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  • The Journey of an African Child

    The Inspirational Story of My Life by

    Many people have lost their way, focus, or direction due to unbearable life circumstances. There have been times in my life when I gave up hope and contemplated committing suicide. Sometimes, I barely survived challenges and regained hope to ...

  • My Life as Sisyphus

    Memoir of an Expatriate in the Caribbean by

    Armed with a graduate degree in Biological Sciences, the author leaves for the Caribbean to join her husband who has been recruited to the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. Excited at the prospect of living in this vibrant culture, her ...

  • The Wrong Race

    In Apartheid-Racist South Africa by

    The persistent trauma of extreme, institutionalized racism can be expected to take its toll on anyone. But resilience, instead, is the main theme of Azra Daniel Francis’s latest book, a raw and deeply personal memoir that details his experience ...

  • Wawahte

    Indian Residential Schools by

    An important work that collects and preserves stories whose value will never diminish. Kirkus Reviews Wawahte is one of the few books that I would strongly recommend to anyone who needs to understand Aboriginal issues in Canada. This book ...