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    The Overtone Effect

    Live Your Life on a High Note! by

    When a singer or chorus achieves precisely the right tuning in the notes they sing, the intricate balance of sound frequencies creates overtones – extra notes that, while heard, are not actually being sung. Using the phenomenon of overtones as a ...

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    The Chicken Coop CEO

    Lessons in Life and Leadership by

    Chicken Coop CEO offers a unique blend of autobiography and an instructor’s manual for succeeding as a leader. Readers will trace the life of Roy Seidler and learn how he was able to overcome extreme poverty and a broken home in his youth to being ...

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    10 Leadership Contracts

    Key Strategies to Build POWER Teams: Passion . Ownership . Wellness . Excellence . Relationships by

    This book is a practical guide to help ambitious, upwardly mobile individuals to build credible leadership. While the “contracts” are grounded in traditional strategic initiatives to advance one’s career and elevate the business “bottom-line”, the ...

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    Practical Influence

    10 Positive Principles to help you increase your influence and build better relationships by

    Think about the influence you have today. You significantly influence your spouse and your children. You influence your co-workers, peers, subordinates, and your boss. You can even influence others you meet for the very first time. Is it a good idea ...

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    ACE the PMI-ACP®


    Truth #1: This book will make you ACE the PMI-ACP® certification exam. Truth #2: ACE the PMI-ACP® is a no-nonsense detailed approach to retain knowledge you gain, and pass the PMI-ACP® exam on the first try. Truth #3: This study guide simplifies ...

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    The Leader's Practice Guide

    How to Achieve True Leadership Success by

    Against the backdrop of accelerating change and global turbulence, good leadership is called for now more than ever. But what constitutes “good leadership”? Why do teams follow some leaders willingly and others only because there is no better ...

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    Buffet, Munger Marathon Investing

    Passion Investing by

    In the fifteen years he’s been teaching, Dr. Jack Burrow has observed something disturbing. His students at the University of North Carolina Dental School, Department of Orthodontics are the brightest of the bright…but few of them understand the ...

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    Why Your Neighbor Had to File by

    Your debt has piled high. You’re standing on the precipice of financial collapse. Whether caused by a sudden catastrophic event, failed decision, or from a culmination of a slow, steady slide into debt default, you’re facing down the possibility of ...

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    Outsourcing of PMO Functions for Improved Organizational Performance

    A Quantitative and Qualitative Study by

    The objective of the Project Management Office (PMO) focused on contributing to competitive advantage and adding value to an organization and its customers to achieve desired organizational performance. Learn how outsourcing PMO functions can help ...

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    Doing it Right by

    Management at its best. It's common to hear of companies doing poorly, or even going out of business. Typically, you will hear that it is due to bad management. After reading this book, there will be no such thing as bad management as you will be ...