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  • Sincere Condolences

    What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say by

    A PRACTICAL GUIDE on how to respond to other people’s Grief and Tragic Loss. Written from the author’s personal experiences after her husband’s death by suicide this book provides advice and encouragement to anyone wanting to provide truly ...

  • Acorns & Roots


    An indestructible object full of strong magic, tempting the darkest of souls. Rare rainbow roots that are sold for a high price in the city, offering a young man a way to pay rent as he faces eviction. The secret to taking down a corrupt and ...

  • Designed to Succeed, Programmed to Fail


    We are designed to succeed in life however, when we live our lives with wrong thoughts, beliefs and practices, we program ourselves to fail. This is especially true when it comes to women, who are denied freedom and opportunity in life. Through the ...

  • Heart Shots

    A Vietnam War Veteran’s Troubled Heart by

    When Damon Lee Lane joins the US Marine Corps with two of his friends, he’s not quite sure what the future holds. Thrust into the middle of the Vietnam War, he must use his wits and courage so that he and his fellow Marines survive. But there is ...

  • HAPPIER Humans

    A 2020 Vision for an Integrated, Personal, Community and Global Health Promotion Model by

    HAPPIER Humans promotes the philosophy of humanism as an ideal approach to life for persons hopeful of addressing the problems of our communities and our world. A model of how to be good without God, it examines religions and God-belief and suggests ...

  • Michael


    “MOM…Come down here…FAST!” With those five words, everything in Nelly Branson’s life changed. Not only did they mark the beginning of her 57-year-old husband’s health crisis with brain cancer, they began her journey as his caregiver. With brutal ...

  • Secrets, Lies, and Consequences

    Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out... by

    So now I’m writing to you, ‘Dad,’ hoping you will be reasonable and help me out…The baby’s due in August…I need money to live on… By the way, does your wife know about me? And does she know you got forced into retirement? If not, I’m sure you ...

  • Steve's Stinky Socks


    Steve has a BIG issue that the other children tease him about. only Steve can save the village from a harvest disaster.

  • Incomplete Ignorance at Play

    Poetic Musings on the Origin and Destiny of Human Life by

    In verse, rhyme and original art, Incomplete Ignorance at Play demonstrates the author’s incomplete ignorance of the many subjects this poem addresses. It is divided into three books - Emergence, Divergence and Convergence – where topics from the ...

  • Runkus Black

    Unfinished Business by

    Runkus Black now enters Hillcrest Lagoon High School, which is still under construction. With dreams of lifting the coveted Stephenson Cup football (soccer) trophy, Runkus and some of his schoolmates find unlikely allies. On his school’s trip to ...