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Wisdom From the Homeless cover

Wisdom From the Homeless

Lessons a Doctor Learned at a Homeless Shelter by

SOMETIMES THE WORLD SEEMS LIKE A VERY DARK PLACE. In this angry world, I have seen a glimpse of light. I have seen kindness, love and hope at a homeless shelter. Siloam Mission is named after a pool where, in Biblical times, Jesus healed a blind man. In this tradition, the Mission has a medical clinic, and I have had the privilege of working there. The homeless men and women I have met at Siloam have taught me profound lessons about perseverance through suffering, expressing joy in dire ...

Democratizing Finance cover

Democratizing Finance

Origins of the Community Development Financial Institutions Movement by

Decades before Occupy Wall Street challenged the American financial system, activists began organizing alternatives to provide capital to “unbankable” communities and the poor. With roots in the civil rights, anti-poverty, and other progressive movements, they brought little training in finance. They formed nonprofit loan funds, credit unions, and even a new bank—organizations that by 1992 became known as “community development financial institutions,” or CDFIs. By melding their vision with ...

The Ultimate Belize Bucket List - 101 Insider Tips on What to See and Do cover

The Ultimate Belize Bucket List - 101 Insider Tips on What to See and Do

101 Insider Tips on What to See and Do by

The Ultimate Belize Bucket List is more than a compilation of exciting things to see and do in Central America’s fastest growing tourism hotspot. Offering an insider glimpse into the nation’s most coveted and awe-inspiring experiences, it goes beyond the clichés often presented in travel guidebooks and reveals the hidden gems that make this country particularly special. Get the secrets to taking your Belize adventure to the next level with local expert tips that will ensure your trip to this ...

Everyone Can Learn Math cover

Everyone Can Learn Math


How do you approach a math problem that challenges you? Do you keep trying until you reach a solution? Or are you like Amy, who gets frustrated easily and gives up? Amy is usually a happy and enthusiastic student in grade five who loves to dance, but she is struggling with a tough math assignment. She doesn’t think she is good at math because her classmates always get the answers faster than she does and sometimes she uses her fingers to help her count. Even though her mom tries to help her, ...

The Making of a Phenomenal Woman cover

The Making of a Phenomenal Woman

The Ultimate Belief to Move Ahead: Chess or Checkers by

The Making of A Phenomenal Woman is a joyfully written self-help book with wonderful anecdotes and exercises. Women hoping to increase their effectiveness in leadership roles and in their personal lives will find much to motivate and inspire them. It covers the many aspects of a woman's life but with a twist to how characters in some of the stories use strategies from the chessboard to evaluate their next moves as if playing a game of chess or checkers.

The Soil Fixers cover

The Soil Fixers

Land stewards committed to the cause by

Are they human, biological, extraterrestrial? The future of our food, our waterways, our climate, and our civilization depend upon soil. How we conserve, or repair damage to this essential resource is one of the most important commitments of our generation! This author leads us on a 30-year journey of discovery working with those closest to the land as they tackle significant challenges of soil protection, restoration, and sustainability.

The Seadrop Pendant cover

The Seadrop Pendant

The Marinesia Trilogy: Book One by

After moving from the big city of Toronto, Ontario, to the tiny village of Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Taryn Noble expected nothing except a long, boring summer ahead. But that was before she received a mysterious pendant for her 14th birthday. That was before those strange creatures started chasing Taryn, her blind little sister Kaileigh, and her new neighbour Malcolm McKenna. That was before she let two total strangers pull her into a world unlike anything she’d ever imagined. In the magical, ...

7 Easy Steps to a Positive Mind: cover

7 Easy Steps to a Positive Mind:

How to Shrink Your Negative Monster by

7 Easy Steps to a Positive Mind

All is Well cover

All is Well


Read and enjoy. This book is for people living with the effects of memory loss. Family, friends, and caregivers will be thrilled with this straightforward and beautiful tool to support continued communication and connection. This publication is a tribute to the author’s father who spent his final years challenged with the effects of dementia. Intended to overcome the growing sound of silence surrounding people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses that interrupt thought processes, ...

Adventures of the Sticky Ickies cover

Adventures of the Sticky Ickies


Adventures of the Sticky Ickies is an original story that invites its readers into an imaginative world where friendship and cooperation save the day. Here, we meet a young Icky named Boogie who lives with his kind in a town without any adults. It has long been believed that the adults aren’t there because they were snatched up and eaten by a dangerous creature. But Boogie’s world is expanded when he’s rescued by an adult Icky who shares the truth about the adults’ whereabouts. The reality ...