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  • This is Union


    This is Union depicts a young girls journey into woman hood. Along the way she losses herself to the excitement and passion of the men who enter her life, then to the money of her fast life success. Eventually shes driven to risky ...

  • Humour Me

    With Enough Stupidity May Blossom Great Profundity. This Is Not One Of Those Times. by

    Kenneth wrote this book at the age of twenty-one. In his high school yearbook Kenneth won ‘Funniest Twitter Account’ and has been riding off that success ever since. Every time Kenneth eats at a restaurant he tells the server that he won ‘Funniest ...

  • Just By Chance

    ....or does everything happen for a reason? by

    Just by Chance has comedy, romance and tragedy all wrapped up in one novel! This story follows the unusual lives of four generations of the Hanson family. The beginning catches your interest immediately and the end of each section makes you want to ...

  • No One Owns A Grizz


    Ryerson is a little boy with a very special friend named Grizz. Grizz is a grizzly bear, but he’s not just any grizzly bear. He can ride a bicycle and loves to wear a cap. He jogs and even chases Ryerson’s cat too. Grizz lives right in Ryerson’s ...

  • Hepting's Road

    A Novel of Teaching by

    From teaching disadvantaged adolescents to affluent elementary school children, and working with principals ranging from a supportive humanist to a data-nut despot, the second year of Steve Hepting's career is far from boring. Set in 2004, the ...

  • Grumpy Baby

    Tale of a Newborn by

    Once upon a time, a grumpy baby was born, and his parents couldn’t seem to do anything to cheer him up. Toys, walks, swaddling, lullabies—nothing worked. What were two exhausted parents to do? Would their baby EVER smile? Would he (and they) EVER ...

  • A Los Angeles Love Story


    A tale of two Angelenos snorting and fucking and killing their way through life in the pursuit of love.

  • Son of Pink Flamingo


    The hero of this humourous book is the son of a circus-owning lawn flamingo. The young plastic pink flamingo runs away from the circus to the big city, attracted by its superficial pleasures, and joins a gang of car-stealing lawn gnomes. For him at ...

  • Vengeance of the Pink Flamingo


    This humourous book follows the spiritual journey of a lawn flamingo in words and photographs. Think of it as "Siddhartha Meets the Mummy". Discovered on an archaeological dig in the future, following massive atomic wars, the lawn ornament is ...

  • Nobody's Laughing


    The author takes us on a raucous journey into the life and mind of Richard Bonhom. He is a post modern portrait of success despite his failed marriage, delinquent drug addicted daughter and looming financial scandal at work. The story takes place ...