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  • My Life is Strange


    My life is strange is an interesting book that has many surprises and it is a fictional story. This book is about a girl called Rooky, the youngest in a family of four. Rooky acts like a cat to protect herself from new situations and difficult ones. ...

  • The Gauntlet


    What happens when two unlikely friends forge a strong and lasting bond? Where they rise above their expected roles as natural enemies to become a team and an example to their peers? This children’s fable is the story of Leo, a fur seal, and Kalvin, ...

  • Magical Eyes

    Dawn Of The Sand by

    A GIANT WHITE EAGLE, A CHARMED BOOK, AND A GIRL WITH SPECIAL POWERS… In a world where magic is feared, Princess Martina must be careful and conceal her magical talents—especially when her spiteful brother acts like a complete stranger. She finds a ...

  • In Pursuit of the Pathfinders


    Book three of the “McKay McDaniel” pathfinder trilogy finds two pathfinders running for their lives after a daring rescue and escape from the nest of the evil Natrass. The angry Natrass will not give up until he has recaptured Lauren and destroyed ...

  • The Nest of the Natrass


    Book two of the "McKay McDaniel" pathfinder trilogy. After safely guiding the husband and wife to the meadowlands, pathfinder McKay McDaniel enters the forest to return to his home when he hears a cry for help. He knows it is dangerous to leave the ...

  • The Hazardous Journey of the Pathfinder


    Pathfinder McKay McDaniel is a super-hero even though he doesn't see himself as one. He just likes to help people. In fact, he has devoted his life to helping people travel through the hazardous forest of the evil Natrass. He has already ...