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Action-adventure, Romance adventure, Christian adventure, Vigilante cartel, Drug cartel novel, Action romance, Christian romance

Rescuing Leah
by Joey Janson

Nothing could prepare Josh for the 24 hour long nightmare that unfolded his life. A young couple’s love is put to the ultimate test when the woman, Leah, is kidnapped by a local drug cartel in retaliation for Leah’s father, a judge, putting the cartel leader away in prison for life. Leah’s dad can't do anything about it, and the police and the FBI aren’t much help either. So, Leah’s boyfriend, Josh, decides to take matters into his own hands.

Knowing the kind of people he’s up against, Josh realizes that rescuing Leah will involve getting his hands dirty. However, not even he is prepared for the level of violence that is about to be unleashed. Guided by his faith in God and the weapon in his hand, Josh seeks to make good on his vow to protect the love of his life, no matter what.

Joey Janson first showed promise as a writer back in grade eight, when he was named the best writer in his class. Over the years, he has developed a number of other interests and hobbies as well, including a love for cars, martial arts, and firearms. Unable to find the kind of exciting adventure fiction he loved to read, Joey decided to combine his various interests and write a novel of his own. The result is Rescuing Leah.

Joey lives in a small town in southern Ohio.


Joey Janson

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