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  • Wincent


    In a federal prison in Polk County, Texas, Winston Butang sits on death row, awaiting lethal injection for his brutal murder and desecration of a pedophilic priest. Butang, better known in the media as the Stigmata Killer, has no reason to believe ...

  • Cycles


    A young couple meets during a Carnival celebration in their beloved city of Lisbon, beginning a passionate and challenging journey together that will span two countries and two political revolutions. Told through Tiago and Marta’s eyes, Cycles ...

  • Weakness of Men


    A young man’s chance encounter in high school turns into a grown man’s appetite for things unknown. On a dark shady night this man wanders through smoky corridors, where the past is the past and sin is still sin, as the young man finds himself ...

  • Carla and Antonio


    “The sound of the church bells fills the air. I hurry along the cobblestone street listening to each peal and loving it. I breathe deeply as I pass one of the many chocolate shops and am rewarded with an enticing whiff of chocolate… The narrow ...

  • Ed - For Love and Hope


    For decades, Ed Meehan was the most popular singer/songwriter on the planet. Every woman thought his songs were written for them alone. But it wasn’t just women who were drawn to his music. His words reached everyone in one way or another. There was ...

  • Aulus’ Dream of Parenthood

    Patience, Kindness, Courage, and Forgiveness by

    Aulus was a very brilliant young man who, despite of losing his mother at a very young age, strongly believed that he could continuously elbow his way through various social barriers with the proper attitude toward every acquaintance and relentless ...

  • Untangling Tangleville

    Stepping Out! Just as Any Town Can by

    In our modern age, Christianity and secularism have increasingly become estranged. As Christian denominations individually attempt to promote the survival of moral and ethical standards of the past, it seems David is facing the giant Goliath . . . ...

  • Remy's Dilemma


    The world is coming to an end. That’s what Remy Delemme believes, anyways. While double-checking his lifelong to-do list to ensure he has led a rich life, he realizes he hasn’t come close to completing his goals. Panicked and short on time, Remy ...

  • Storm Rolling Into Darkness


    Andie Burrows is a part-time university instructor and full-time cynic dismissing every day inanity by remaining distant and unengaged. Storm Rolling Into Darkness captures the longing of a child, fidelities betrayed and an undeniable spirit ...