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On a Global Mission: The Automobiles of General Motors International Volume 3 cover

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General Motors, History of GM, International car models, Opel, Vauxhall, Saab, Chevrolet

On a Global Mission: The Automobiles of General Motors International Volume 3
GM Worldwide Review, North American Specifications and Executive Listings
by Louis F. Fourie

Volume One traces the history of Opel and Vauxhall separately from inception through to the 1970s and thereafter collectively to 2015. Special attention is devoted to examining innovative engineering features and the role Opel has taken of providing global platforms for GM. Each model is examined individually and supplemented by exhaustive supporting specification tables.

The fascinating history of Saab and Lotus begins with their humble beginnings and examines each model in detail and looks at why these unusual marques came under the GM Banner. Included is a penetrating review of Saab through to its unfortunate demise.

Volume Two examines unique models and variations of Chevrolet and Buick manufactured in the Southern Hemisphere and Asia but never offered in North America. Daewoo, Wuling and Baojun are other Asian brands covered in detail. This volume concludes with recording the remarkable early success of Holden and its continued independence through to today.

Volume Three covers the smaller assembly operations around the world and the evolution of GM’s export operations. A brief history of Isuzu, Subaru and Suzuki looks at the three minority interests GM held in Asia. The GM North American model specifications are the most comprehensive to be found in a single book. Global and regional sales statistics are included. GM executives and management from around the globe are listed with the roles they held. An index ensures that these volumes serve as the ideal reference source on GM.

Louis F. Fourie CPA, CGA. MBA, MA

For a dedicated car enthusiast like Louis Fourie the opportunity to join General Motors Overseas Operations in 1968 was the realisation of a dream. GM funded his university education and helped launch a rewarding career.

His career provided opportunities to sample a wide variety of cars from Opel, Vauxhall and Holden and to gain hands-on knowledge of the automobile industry. He maintains contact with his GM contemporaries in their foreign postings and actively continues to gather material on GM worldwide. Further research convinced Louis that he has amassed the tools and detailed information to compile this comprehensive history.

This three-volume work is the realisation of a goal to provide the most extensive and detailed history of GM’s international automobiles ever written. Included is the complete collection of specifications of all GM’s global automobiles to be found anywhere. Recording this GM history is also a gesture of appreciation to GM for the great career opportunities provided him.

Louis continues to provide commentary and articles on automotive history including other automotive makes. He is actively involved with the Society of Automotive Historians where he is a director. His fascination with automobiles, the people and the industry will last a lifetime.


Louis F. Fourie

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