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Religion, Christianity, Faith, Spiritual Quest, Pastors, Memoir, Self-help

Still Standing
A Personal Journey to Find the Heart of God and to Restore Mine by Paul Vollmin

Growing up in a prairie farm family, with a very close-knit church community, Paul Vollmin is raised to believe that a Christian should be different. But somehow, even though the Bible tells him that he has changed when he’s accepted Jesus as his savior, he doesn’t feel changed. And as Paul enters a rebellious stage, he starts to indulge his own personal failures, losing touch with his faith and living lie after lie. One day, as a young husband and father, he just can’t sustain it any longer and finds himself hospitalized for severe depression and considering suicide as a viable way out. Still Standing is Paul’s personal story of coming to terms with the past and present in light of a faith in Jesus Christ. Be forewarned, his journey is no idealized picture of what a Christian should look like, but a discovery of how a real life, warts and all, can be transformed by a real God. In frank and frequently very funny fashion, Still Standing provides full disclosure in its chronicle of God reaching into the darkest corners of a man’s being, to bring light and healing to a life of faith gone wrong.

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Paul Vollmin and his wife of thirty-three years are empty-nesters living in Estevan, Saskatchewan. Paul has provided for his family in many ways over the years: owning his own business and working on farms, saw mills, and a nursing home, among other jobs. He has also been a pastor, an experience that figures very strongly into the story of Still Standing. It is Paul’s desire that those who read Still Standing, will become real about their lives in Christ; not the life we so often exhibit to others, but the fears and failures that we all secretly share. With a strong belief that we learn more through our failures than we do through our successes, he hopes that this book will benefit anyone who has become disillusioned with God and Christianity as he once was. Paul is currently employed in a local business, so that he can pay for his preaching habit, as he often is found preaching Sundays sharing his love for revival and the trans-formative power of God.


Paul Vollmin

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