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  • Share With Me

    Poems For Kids Volume 2 by

    Share with me and I’ll share with you And together now, you and me, we will see All the things that we can do, Yes, we can do . . . me and you. Have you ever tasted a snowflake? Built cities with LEGO? Looked at your toe through a hole in your ...

  • The Teddy Bear's Secret Hideaway


    Can you keep a secret? Would you accept an invitation from a few teddy bears to visit their secret hideaway? Are you that BRAVE? Who will take you? What do you wear? How will you travel there? Where will your curiosity lead you? This ...

  • My ABC Poet Tree

    Reading poetry LEAVES me happy! by

    The alphabet poems, written to go with each piece of artwork, done by 5 to 7-year olds, contain many commonly used words. After the child has read each poem they will read "After you have listened to me, please sign your name on my poet tree." A ...

  • Imagine


    Imagine encourages kids to disappear to the farthest reaches of their imaginations to create a world full of what could be life’s silly and fun alternatives.

  • The Pond Orchestra and Other Poems


    What happens in the forests and fields when we are not looking? Can a baby goat and a frog become friends? Are the sounds you hear by the pond made by an orchestra of woodland critters? The Pond Orchestra and Other Poems is a sweet and amusing ...

  • It's Spring! It's Spring!


    Guess what?! It’s that time of year again in beautiful eastern North America when everything is zen. It’s spring! It’s spring! The snow is melting, the rain is pelting, the birds are chirping and the bees are working. Days of longer hours awakening ...

  • My Muddy Puddle


    My Muddy Puddle is a children's rhyming book that follows a child's love of playing in muddy puddles. When the rain dries up, the puddles go away, and there's nothing else she wants to do. Using basic language, repetition, sight words, and ...

  • Differences


    "Strength lies in differences, not in similarities" - Stephen R. Covey. It’s fun to hang out with friends who are the same as us. We feel comfortable and accepted. But is there a downside to everyone being the same? Lacey and her friends find out ...

  • How The Faeries Dance


    "Dragonflies are just faeries in disguise." This delightful collection of thirteen rhyming poems is a reflection on faeries, their lives and activities, and the adventures of other magical creatures. It’s sure to please any child (and their ...

  • The Warehouse Man


    Although 'The Warehouse Man' is written in whimsical rhyme, the story will engage the young reader with good vocabulary, amazingly vibrant illustrations to delight the eye, and captivate the imagination! Hidden on every page the child can search ...