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  • Duck Light


    What if an animal could resemble a human, sometimes even more than a real human? Duck Light is the story of Lulu and Rosie: two ducks in love. And, quite frankly, they are bored with life as ducks. The pair are recently engaged and live their lives ...

  • Dear Mommy's Boss

    A Kid's Perspective of the Corporate Workplace by

    Looking for a way to hint to your boss that perhaps it’s time to cut you some slack in the childcare department? Or perhaps you’ve been searching for a way to thank your accommodating boss because they've shown that they "get it". Dear Mommy’s ...

  • Hide nor Hair


    For seven years, Claire thought she was living the perfect life with the perfect partner. Julie was everything she thought she wanted, and together on a tiny island in the Salish Sea the two lived as one, laughing together, making love every day, ...

  • The Last Smoker on Earth

    and the End of Literature by

    All great writers in history were smokers but now smoking had been banned globally effective New Year’s Day 2009. The Act of Cessation was launched during the transition between the Bush and Obama administrations with dire implications because of ...

  • Ordinary

    The humorous life journey of a guy named Ron by

    Based loosely on the author’s own life, this is the fictionalized account of the experiences of a man growing up in Canada in the ‘60s, with all of the complications, Playboy magazines, and bell-bottom jeans that implies. Ordinary takes the reader ...

  • Follow the Money

    A Diana Darling Private Investigator Novel by

    Look out, there’s a new private investigator on the scene and her name is Diana Darling. In her forties and unsatisfied with her job as a number cruncher, Diana takes the plunge and completes an online course to become a private investigator. The ...

  • ACES High

    Large Print Edition by

    In this riveting tale of erotic historical fiction, intrigue, action, love, romance, and sex come together to form a plot that will carry readers into the past and keep them guessing from beginning to end. In 1862, Pope Pius IX, attempts to reverse ...

  • You Might Feel a Little Prick


    A screaming snowman plummets from the top floor of Cleveland Mercy Hospital—a decaying relic built before the first pandemic—and disappears into the snow drifts below. By the time his thawed corpse is discovered the following spring, a body count of ...

  • A Yukon Game Warden's Stories

    Unusual Adventures of a Conservation Officer by

    In true Yukon-style storytelling, George Balmer captures the “mostly true and often humourous adventures” of his younger years as a government official in the Yukon in the ’70s and ’80s. In over thirty funny and shocking tales, George’s problems are ...

  • Zenobia's Business


    Dorothy and Doug of Offrampville Ontario find themselves together in Aleppo on the frontier of a new millennium and decide to join the circus. The fun eventually follows them home again... but things are as odd there as they were away.