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  • TC's Tales


    TC'S TALES is a collection of short stories ranging from murder and mystery to humor. "Jacqueline Found" outlines the problems of a young unmarried mother giving up her baby daughter for adoption and their final reunion as adults. "Lights Out" ...

  • From The Ground Up

    The Weltis In The New World A Pioneer Story by

    Michaela Welti’s story starts as a little girl born in Switzerland just as the Nazi party came to power in Germany, and the whole of Europe was plunged into war when she was six. With the sound of the guns at the front closeby, Michaela’s father ...

  • Cat Between Two Worlds


    To Price Evans, who has just moved into the quaint old house that was his grandmother’s childhood home, Sinbad looks much like any ordinary, long-haired ginger cat—the pampered and sole companion of Mr. Murphy, the cantankerous old man living next ...

  • Friends on the Spectrum


    Like young leaves growing on a tree, each and every child around us is unique. No two children, or four, or even six, will develop and learn at the same pace or in the same way. Part of the joy of childhood is discovering the world around you and ...

  • Imagine


    How big is your imagination? What would your perfect day look like? What if you become a rock star? What if you have superpowers? Travel along with Angel on her journey as she imagines her perfect day.

  • Broken to Blessed


    Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized the person looking back at you? Have you ever looked at your body and thought you were facing your own worst enemy? Have you ever thought you had hit rock bottom only to discover you had further ...

  • Sherri's Secrets


    With candor and directness, the author takes you on a deeply personal, narrative journey through her life. From a sometimes abusive and disturbing childhood, to several moves between three provinces in Canada, she builds a life with her husband and ...

  • Holding Up the Sky

    33 Paintings and their Poems by

    Which comes first for you? Words or pictures? In this anthology of paintings and their poems, the artist and poet, Valerie Losell invites you to start with either and enhance your enjoyment of both. Her watercolours and pastels and the poems that ...

  • My Afterlife After a Life

    A gay man's account of his personal journey by

    Meet Dru Hylen. He’s gay, outspoken, a cancer survivor and is living with AIDS. He has lived a life that took him on a bumpy roller coaster ride. He was a world recognized athlete in his sport of bowling, even representing the United States in the ...

  • The Secret Power of Attraction Symbols

    How to change, get and keep everything that you really want to by

    Why some people try so hard, for such a long time, to get more money, to be happy, loved, healthy, confident, free, safe or successful and still, their plans and goals slip through their hands over and over again? And why some people reach ...