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  • Concerts and Sparkling Lights


    This is a story of one woman’s journey through the first year of grief. Sally Lennerton Parker started a diary the day after losing her husband of thirty two years. She shares this diary in Concerts and Sparkling Lights.

  • Who Cares?!

    Embracing the dire need for authentic love in a world that doesn't seem to care, or know how to love. by

    The hyphen between the date you were born, and the day you die, represents the length and breadth of your life. We are all assigned a certain number of days upon this planet. What will you do with those days? What will you give in exchange for ...

  • University of Motherhood

    Undergraduate Degree by

    For Cathy, motherhood became an avenue for personal growth and awareness. She worked passionately and intentionally to develop a parenting approach which blended traditional values with empowerment and alternative methods. Motherhood became a quest ...

  • Odyssey of Faith

    The Known Ancestors of Christopher Doerksen by

    This family history traces the Doerksen family back to their Mennonite roots, and then follows that family’s peregrinations from the Low Countries on Europe’s northern coast, to the Vistula Delta region of modern Poland, to a self-governing colony ...

  • Relationship Matters

    The Essential Blueprint to Building Strong Families & Fostering Healthy Relationships by

    Are you at a loss to understand how your marriage has become so miserable, or do you wonder why your children are completely out of control? Relationship Matters is designed to help you and your family figure out what went wrong and to help create a ...

  • My Dearest Madelyn

    A Letter to My Daughter Before I Die About How I Vanquished My Fear and Anxiety by

    There is so much advice on how to cure your anxiety from doctors, rich people and celebrities who don’t have relatable problems with fear. They don’t have a problem with relatable fears because they’ve clearly chosen paths that would stop most of us ...

  • One Step Beyond

    A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Illness by

    One Step Beyond is an authentic account of a teenage girl’s journey through a devastating health diagnosis in the prime of her adolescence and of a mother's unwavering determination to save her daughter's life. Personal journal entries written by ...

  • Dealing With My Feelings

    An Essential Guide to a Child's Well Being & Prosperity by

    Naming a feeling takes away the fear of it. If we know what the feeling is, we can understand how to deal with it. Emotions are part of the human experience. They have an influence on how we interact with others, but we are not always taught how to ...

  • We Do Recover


    This book is for anyone who is impacted by addiction trauma or abuse that is ready to learn about healing and recovery * Therapists, Universities, Treatment centers, people who are new or seasoned in recovery. The purpose is to help people seek ...

  • Squirrel At My Throat

    Living and Dying Unconventionally in a Conventional World by

    Tanja and Matt, two high school teachers, have full and wildly unconventional lives. They travel a lot with their two boys and, as the kids get older and take up heavy metal music, their house is rocking with crazy, wild bands almost all the time. ...