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  • The Capitalist Society

    A Critique of Marx's Economic and Political Theory by

    This book describes the formation of civilized society from the perspective of the analysis of the role played by language and media and hence explains the formation and evolution of the capitalist society from the perspective of language and media. ...

  • Pure Economics


    More than two hundred and fifty years after pure economics' birth, errors related to the value of money concept have not been satisfactorily addressed in the literature. Pure Economics is an in-depth and authoritative exploration of those and other ...

  • Work and Leisure in America


    What does the future have in store for the United States in regard to technological advances, economic growth, and employment? What insights about the future can be gleaned from a careful examination of economic and institutional developments over ...

  • A Big Idea

    Eliminating Poverty in Canada by

    Can the complex issue of poverty actually be addressed in Canada? Author Alan Redway believes the answer is yes—if it is tackled at a federal level—and explores how this can be achieved with the introduction of a Universal Basic Income in our ...

  • Capitalism Perverted

    Exposing The Sources of Income Inequality by

    We all heard so much about the Global Financial Crisis in 2008—it was in the news every day for many months. Some countries, like Greece and Portugal, were nearly bankrupted, and we heard a lot about Americans losing their homes. • Do you ...

  • Prosperity Road

    America, Save the Middle Class! by

    Somewhere along the way, the great nation of America has gone off track. In Prosperity Road: America, Save the Middle Class! Dr. Darryl Baker describes how we are being led down the economic pathway in a direction that’s contrary to the voice of the ...

  • Economic dynamics


    Economics is considered as the commodity-financial exchange process. Two parallel networks are processed: commodity-production and financial. Economics is the set of the production-consumption elements and the channels or connections among them. ...