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  • We Can Do This!

    Adult Children and Aging Parents Planning for Success by

    Practical, conversational and authentic, this timely book by Lorraine Morales, is a must-read for the increasing number of people with aging parents. The book partners Lorrie’s journey and real-life stories with essential facts, take-aways, and ...

  • Is There Any Ice Cream?

    Surviving the Challenges of Caregiving for a Loved One with Alzheimer's, Anxiety, and COPD by

    In 2018, the Alzheimer Society of Canada website showed over half a million people in Canada were living with dementia. That same year, the Alzheimer Association website reported that over 5.7 million in the US were living with a form of memory ...

  • A Journey To An End

    A Daughter Takes Her Father From His Home to Hers, From a Nursing Home to a Funeral Home by

    I never planned to be among the populous of adult children caring for their aging parents, but when circumstances as abrupt and unwelcome as a tsunami presented themselves, my elderly father came to live with my husband and me. Not only was our ...

  • All is Well


    Read and enjoy. This book is for people living with the effects of memory loss. Family, friends, and caregivers will be thrilled with this straightforward and beautiful tool to support continued communication and connection. This publication is a ...

  • Finding the Silver Lining

    Baby Boomer Life Lessons by

    They are a demographer’s delight and a marketer’s challenge. They are the baby boomers, and conservative estimates put them in control of 70 percent of disposable income in the United States. They are also growing older, developing health issues and ...

  • End of Life Stories

    Tips and Tools for the Souls Journey Home by

    End of Life Stories: Tips and Tools for the Soul’s Journey Home is an extraordinary book designed to ease people’s suffering in the face of death. Here, anxious loved ones of individuals who are at the end of their lives will find comfort, wisdom ...

  • Mom, Twice a Child


    What happens when a lifelong caregiver needs caring for? As Baby Boomers become elders, this heart-wrenching question is one that many North American families are grappling with every day. This timely volume is part memoir, part roadmap, written ...

  • Losing Home


    Who’s Going to Be There in Your Final Days? Losing Home is an engaging real-life tale of one woman’s 5-decade long association with her childhood home, her stable family life and an energetic mom who became her best friend. This life, as both mom ...

  • Ants in the Fridge

    Journey of a Caregiver by

    Extended care and assistance for the elderly is now classified as caregiving. In this world of caregiving there exists the good, the bad and the ugly. Who knew?