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Royal Air Force, 1920’s, England, Scotland, Aircraft, Training, Memoir

Memoirs Of A Pioneer Aviator
by Terry Finney

Memoirs Of A Pioneer Aviator is a record of the author's experiences in the Royal Air Force from 1924 to 1930. Here is a story of the humour and tragedy that touched the daily lives of the officers and enlisted men of the R.A.F. during that time. It is a valuable link to an era long past and a part of aviation that no longer exists outside of aviation museums. Here, also, is a story about early aircraft operations; about flying in zero visibility, sometimes in formation with other aircraft, before the advent of instrument flight regulations. It gives us a taste of the risks those aviators took and the judgement they needed to survive. This book is a must for aviation buffs. Within its pages, flight instructors will discover the origins of their trade. Terry Finney's story is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of aviation.

The period between the two World Wars was a time of great technological advancements in aviation. It began with the crude biplanes of the First World War and ended with the sophisticated, powerful, high-altitude fighters and bombers of the Second World War. Terry Finney witnessed many of those developments. His account of the now obsolete and mostly forgotten relics of early aviation comes through in immaculate detail. He describes the innovations that enabled aviation to expand into the realms of high altitude and frigid temperatures. His vivid narrations of flights in the open cockpits of the early biplanes give the reader a sense of being there with him. He tells of his daring role in testing some of the first parachutes before they became standard issue to the airmen of the Royal Air Force. He recounts the thrill of flying the first autogyro to arrive in Britain. Terry's story, sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, is also about people. It is a story of his interactions with his fellow officers of the Royal Air Force. He writes with a passion for expressing details in a way that turns on the lights of understanding in the mind of the reader.

Born in 1902, Terry Finney grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. In his early adult life, he apprenticed in the shipyards of Glasgow. Then, in 1924, he received a commission in the Royal Air Force, entering as a pilot officer and working up to the rank of flight lieutenant. He learned to fly in the open cockpit of an Avro 504, a biplane of First World War vintage. Later, as a qualified flight instructor, he also instructed on the Avro. During his six years of service with the R.A.F. he met, and worked with, several individuals who became acknowledged in the history of their time. After leaving the Royal Air Force, Terry emigrated to Canada where he continued his career as a flight instructor. He contributed his final years of service to aviation to the role of ground school instructor with the Aero Club of B.C. in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia. Terry died in 1978 in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.


Terry Finney
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