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  • Zenobia's Business


    Dorothy and Doug of Offrampville Ontario find themselves together in Aleppo on the frontier of a new millennium and decide to join the circus. The fun eventually follows them home again... but things are as odd there as they were away.

  • An Intimate Guyana Journey

    A Pomeroon Destiny Uncovered by

    An Intimate Guyana Journey is a spellbinding tale of love and legacy with characters as rich and diverse as the landscape. Set in the lush and wild coast of Guyana, An Intimate Guyana Journey is a coming-of-age story about a boy uncovering his ...

  • Brutus Nation


    Welcome to Brutus Nation, a ferocious, all-guns-blazing, neo-noir thriller set in the dog-eat-dog world of Athenian Union, where corruption, extortion, and murder are mere appetizers, and annihilation of every living enemy is the main course. It ...

  • The Wild Beauty of England


    Darien Prescott came to stay with his sister and her husband while hiding in shame from the tremendous mistake that haunts his nights. Recovering from his injured leg on one of his ritual morning rides, he found himself trying to help the alluring ...

  • The Searching Time

    People Near Us by

    The Searching Time is equally a drama, a romance, a social novel, a mystery novel and a lyrical novel. The Searching Time is a rich drama about the intersecting lives of a sixteen-year-old girl and a thirty-five-year-old man. The man suffers an ...

  • Voidoxity

    The Eternal King by

    In a world where the roles of Light and Darkness had shifted, there were two powerful individuals chosen by the Old Divines . . . They were given the titles of Ascension and Chaos as recognition of their ferocious might. A millennia after his wife ...

  • Countdown For Armagetten

    The First Book of Man by

    The history of Earth and humankind is not what we were taught in school. This becomes apparent when an alien ship lands in New York City in broad daylight, and its only occupant makes contact with the only human on Earth with whom he can speak ...

  • Book One: Sporadic Memories


    Sporadic Memories is a novel about a lifestyle that needs to be read about. Within the first few pages you will realize there has been a loss, it is not sad though; the narrator expresses with great enthusiasm the life they lived, which makes it ...

  • Lunch Counter

    A Love Remembered by

    You will believe that love can last a lifetime. . . Widowed and in his twilight years, Frank Trundle prefers to spend his evenings curled up with a plate of cookies, a pot of tea, and his mental scrapbook of memories of the life he shared with his ...

  • Ghost

    A Murder Mystery by

    Lana Morris has always dreamed of becoming a guardian. With her investigative eye and ability to read minds, she’s perfectly suited for stopping crime. But in a world ruled by men, she is forced to find another usage for her mind reading Gift. But ...