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Orunmila, Yoruba, Nigerian religion, Babalawo, Ifa, African studies, African religion

Orunmila is the King Yesterday, Today and Forever
256 Odu's Of Wisdom
by Orunmila's Servant

Orunmila is the King Yesterday Today and Forever 256 Odu's of wisdom, is the grand Ifá manual, it is the 256 letters of Ifá with everything Orunmila originally intended an Ifá book to have. This book is not just a synthesis of explanations but the full detail of every Odu in its entirety. All the stops have been pulled out in this grand manual with more verses, plants, African prayers, each Pataki has been selected for the specific Odu it is talking about in the verse. The Ebo's, recommendations for specific situations a Babalawo might find themselves in that will not allow the reading to close have been updated as well. Every detail has been extended to its maximum effectiveness, and any all seeking to find answers with this manual will be met with a loss of breath by the amount of information that is inculcated in this book. We hope you enjoy this manual for years and years to come.

Orunmila's Servant is devoted to his faith and calling in life as a Babalawo. His work as an IFÁ priest attests to his commitment to the Orishas, Santeria, and IFÁ and students alike in the African diaspora abroad. Orunmila's Servant is a relentless man who is fanatically obsessed with serving Eleggua, Orunmila, Obatala, Oya, Oshun, and all the Orishas in Santeria. He spends his time writing books, feeding the homeless, and passing out pamphlets on the Orishas. Orunmila's Servant loves helping any and everybody who wants direction in there life pertaining to Santeria. His heart is warm, caring, and always with humanity, in relation to carrying out the work of the Orishas in a compassionate kinda way.


Orunmila's Servant

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