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  • Millie's Wonderful Day


    Millie is ready to tell her family that she’s a girl. It’s something that she knows about herself, even if others don’t realize it! With the support of those who love her, she can be who she truly is! Told in rhyming verse, Millie’s Wonderful Day ...

  • The Boy Who Fell From the Stars


    The book is about a boy named Zach who lives in an orphanage. The story takes place in 1963. A very rich madman named Alister McCain buys the land Zach's home is on. He makes a wish on a star and the star transforms him into a boy named Tom. Tom is ...

  • Can't Transitions To Can

    With A Friend Who's True Blue by

    A transgender ant feels frustrated because her body looks red, but she dreams of being indigo-colored instead. A cisgender turtle wants to try to jump so high she touches the sky. When they meet, the ant is torn between revealing her true identity ...

  • You Came From My Heart


    "When people ask, you can tell them: you’re from your momma’s tummy, but you came from both our hearts." Where do babies come from? The answer is a little different for families with two moms. This book follows the story of a little one’s life ...

  • Star's Dream


    STAR is an all-around artist at heart. STAR is talented and dreams very big. Ve wants to share vis singing, dancing, and acting talents with the world, but ve is caught at a crossroads with two paths to choose from. On one path, ve is free to do ...

  • Muffy was Fluffy


    Many people are finding that the gender in which they were raised is not the one that they are comfortable with. Whether they are changing from male to female or female to male, these changes affect everybody in the person's life. The changes are ...

  • Proud


    Proud tells the story of an 11-year-old girl who, with the help of friends and family, learns about self-love and self-expression. In the end, she discovers that being herself is always the best choice, even when it can be intimidating or hard, ...