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  • The Threefold Cord


    Despite an indifferent father and a mother who develops a serious mood disorder, young twins Kevin and Robert, and their younger brother Jonah, experience an idyllic early life in rural Manitoba during the 1950s while in the loving care of their ...

  • Sous le Zandé, un Hangar au Toit de Paille


    THEA, UNE JEUNE FEMME AMÉRICAINE A UNE PASSION- Un désir inhérent de devenir missionnaire en Afrique de l’Ouest. Son désir l’emmène à Burkina Faso, en Afrique de l’Ouest, où sa mission chrétienne d’établir une église devient une réalité. Mais son ...

  • Radical Love

    A World Devoid of Compassion is Dangerous For Us All by

    Margaret is a successful judge, and her family seems perfect. She loves her daughter Sheila and would give the world for her. But when Sheila decides to commit suicide rather than face the wrath of her parents (especially her mother) who claims to ...

  • A Million Lives


    What if we remembered who we really are? As humans, we always judge what we perceive as being different or wrong. But what would happen if we went through time, living lives as different people and remembering everything we ever experienced? Would ...

  • Mission of the Unsung Hero


    Life was boring and predictable until the day the angel showed up. Erica James believed in angels, but she’d never met one personally. An unhappy, quiet, Christian housewife who never said no to anyone, she was shocked by the extraordinary encounter ...

  • Ephraim

    A Rabbi Strays... by

    When twenty-seven-year-old Ephraim returns to Toronto from rabbinical school in New York, he’s looking forward to launching his career and then someday finding a devout young woman who’ll be happy to become his rebbetzin. However, his Uncle Avram ...

  • God's Worshippers

    The Faith of Our Fathers by

    A young boy’s willful decision has significant ramifications for the man he becomes in this tale of disillusionment and despair. Lured by the liturgy of a foreign religion and by his desire to become a scholar, Kofi Baako rejects his family, his ...

  • Love Find Me


    Sandy Summers is living her life to the fullest—teaching art at a local college, enjoying long runs in the forest, and exploring the depths of her faith. Then, her world is turned upside down when she takes in an abandoned teenage girl. Soon she ...

  • The Author

    A Fairy Tale Based on a True Story by

    An incident transforms Eva's popularity to the next level. Loving the attention, it leads her to engage in unhealthy behaviour to repeat the high. In search of significance, Eva embarks on an adventure in the world of drugs, alcohol and risky ...