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Family history, Rural Canadian family history, Rural Saskatchewan family history, Saskatchewan farming family history, Farm wife memoir, Farm wife and widow, Love loss and grieving as a widow

The Essence of Time
Farming in Alberta and Saskatchewan by Pat Weisgerber

Pat and Toms electrifying first encounter, falling in love. That love affair that sparked behind the scenes was relatively short lived but was a turning point from being a shy quiet girl to running a business herself. Their lives criss- crossed through to the end providing an end to a glorious living. Pat became a young farm widow who knew about farm life and experienced living a life alone and struggles to raise four children. Financial hardships with farm life were overcome so the farmland could be salvaged for her family. This is what her husband had always worried about. Success was her reward for being passionate, prepared and persistent. The farm land was taken over by her children and Pat decided to work in Medicine Hat for a living. This was very hard because she gave up the lifestyle she loved so much. Tears were shed but her heart danced for joy to see her children prosper. In this anticipated memoir, Pat paints a portrait of growing up in Saskatchewan, meeting her life long love in Alberta, her decision to be a farm widow, the importance of faith, prayer and family and the unique joys and trials of life they loved so much. Trusting God moment by moment with concerns of her heart and she discovered the awesome power that prayer released in her life. With unparallel candor and wit Pat shares never-before told stories of what it was like to raise four children alone in rural Alberta. Pat recounts with warmth and grace the surprising reliable lessons she learned in raising the children and surviving in this eye-opening memoir for single parents everywhere. Her book should inspire others to overcome struggles and have a zest for life. Women can do it. Her book explains that God smoothed her path, calmed the storms, helped her and all she cared about to be safe and even made her way simple when she asked God to carry the complexities of life for her. These things did not just happen. Not without prayer. The family that prays together, stays together. Her book may inspire others to continue with farm life if your heart desires. Anyone can do it...

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Pat Weisgerber is a German Canadian business woman, nurse, author, realtor, farmer and housewife. Farming was her life and raising four children. She grew up on a Saskatchewan farm and obtained her education in a rural town of Schuler, Alberta. There she met her High School Sweetheart -Tom Weisgerber and married at the age of nineteen. She then moved to another farm with her husband two miles south of Schuler, Alberta. She happily lived with her husband and her four babies. Her husband became ill and lost his kidneys at the age of 33 and Pat trained, ran and maintained a dialysis machine for her husband on the farm home some four hundred miles away from a kidney hospital- the Foothills Hospital, Calgary, Alberta. There she had encountered and pulled through many struggles many times praying and pleading with God. She became a strong woman. After many battles of Toms health, Pat was left to be a young widow. Weisgerber paints an intimate portrait of growing up in Rural Alberta, the plans of meeting her life long love, her deci- sion to walk off the farm to give to her children what she so loved, the importance of faith and family and the unique joys and trials of life as a high-profile mother. Pat knows a thing or two about working her way to the top. Her true pride and joy rests with the triumphs that are her four children -Fred, Michelle, Arden and Tommy. Pat proudly imparted upon her children what she believes the most important life lesson- loyalty, honesty, integ- rity and drive to succeed with unparallel candor and wit. God and love for her children carried her forward. Pat farmed and worked at the Medicine Hat Hospital as a physio assistant and a nurse with Children’s Health and Developmental Program and organized and worked the recreational programs for the elderly in a nursing home. Pat also worked as a Realtor for eleven years and did very well associating with various kinds of people. Pat shares never before told stories of what it was to raise four children in Rural Alberta. Pat recounts what it means to be a fierce mother to this universal eye-opening memoir for a single parent everywhere. The plot twists, dream make out sessions, a touch of humor and a scary culmination make for faith and grace. Today she looks with pride on her four children and their spouses and ten grandchildren. She lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta with her Little Yorkie dog named Spirit, who she shares many happy moments with.


Pat Weisgerber

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