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  • The Practice of Parenting - A Manual

    A toolkit for helping to enable your child to thrive in a competitive world while ensuring they stay confident and happy in their own skin by

    How ambitious are you for your children to think independently, trust themselves, enjoy what they do, and achieve their goals? Do you want them to be successful, self-confident, and yet not entitled? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes. Most of us are ...

  • Bernstein Pioneers

    Descendants of Julius (Judah) Bernstein 1789-1868 by

    Bernstein Pioneers traces the history of the descendants of Julius Bernstein (1789–1868). With references to the Civil War, both World Wars, and the early history of the United States and Canada, it is an offering that is both personal and ...

  • The Abbotts

    A Devonshire Immigrant Family in Canada. by

    The Abbotts: a Devonshire immigrant family in Canada explores the history of a large middle class family who made the decision to emigrate from Devon, England to settle in south western Ontario in the 19th century. The choice to emigrate was not ...

  • Trans-Oriented

    A Guide to Love and Relationships for Men who Love Transsexual Women by

    Topical, wickedly frank, instructive…and frequently hilarious, Trans-Oriented is perhaps the world’s very first romance guide for men whose sexual orientation is inescapably drawn towards transgender women. With everything a TGentleman will need to ...