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  • A Bad Guy


    A Bad Guy begins at 1972 with a street fight in the gritty north end of Regina. Half a lifetime later leads to the ball diamonds and hockey rinks of Calgary Alberta. Through it all, this story is about male influences – good and bad. “I prayed ...

  • Under A September Moon


    Ominous news from a phone call unites Bobby, Randy, Gerry and Art who are now in their early thirties. At this time of life family and careers are their main responsibilities, although Randy is still single, however he is in a relationship. They ...

  • The Gryphon


    Born to be the next queen of the gryphons, Sunsky of the Mountains sees her whole life ahead of her but conforming to her role is another story. Although she considers taking the mighty Dreamspinner as her official king, she shuns the expectations ...

  • From Sand to Sea and Distant Shores

    The Motherland by

    Although officially in the somewhat nebulous genre of Fiction, it's a mix being "based upon a true story". Set in the early 1960's a young sailor transfers from the natural realm of the seas to shore duty encountering quite unexpected and ...

  • Demons in Every Man


    Tara McCauley, a young detective in the Calgary police service, is on a great date when she gets a call from her boss, the oh-so-cool Jerrod Jackson. The beautiful executive assistant to the president of the ‘BEAR’ has been murdered. The BEAR is ...

  • Two Souls to the Wind


    When working-class Jack meets beautiful, to the manor born, Stevie at a college mixer in the late 1950s, it’s love at first sight. But their class difference isn’t what prevents them from living happily ever after; Jack soon discovers that Stevie is ...

  • The Banker's Box


    Sometimes a minor incident can have devastating effects. When a brief altercation between two women at an upscale Vancouver hair salon threatens to expose an international Chinese crime boss, flamboyant local banker Neil Mohle and his wife Vivian ...

  • Reviving Joy


    Living in the big city of Toronto with all the luxuries of the early 20th Century, Hannah-Joy's dream of true love and happiness is shattered when her husband's rage turns against her. Longing for her freedom, she steals away with nothing but ...

  • Whisper to the River


    Tiny, picturesque Rosetown seems to be the perfect refuge for Maggie Jackson, whose only wish is to be free from the drama caused by the men in her life. Enter Jake Jones, the good looking owner of the local river rafting company, who is drama ...