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Organic Cooking From Me, To You
by Vilma Salvati

After her son was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008, Vilma Salvati completely changed her family’s diet to try and make a difference in her son’s life. Along the way, she learned and developed life changing ideas about healthy eating. As Vilma experimented in the kitchen with organic ingredients, she became passionate about writing a cookbook that would feed both mind and soul. Organic Cooking From Me, To You does just that, sharing Vilma’s knowledge of organic cooking combined with her Italian heritage. It’s a wonderful collection of favourite Italian recipes using fresh, delicious ingredients. You’ll love the look and aroma of these mouth-watering dishes as you learn to cook with vegetables, fruit, lean proteins and whole grains in the Italian way. Cooking with love in the kitchen can bring you more energy and happiness.

Vilma Salvati knows how to cook with love. She worked alongside her husband, Peter, a five-star chef from Europe, for 45 years in the restaurant industry. They both loved the art of cooking. Today, Vilma lives in Ottawa with her son Angelo and a toy Australian shepherd named Indi, with her older children not far away. In her life, she tries to balance everything that is important to her—running marathons, the company of good friends, spending time with her children and granddaughter, and being in the kitchen cooking, always with lots of fresh produce for family and friends.

Vilma truly lives by her motto: “Just put love in whatever you do.”


Vilma Salvati
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