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  • The House That My Dad Built for Me


    What makes a house a home? Told in a series of details that build upon one another to paint a complete picture, The House That My Dad Built for Me is a charming story about a family, their home, and the natural world that surrounds them.

  • The Search


    When a young couple realizes that something is missing in their lives, they go on an epic adventure, hoping to find whatever it is that will make them feel whole. After searching the busiest cities, tallest mountains, and deepest oceans, they start ...

  • Mom, We Are Just Like You!


    A children’s book that teaches the importance of remembering and embracing our family values, respecting our community, and those we care for. The book reminds families and educators that children are watching and learning from our actions. The ...

  • Anxiety Bug


    Buzz, buzz. What’s that sound? What’s that weird, not-good feeling? When a young girl gets “bitten by the anxiety bug,” she feels confused, scared, and lonely. She worries about everything: Do the other kids not like me? Will the wind blow those ...

  • Sunny and the Border Patrol


    Harrow and Arty are hares and first season Border Patrollers. Their warren is within a large city. On a cool winter evening, on patrol, Harrow and Arty discover that humans have built something terrible. A massive fence has been built around the ...

  • The Stephens’ Stories

    Our Changing Family by

    This is a lively, funny, and heartwarming story about the formation of a blended family. Lane and Kassidy visit their dad every other weekend, and one weekend they are introduced to Sabrina, who soon becomes their stepmother. Sabrina is kind and ...

  • Peter's Power


    Peter’s family doesn’t have a lot of money, but that doesn’t stop him from helping others in need. When a new boy named Mark starts at Peter’s school and has no lunch to eat, Peter shares his two homemade slices of bread with him. Mark reveals his ...

  • A Tale of Two Planets


    Retha is a planet without much magic. The Wooshidooz creatures must work hard to live there—clearing away plastic leaves, making pollen, collecting and moving water, and more. Living on Planet Retha is a lot of work—but the Wooshidooz love their ...

  • Far & Straight

    My First Adventure by

    “There are lots of ups and downs in the life of a golf ball! Let me tell you all about it.” A brand-new, shiny, eager, young golf ball gets a crash course in the game of golf after setting out for the first time with golfer Charlie and his son. ...

  • Looking For Leprechauns

    An Ellie and Kim Adventure by

    Best friends Ellie and Kim are on the hunt for a leprechaun and they know just where to find one. They may not live in Ireland, but they’ve heard that some leprechauns came to Boston during the Irish Potato Famine in 1845. Kim’s grandmother suggests ...