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  • Our past, present, and happily ever after


    Treasure the memories of your true love story with this one-of-a-kind, fillable keepsake. From courtship to marriage to growing old together, your relationship deserves to be honoured and remembered—for both yourselves and future generations. Our ...

  • God's Big Coast


    Still waters run deep, and for one man, the draw of the sea’s deep waters would direct the course of his entire life―a life full to overflowing with humor, drama, kinship, and a pure and abiding faith that keeps him afloat even in the darkest of ...

  • A Place To Make Memories

    Stories and Recipes from the Lazy M Lodge by

    When you are in your early 50’s, life can have a way of presenting you with new opportunities. The secret is to be awake enough to see through all the ‘other stuff, curious to step out of your comfort zone and brave to take some risks. For Randy, ...

  • Mud Pies: An Afternoon at Nana's


    Do you like to go to your Nana’s house to play? Sometimes when you are at Nana’s, do you get into mischief? Who likes to get muddy? Who likes sweet treats? You better get to reading “Mud Pies: An Afternoon at Nana’s” to see what mischief these ...

  • Someone's Trapped

    Viking Club Mystery No. 2 by

    The summer soccer season is underway and the soccer ball isn’t the only thing that can be trapped. Players can be trapped, too! Chris and Jaylon are very surprised when Rebecca phones and asks for help in solving a mystery. What’s up? The three had ...

  • Retirement Social Network


    When most hear the word “retirement” they dream of what it will look like. Future retirees talk about vacations, relaxing, and taking time to complete jobs they never had time to finish when they worked full-time. Some others may have some financial ...