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  • Cyberbrain: Guardian Angel


    In the mid-21st century, newborns in the United States are legally required to befitted with a “cyber,” an electronic device that has successfully slashed crime rates by changing the thought patterns of the people who have them. In Canada, ...

  • The Sphere Wars


    2084 – In this sequel to The Sphere Conflict, now ten years after that political upheaval, the world is still in turmoil and the question is: “Can it be saved or will everyone perish?” The oceans are dying and have massive garbage swirls. The ...

  • Wincent


    In a federal prison in Polk County, Texas, Winston Butang sits on death row, awaiting lethal injection for his brutal murder and desecration of a pedophilic priest. Butang, better known in the media as the Stigmata Killer, has no reason to believe ...

  • The Veranuxz Experiment

    The Growth Of A Duke by

    In the untold beginnings of Earth’s history, a highly-sophisticated alien race seeded the planet with human DNA. In that intervention, they planted the Kowalewski bloodline, a lineage that inherited not just more of the interstellar farming ...

  • Destiny Calls

    Book 1 of the Anandrian Series by

    Snatched into a magical dimension by a demon, art student Laura Evans has to grapple with the unimaginable. Lucifer wants to destroy her soul because, apparently, she's all that stands between him and total domination over all creation. People here ...

  • Destiny Reclaimed

    Book 2 of the Anandrian Series by

    Twenty years have passed, and Mandy has helped to raise Laura’s fraternal twins David and Diana. When Laura is suddenly pulled back to Anandria, she must find a way to unite her fractured family. Vaaron is eager to meet his adult children for the ...

  • Cold Cognition


    In the uncomfortably near future, the world has become a place filled with even more violence and corruption than ever before. There appears to be little hope for the future of the self-destructive humans and their dying planet. That is, until the ...

  • The Sphere Conflict


    2074 –The world is at the tipping point. Climate change, food, water, and energy shortages, as well as political unrest are changing the geopolitical order on the planet. The future looks grim. Will there be a way to save the planet from collapse ...

  • Destiny Fulfilled

    Book 3 of the Anandrian Series by

    Lucifer brings magic, dragons, and his gargoyle horde through to terrorize downtown Toronto by taking advantage of a tear in the fabric between the two dimensions of Earth and magical Anandria. His goal? It is time to conquer the universe! Cousins ...