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  • Santa's Christmas Cookies


    Christmas Eve is here but Santa Claus has lost his cookies, and without them his sleigh won’t fly. Mrs. Claus knows what to do—with everyone’s help, she sets to work and teaches Santa how to bake. When Santa Claus is ready to go, he discovers the ...

  • Jack & Rat's Great Adventures

    The Search for the Spirit Bear by

    Today’s a special day. We’re off on an adventure! We’re heading out to play! Jack and his rat are on the hunt for the mysterious Spirit Bear that lives on a nearby island. While they search for the Spirit Bear, Jack and Rat make new animal friends ...

  • Ren's Treasure


    The sudden death of her mother brings a sad, scared and angry Ren Adair to live with her eccentric Aunt Bar (Bear), a bibliophile and historian, in a cottage on Raven’s Cove near Vancouver, British Columbia. There, the twelve year old Ren finds a ...

  • Imagine


    Imagine encourages kids to disappear to the farthest reaches of their imaginations to create a world full of what could be life’s silly and fun alternatives.

  • Squeak, The Little Grey Squirrel


    When Great Gramma’s great-grandchildren come to visit her in Canada, they meet someone very special—a little grey squirrel named Squeak. He turns up outside Great Gramma’s window every day, and he’s always fun to watch. The more they see Squeak, the ...

  • Don’t Forget to Pray

    A story of love for mankind and faith in God by

    “God in heaven, please help us today. Touch my friend, heal his heart, please cover him with your Grace.” Annie and Al are five-year-old twins whose parents always remind them to pray for the less fortunate. At mealtime, they talk about the ...

  • Wendy and the Wind


    Everyone loves Wendy and Wendy loves everyone…except for the wind! Wendy thinks that the wind is cold, and mean, and doesn’t know how to play. The sandbox loves her. The bath loves her. Even the baby freeze loves her! Wendy just can’t understand ...

  • The Teddy Bear's Secret Hideaway


    Can you keep a secret? Would you accept an invitation from a few teddy bears to visit their secret hideaway? Are you that BRAVE? Who will take you? What do you wear? How will you travel there? Where will your curiosity lead you? This ...

  • The Huckleberry Helper


    William Rabbit lives in the Rabbit Burrow with his grandpa, mother, and two sisters. One rainy afternoon, when Grandpa reads to them about a pie-baking contest, adventure ensues. William leaves to pick some of the wonderful huckleberries growing in ...

  • Me and My BIG Emotions


    A day at the amusement park is full of fun! But all kinds of BIG emotions can come up! How can one little girl with great BIG emotions cut them down to size? Sometimes kids have BIG emotions. Allowing BIG emotions to enrich our lives, while not ...