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  • The Vigilant Principle


    He goes to work at the same shop every morning, serves the same people. He buys the same groceries every Tuesday, eats the same meals every day of the week. Life is nothing but routine. But when he sees someone abusing his favourite cashier at the ...

  • It's About Luke


    “Mom, if there was a car accident, who would you save first?” *** Luke Poole is an ordinary boy struggling between the everyday normal and the fringe world of David, his older, severely disabled ...

  • When One Door Closes


    After living through tragedy, Riley was content to remain alone. She wasn't searching for romance nor did she expect to fall in love again. Kane wasn't looking for love, but it found him. Now all he has to do is convince the woman of his dreams ...

  • Marianne's Destiny


    Sometimes you need to grab what you want, or it will pass you by. In the wild, party atmosphere of Paris, France in the 1970s, Marianne thought she had it all – a well-paying and exciting job “entertaining” customers in a luxury private club, and ...

  • TC's Tales


    TC'S TALES is a collection of short stories ranging from murder and mystery to humor. "Jacqueline Found" outlines the problems of a young unmarried mother giving up her baby daughter for adoption and their final reunion as adults. "Lights Out" ...

  • Secrets


    Secrets: The Henley family saga that began with The Gatehouse continues. There’s nothing predictable about the way Kenneth Henley’s professional, personal and family life experiences unfold. Secrets abound. There’s the arrival of the mysterious and ...

  • Rock Solid


    When James is hired by the Duke of Dorchester to deliver a young Arab stallion to the colony of Newfoundland in the year 1800, he and the duke’s daughter, Alicia, realize this is a perfect opportunity for them to escape together to the New World. ...

  • The Bible Killings


    Detective Kortovich and O'Brien think they've seen it all, but even they are shocked by their newest case. Three men have been found in The First Church of God with their pants down, peckers up, and ice-picks in the back of their necks. The only ...

  • Out of Focus


    When Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) top sniper officer Margarite Hunter takes a position on the city’s crime unit, her goal is to save lives rather than take them. While searching for two missing young women, Mags and her partner Hank uncover an ...