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  • Intervention


    This is a love story unlike any other. This complex and multi-layered saga revolves around a high school teacher named C.M. Morris, who wins a NASA contest which includes a trip to the world space station for three students and their chaperon. It ...

  • Endless


    For countless centuries, Isaac Rojas had tried to live the quiet life, but he is forever being pulled to locations just before cataclysmic occurrences. Most recently, he was in New York on 9/11, then in Indonesia when the tsunami hit. Through these ...

  • The Big One


    Locals call it “Circumnavigating the Island”—an arduous journey around Vancouver Island for even the most experienced. But to a dying father, it was the one last adventure he wished to take with his son. Diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer, ...

  • Out of Abaddon

    The Long Journey Home by

    Everything is going as normal in the post-coronavirus world, until it suddenly isn't. Skye Rider leaves Yellowknife carrying data that will form the biggest expose of her journalistic career; she doesn't realize just how important that data is, or ...

  • Kanishka


    At RLS Productions in New York City, Indian-Americans Simrin and Priya, join their boss, Bob, whose ancestry is European, in hearing a pitch for a movie, from PG, a writer who mysteriously went AWOL after impressing them with part of his story a few ...