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  • What Can I Be?


    Have you ever wondered what you will become when you grow up? Maybe a Doctor, a Fireman or something else. Well, you are not alone, that's how Shaq feels too!! In fact, he wants to know what he and his friends can become in the future. So, he ...

  • Papa’s Beach


    Join Macey as she goes to go visit her Papa’s beach near Powell River on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast where she gets to indulge her love for counting. There is much to count, as Macey starts the day at the breakfast table before heading off on ...

  • Porter Flies Up, Up and Away


    Porter is about to fly up, all the way up near the moon! But how will he get up there? How will the big plane work? If Daddy isn’t driving, who is? Grandma uses imagination, creativity, and excitement to explain to Porter how he will fly up, up, ...

  • Winston Winks


    A curious and thoughtful little wombat, Winston is always trying new things and wondering about one thing or another. Luckily, his always loving and patient mom is there to offer encouragement, affection, and the answers to all of his questions―of ...

  • A Surprise for Puff the Cat


    All day long Puff the Cat has fun jumping on his family’s feet, but something very strange keeps happening, until all of a sudden … Puff gets an even bigger surprise! Delivered in fresh, funny, alliterative prose A Surprise for Puff the Cat is a ...

  • My Baby's First Love


    My Baby's First Love is a children’s book for the loving parent. Lauren’s story is a hug from the heart to parents and children all over the world. It embodies the essence of a mother’s love and reflects on important teachings worthy of reading your ...

  • Something Lost Something Found


    Ella feels like she is stuck in a pile of gloomy mud. She misses her mom so much. So, Ella embarks on a quest to find happiness again; wishing upon a star, trying to cook it up in a magic potion, and searching for it in all the places her grieving ...

  • Mr Grumbles

    Bedtime stories for young chidren by

    These are stories about how Ham evaded Mr. Grumbles sometimes and how they reconciled. Mr. Grumbles is a Park Keeper with a mission... ...he wants to catch any dogs not on a leash... ...Ham is a Labrador retreiver who thinks differently!

  • Am I Really Inuk?


    When his daughter questions her Inuit identity, Ataata offers honest and loving affirmations of belonging and acceptance. This heartfelt story addresses themes of identity and ongoing impacts of colonization while cultivating Inuit pride in a manner ...

  • Winston's Wet


    Everybody’s favorite Wombat is back, and he’s desperate to cool down! Winston wants to play outside, but it’s SO hot. Luckily, his mom comes up with a great idea: They can play in the sprinklers! Together they jump and laugh and play in the cool ...