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The Stress Test is the Recession
by Venque Francis

Here is a compelling first-person account of a young person’s experience purchasing his first home in a correcting real-estate market. There is much wisdom here for other early birds, hoping to catch the same juicy worm.

The idea of owning real estate at just twenty-two years old seems inconceivable to most of us, but the author was able to pull it off courtesy of a combination of patience, restraint, and smart investing that took advantage of a market poised for plundering. From his childhood, the author was the beneficiary of his parents’ advice and experience. From the start, he learned the value of holding back on buying anything until it could be justified by long-term investment, and of sidestepping purchases that don’t promise a return.

Among the book’s more practical pieces, find an outline of the steps associated with purchasing a home, including wrapping your head around conditional offers, securing approval from an insurer about the insurability of the house in question, and appreciating the fine print around closings, down payments, and the various players involved in the transaction.

Venque Francis is remarkable not only for his book-writing exploits but for his considerable achievement of realizing home ownership at the impressively young age of just twenty-two. A licensed automotive technician and a CDL driver, Francis understands the importance of identifying your objectives and then pointing yourself at them. By aiming himself at home ownership early, he was able to prioritize his financial efforts in a way that facilitated his smart pursuit of them. In other words, the house purchase means he has to hang on a bit longer before indulging his passion for fine automobiles. Investments, after all, have to grow to a point that they can justify such tremendous liabilities.

Francis lives in Brampton, Ontario, with his parents. From this cozy home base, this young man plays happy landlord to tenants living in a house that he—remarkably—owns.


Venque Francis

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