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  • Mech

    Heart & Soul by

    The people of Cambria are under threat of attack from evil aliens called the Marans. Orin, the genius son of a geeky professor, and his best friend Gigahertz, the most powerful of the planet’s Mechs, will be among those tasked with defending them. ...

  • 3 Detectives

    Case of the Toy Robot by

    Fourteen-year-old Thomas can’t resist sneaking into the basement to see if his parents have bought him the robot he wants for his birthday. And guess what? They have! But when the impatient Thomas flips the robot’s switch, something absolutely ...

  • Lewy Kablooey & Sneezy Cheezy


    Lewy Kablooey & Sneezy Cheezy is a fantasy story about Lewy Brown, a young boy with a passion for creating inventions that somehow always go kablooey. His so-called friends never waste a chance to tease him, and soon start calling him Lewy Kablooey ...