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  • For the Caregiver

    Providing Yourself Emotional Support on Your Caregiving Journey by

    A loved one’s terminal illness diagnosis can be terrifying. If we hold onto that fear and carry it into a caregiving role, we will be left exhausted, ill-equipped to cope, and feeling powerless. What’s more, we will find it extremely difficult to be ...

  • A Good Man

    A Prisoner of War's True Account of Betrayal and Survival During the Second World War by

    This is the story of Lorne Shetler, a distinguished Second World War veteran and former prisoner of war. Driven by a desire to preserve her father's remarkable story for generations to follow, his daughter Jeanie immersed herself in his journals, ...

  • The Pearl and the Hut Volume II

    Anthroposophical Soul Wisdom for Adults with Divorced Parents by

    The Pearl and the Hut, Volume II explores understandings and higher perceptions around the psychological developments and heart challenges of adult child of divorce. The soul-spiritual insights in Rudolf Steiner's human consciousness philosophy, ...

  • Unlocking the Blue Door

    Opening Up to Grief by

    Grief is the best known conversation killer in polite society. The subject of death, whenever it arises, is either joked about or quickly discontinued in embarrassed silence. As we so often hear (and say), life is for the living. But what do you do ...

  • A Hole In Our Hearts

    The Search For The Son Who Didn't Know He Was Lost by

    Vonda Peterson has a secret. After becoming pregnant in her teens, Vonda hides her pregnancy from her parents and puts her child up for adoption. For the next forty years, she imagines what his life must be like and how hers would have been with ...

  • Calvin Can...Be Angry


    Calvin's day does not start out the way he wants. He is so angry! What can he do with his "angry"? Mama (his grandmother) offers some positive ideas to help Calvin process his feelings and change his behavior. How will this change his day?

  • We Do Recover


    This book is for anyone who is impacted by addiction trauma or abuse that is ready to learn about healing and recovery * Therapists, Universities, Treatment centers, people who are new or seasoned in recovery. The purpose is to help people seek ...

  • The Other Path


    Alyssa Rainer is on the cusp of graduating as a registered nurse and has her whole life ahead of her. Yet she is torn between two alluring opportunities: starting her career while continuing her studies in Saskatoon, or relocating from Brandon to ...

  • You Don't Fall Out of the Universe

    Surviving the loss of our son by

    A hybrid of memoir and poetry, You Don’t Fall Out of the Universe navigates what one family endures before and after the unimaginable loss of a son. With quiet moments of heartache and resilience, Jewett shows the strength in being vulnerable. If ...

  • Resonate

    A 31 Day Maternity Leave Devotional by

    Becoming a mom is THE adventure of a lifetime, am I right? This devotional, Resonate A 31 Day Maternity Leave Devotional, aims to focus our lens on exactly that; the adventure. This book is for women seeking inspiration in their daily lives while ...