ...

Oh, I Wish I Were A Turtle cover

Oh, I Wish I Were A Turtle


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a turtle? To carry your home wherever you go? In this delightful rhyming story for young readers, children are invited to imagine what life would be like if we could all live like turtles do—connected to the natural world and completely in tune with everything around us. With our home on our back and the sky as our roof, life would be quite an adventure! A charming mix of beautiful and funny, this story is sure to engage young readers and have them ...

Vanishing Wheels cover

Vanishing Wheels


Whenever you roam the roads of Western Canada, along a country lane or busy highway, you’ll often see a familiar but frequently overlooked sight: derelict cars and trucks dotting the landscape, left to disappear eventually into the dust. Car afficionado, former racer, and long-time hobbyist photographer Steve Van Vlaenderen became enamoured with these remnants of yesteryear and began to set off on road trips with his partner Darlene to track down these forgotten curiosities. Vanishing Wheels is ...

Do Not Ignore Your Mortality cover

Do Not Ignore Your Mortality

Practical Advice From a Funeral & Financial Insider by

You will be hard pressed to find another book like this one. Greg has delicately pulled together a gripping message that so many adults need to hear. Only about half the adult population of Canada and the U.S. have a current and valid will. The fallout is immeasurable, wide and deep. The statistics are not improving much either. Some people don’t know where to start, while others have family members who refuse to discuss it. Greg’s well-rounded experience will help you better understand the ...

The Geode Theory cover

The Geode Theory

Chipping Away At Body Image by

What do rocks have to do with body image? With personal stories and actionable steps, body image activist and educator, Teri Hofford helps women reconstruct the relationship they have with their body using geodes as a metaphor. Portraying the harmful belief systems, thought processes, trauma, and past experiences connected with how we view and treat our bodies every day as the gritty, grey, and hardened outer shell of a geode, Teri explains how these things keep us from following our hearts and ...