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  • The Hands that Feed Us

    Inside the World of International Agricultural Research - A Memoir by

    “Not many people can say they wouldn’t change anything in a career—but I can.” – Gordon MacNeil Gordon MacNeil has had an extensive fifty-year career in one of the largest foreign aid enterprises of the world, focusing on finance in international ...

  • Truly Global

    The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets by

    TODAY’S ECONOMY IS INCREASINGLY BORDERLESS. Every company that seeks to grow beyond its national boundaries needs a globalization team to help develop, translate, adapt, and promote products to international markets. This team is vital to ensuring ...

  • Tales from an Immigrant Entrepreneur

    One Woman's Story by

    What if you were a well-educated, multi-lingual, widely travelled, and successful businessperson, who fell in love with someone from overseas, got married, and moved to a new country, only to find that because you “came from away” none of your ...

  • Prosperity Road

    America, Save the Middle Class! by

    Somewhere along the way, the great nation of America has gone off track. In Prosperity Road: America, Save the Middle Class! Dr. Darryl Baker describes how we are being led down the economic pathway in a direction that’s contrary to the voice of the ...