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  • Smile Sandwich

    The Third Journey... How Thoughts, Words and Actions Create Wellness by

    Smile Sandwich is a charming tale about a group of friends who learn productive ways to support one another. This book tackles some of the most common social-emotional issues young children face through the characters of Rebecca, Bobby, and Lucky ...

  • Choosing

    1940-1989 by

    Choosing, book three of Corinne Jeffery’s Understanding Ursula series, concludes the heart-wrenching story of five generations of the controversial and secretive Warner family. Become reunited with Amelia and Gustav, meet their many descendants, and ...

  • Thriving: 1920–1939


    Thriving, book two of Corinne Jeffery’s Understanding Ursula series, continues the story of the challenges of the intriguing and contentious Werners, a family of German Lutheran homesteaders on the Saskatchewan prairie. Become reacquainted with ...

  • Lords and Lepers


    Six-year-old Francine Stonehenge lives with her parents near the ocean in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island when the unthinkable happens: both her parents drown. Her aging uncles, whom she has never met, take her by bus, ferry, and train to live with ...

  • Arriving

    1909-1919 by

    Arriving, book one of Corinne Jeffery’s Understanding Ursula trilogy, vividly recreates the pioneer world of the Canadian prairies with a multitude of memorable characters. You’ll lose yourself between the pages as you watch them struggle to survive ...

  • Just Thinking

    A little book, for when you have a little time, with some little writings, which may produce some little thoughts. by

    This book is a compilation of short poems which are hopefully found interesting and thought provoking. It is ideal for picking up when you have a few moments to spare, or can be read in one sitting if so desired. Colin Chappell includes tributes to ...

  • Coming Home


    Dr. Marin Rose is a veterinary surgeon. When her husband, Sandy, dies in a stable fire and threatening incidents happen to her, she leaves home to find work abroad. Years later, she returns home to accept her family responsibilities and prove, at ...

  • From a Distance


    Kate Taylor is lost. What she once believed crumbled around her, affecting not only herself but her beloved daughters, causing heartbreaking damage and estrangement. Nick Mercer is tormented. How can he repair his son's latest disappointment and ...

  • Caressing Isis

    A love chronicle by

    Wayne Lacombe is searching for love, recklessly, yet the relationships he pursues repeatedly end in calamity and disaster. The journey begins with a failed marriage, from which Wayne has learned little, and proceeds through a series of comic ...