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  • ULYSSES - Comin' Home

    The Story of a Dog’s Impossible Odyssey to be Reunited with the Family He Loves by

    The greatest sled dog the North has ever known is about to compete in the richest race the world has ever known. Two minutes before the start, ULYSSES vanishes into the minus 30-degree night. Taken by the cruel polymath, MAX PFISTER, he is ...

  • Bela Joe


    La vera Bela 'Joe' ( Ĝo ) estis mezgranda, bruna kaj miksrasa hundo. Li estis origine posedata de viraĉo de la urbo Meaford, en Ontario, Kanado, kiu kruele misuzis lin kaj eĉ fortranĉis liajn orelojn kaj voston. Walter Moore savis la hundon en 1890 ...

  • Fourteen Trumpeting Elephants


    Fourteen Trumpeting Elephants...what has that got to do with Cranbrook or the Kootenays of British Columbia? Why is there a statue of an elephant at the end of Baker Street? What is the best place to pick huckleberries? Grandpa is telling stories ...