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  • Let's Destroy Alberta's Families


    The true story of two grandparents fighting for the return of their illegally apprehended grandson by Child and Family Services Alberta (CFSA). The story starts when the grandson was apprehended at the age of three under the pretense that the drug ...

  • Hey Son, It’s Ok To Not Be Ok


    Every man faces struggles, but few talk about it, especially with their sons. Afraid to appear weak or vulnerable, fathers tend to keep their fears and uncertainties bottled up inside while projecting an image of strength and resilience. Meanwhile, ...

  • Just Thinking

    A little book, for when you have a little time, with some little writings, which may produce some little thoughts. by

    This book is a compilation of short poems which are hopefully found interesting and thought provoking. It is ideal for picking up when you have a few moments to spare, or can be read in one sitting if so desired. Colin Chappell includes tributes to ...

  • God's Big Coast


    Still waters run deep, and for one man, the draw of the sea’s deep waters would direct the course of his entire life―a life full to overflowing with humor, drama, kinship, and a pure and abiding faith that keeps him afloat even in the darkest of ...

  • A Love Story

    And The Three Purple Hearts by

    This is a true story of love, hope faith and sacrifice and conflict with family. There are many women who have lost a husband like me in deployment. My husband was injured twice and earned two purple hearts. His third purple heart separated us ...

  • Really, Granddad?


    A young girl climbs up on her grandfather’s knee, looks up at him with her big eyes and says, “Granddad, tell me another story.” And Granddad is happy to oblige. These are the tales of Wayne Sherrard. Some are homespun, workaday little family ...

  • Tangled


    Married to a successful man, Megan's world crashes when her husband finds out she has been having an affair with a woman.

  • The Things I've Left Unsaid


    Here’s the diary of a soul who finally found courage to express the truths that must be told. Conveying the ways in which filth trickled by and eroded every piece of humanity left inside. Here’s a challenge to the world in all the atrocities it must ...

  • Family Gorham Plausible Speculations


    Family Gorham Plausible Speculations is an historical genealogical record of the Family Gorham, which includes a lineage of emperors, nobles, crusaders and clergy from early medieval times to everyday people in contemporary North America. It begins ...

  • The Core Perspective

    A Still Point of View by

    There’s gold to be found in the depths of the mainstream That gold is your own life force energy Seek it, and you will find it Embrace it, as it is priceless… The Core Perspective-A Still Point of View is the insightful telling of the author’s life ...